10 Classic Mandy Moore Singles

Kicking things off with a bit of TRL truth, we all know how it went back in the Carson Daly day…Godney, Xtina, Jessica SimpsonMandy Moore

However, looking at how Ms. Simpson is still stuck in the Macy’s shoe department (although they are quite fabulous) and Ms. X decided to continue her “career” on The Voice, it’s safe to say that Ms. Moore is now a runner-up to the legendary Ms. Spears..and it’s about god damn time. 

Of course, the “Candy” coated girlfriend has rightfully earned that spot with her solid wig snatching portrayal as “The Mom” on the NBC ratings blockbuster/life destroying show, This Is Us, in which coincidentally sales for Kleenex have gone way up because this show will make you feel all kinds of it

So, while we patiently clutch our pearls in anticipation for next Tuesday’s episode, let’s celebrate Ms. Moore’s well deserved time to shine in the spotlight by remembering all of those singles that became her path to own all of Us and the world. 

“Candy” Let the games begin with a fond remembrance of all of those Abercrombie & Fitch outfits and one shiny lime green VW Bug that you know you wanted to cruise around in and pick up boys with Mandy…and most likely still do. 

“Walk Me Home”  The first of two offerings from the 2000 dance flick, Center Stage. If you don’t remember the movie, this video will definitely jog your ballet’ lovin’ memory. 

“So Real”  Like, it’s just so real we can’t f#$king take it. Oh, wait, yes we can because those late ’90s teeny boppers synths still own our lives. 

“I Wanna Be With You”  Sigh…just went you thought it was safe to put down the Kleenex..

“In My Pocket” One of the most delicious and most underrated tracks to ever hit radio airwaves. And no no, Ms. Hathaway, that certainly wasn’t a question. 

“Cry” You might as well grab that second box of Kleenex and press play on A Walk to Remember because…life. 

“Crush” When it comes to this light and frothy tune, we’ll meet Ms. Moore by the water fountain after study hall any day of the week. 

“I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week” Her name is Amanda Leigh and she’s coming to break your heart into a million tiny pieces…and you’ll indeed love every single moment of it. 

This…. No explanation needed. 



15 Underrated Madonna Singles/’90s Edition

Madonna in the ’90’s. Those four words alone provoke so many thoughts, feelings and most of all…so much delicious music. While the ’90s were a winding road of career trials and tribulations for the Material Girl, her music collection got edgier, bolder, and most importantly…she finally learned how to sing! Hey, momma always said it’s not shade if it’s the truth….

Kicking off the decade, she taught us how to “Vogue,” have lots of Sex, read us a fab collection of Bedtime Stories, and brought us into her dazzling Ray of Light. But, as many hits as she served up for us in the beloved decade, there were quite a bundle of single offerings that were just as brilliant (not you, “Bad Girl.” Sigh.) as her other ’90s hits, but didn’t quite get the Billboard boasting they truly deserve. So today, Philly Mixtape took a deep dive into the oh, so coveted Madonna music vault and pulled out those singles that are ready to strike a pose for your immediate attention as you prepare to glitter bomb yourself for this weekend’s upcoming Philly pride festivities….and it all begins with a delectable underrated Madonna ditty called “Rescue Me“……

“Rescue Me”

We never want to be rescued from this insatiable underrated hit that no one seems to speak of. 

“Hanky Panky”

A Dick Tracy tune that remains more of a secret than the true alias of 88 Keys

“This Used To Be My Playground”

Perhaps her most underrated Billboard #1 single..ever. Like her A League Of Their Own co-star Geena Davis’ movie career, this dreamy Shep Pettibone produced ballad just came and went. 


A stand out single from her excellent Erotica adventure ..


While this gorgeous ballad may not be that underrated….for Madonna fans it certainly feels that way sometimes. 

“I’ll Remember”

Another gorgeous piece of music art that just feels like no one listens to a regular basis…as you should when it comes to this breathtaking–literally–ballad. 

“Bedtime Story”

Before Ray of Light taught us kabbalahism….there was this truthful Madonna tune that you probably haven’t listened to in awhile. This video….

“Don’t Stop”

This deliciously disco-kissed Bedtime Stories track was released as the album’s final single…radio played it once. 

“I Want You”

Remember when Madonna took on Mr. Marvin Gaye? 

“You’ll See”

A sexy continuation of her iconic “Take a Bow” clip….that most of us forgot about. 

“Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”

The dance remix. Enough said. 

“Nothing Really Matters”

All that matters is…you need this tantalizing tune in your music life again. 

“Drowned World/Substitute for Love”

The spaced out opener for Ray of Light….we can never leave this one out. 

“Beautiful Stranger”

Does anyone still think of this groovy gem anymore? Anyone?

“Your Honesty”

Not released as a single, but this Bedtime Stories cutting room floor flow amounts to pure pop perfection.