Scarlett Johansson Wants to Give You a Piece Of Her “Candy”

Scar Jo wants to know how many listens will it take….for you to fall in love with “Candy,” a sugary new single that she has just put out alongside her all-girl group, The Singles, which consists of three other talented divas-Este Haim (of Haim fame), songwriter Julia Haltigan and soul singer Kendra Morris. On her latest endeavor, Scar states, “the idea was to write super-pop dance music written and performed by girls. She also stated that the group is inspired by rockin’ ’80s girl groups like the Bangles and the Go Go’s. “I wanted it to be like those bands,” she says, “ultra:pop but also a little ironic, a little in on the joke.”

Okay, so my review of the track….I love it! While yes, it’s a big ol piece of music marshmallow fluff, Scar Jo’s husky vocals shine on top of a chewy cotton-candy laced beat, creating quite a groovy gem fresh for your headphones and for the start of your week. Now, do I think this will explode on the charts, having Scarlett and her girls take over the music industry? Probably not. Is it a good enough track to deliciously dive into right now? Yas. Go.