25 Reasons Why We’ll Forever Praise ‘Sister Act’

Gird all of the halos and habits and get ready to relive all of the Mother Superior shade you still heave all over the place (of course, there’s never enough, thank you Maggie Smith), because everyone’s favorite movie in the whole entire world, Sister Act, is celebrating twenty-five years of makin’ fabulous music for our oh, so sinful lives.

So, to celebrate such a heavenly occasion (it really is, right Sister Mary Patrick?), Philly Mixtape is serving up a special commemorative piece that’s spillng all sorts of Ms. Whoopi tea and then some, while gettin’ down with all of that spiritual music truth and exposing the real Sister Mary Robert

No shade, Ms. Wendy Makkena, no shade. 

It’s all here and so, so much more, so let’s all kneel down and commune our asses to Sister Act church right now. Because after twenty-five glory-us years…’s still truly the only way. 

1.Go on, Mizz Whoopi….  All tea, no shade to the Divine Ms. Bette Midler, but we’re so god, um, darn glad she turned down the lead role of lounge singer-turned-nun-turned-famous gospel diva Dolores Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence. Truly, there’s just no one else that could fill that halo, that sass and those stilettos quite like Ms. Whoopi. And John, Peter, Paul and Ringo, of course. 

2.”Good night, ladies and gentlemen…you don’t give a shit.” Actually, we give lots of shits about the opening credits of Sister Act because it not only kicks it all off, but we’re blessed with the fabulous “Lounge Medley” (hey there, Ronelles!) that every true fan of the movie absolutely knows by heart….with all of those moves, of course. #burnin 

3.”Say goodnight, Ernie”   Oh, Ernie…we hardly knew ye. Really, he may have made a couple of wrong turns in his life, but, sigh…..

4.Go on, Mr. Harvey Keitel…  The original gangsta. No further witnesses. 

5.And of course, purple mink coats from your lover’s ex-wife are a must….  It’s ours, we deserve it. Connie LaRocca 4 Eva….

6.It’s where all of the fabulous queens learned how to throw proper shade…   Thank you, Maggie Smith, aka Mother “Boogie Woogie on the Piano” Superior. And of course, gurl groups 4 lyfe. 

7.Lesson number one….  #younuns 

8.”Gravy” and Ms. Kathy all day… And more of Ms. Kathy Najimy serving up the fierce with every god damn (sorry, you just have to) line she delivered along with every single scene she stole as delightfully overjoyed Sister Mary Patrick. 

9.Long live Sister Mary Robert…well, sort of…   While it’s a known tea spill that Sister Mary Robert’s vocals were actually served up by the lovely Ms. Andrea Robinson, you have to hand it to Ms. Wendy Makkena…no one takes a dive out a moving car quite like she can. Now, get out of bed, you daisy head and get to watchin’ Sister Act for the fifth time today. 

10.The first choir class…..  No explanation needed. 

11.”Just a Touch of Love”   Is truly all we need. And to watch the C+C Music Factory blessed montage over and over and over again. Ready, set, Double Dutch. 

12.And again…..  

13.”Hail Holy Queen” Or should we say, Hail, Holy Yaaaaas Kween whenever this delightful takes over our Showtunes Sundays lives. That answer would be yas….kween. Now, step. 

14.”My God”  Sing along if you know the words. That would be…everybody. 

15.”Roll With Me Henry”  We’ll be rollin straight to the juke box and over to the dance floor whenever Ms. Etta James’ “Henry” enters over our old school music lives. In which fans of Sister Act know that it’s pretty much..everyday. Let’s roll. 

16.”It’s better than sex”   Or, so we’ve heard….

17.”If My Sister’s in Trouble”  While no one has truly any idea just whatever happened to Lady Soul (and that definitely-from-’92 wardrobe), Sister Act’s R&B blessed theme song and nun worthy accompanying video will cement the truth that it’s really just…that…movie. Praise ’em up for the ladies of Lady Soul. 

18.”Rescue Me”   If you haven’t done your chores while grooving along to Fontella Bass’ smash hit, then you definitely missed, like, all of the spots. 

19. Sister Act 2:Back in the Habit  No explanation needed as you most likely know every bit of the sequel just as well as you know its predecessor. And the moment Ms. Lauryn Hill takes over our ‘Habit’ lives with “His Eye is on the Sparrow”….still pure heavenly bliss. 

20. Sister Act:The Musical   Another no explanation needed as you most likely, well, you know where this is going you fabulous Broadway kween, you. 

21.One more time…. 

22.”I Will Follow Him” Sigh……

23.The closing credits, though…..   You know you make me wanna… them over and over again. Dolores Van Cartier on the cover of People magazine for life. 

24.San Francisco Luv…  The true star of the show here…the flawless and captivating city of San Francisco, for which nun of these classic Sister Act shenanigans would truly exist. Or without Buckwheat Bertha, of course. We simply can’t leave her out now, can we? 

25.Do you really need another reason? If so, there’s two words for you….Bless You. And then start it all over again. In a word, thank you Sister Act…thank you. 





Groove of the Day/Lady Soul/”If My Sister’s in Trouble”

Gird all of the halos and habits and get ready to heave all of the Mother Superior shade you can muster (of course, there’s never enough, thank you Maggie Smith and Buckwheat Bertha, of course), because everyone’s favorite movie in the whole entire world, Sister Act, is celebrating a quarter-of-a-century of makin’ good music for our oh, so sinful lives. 

So, to celebrate such a heavenly occasion (it really is, right Sister Mary Patrick?), Philly Mixtape will be serving up a special commemorative piece tomorrow that will be spillng all sorts of Ms. Whoopi tea and then some, while gettin’ down with all of that spiritual music truth and exposing the real Sister Mary Robert.

No shade, Ms. Wendy Mackenna, no shade. 

But before we get lost in the Sister Act heavens for the twentieth time this week (like it’s not), the classic film’s theme R&B laced theme song, “If My Sister’s in Trouble,” will not only have you wondering out loud just what the hell (ooops..sorry, Sister) happened to Lady Soul (and that definitely-from-’92 wardrobe), but it will cement the truth that Sister Act is truly just…that…movie. 





5 Albums Celebrating Milestones in 2017/Classic Soundtracks Edition

Oh, the days when soundtracks were just as big as their accompanying films. Doesn’t it seem like a long lost art? 

That’s because it most certainly is and once you dive or maybe lift into the soundtracks of Dirty Dancing, Sister Act, Titanic, Saturday Night Fever and even Mo’ Money, you’ll be reminded on how they truly just don’t make ’em like they used to anymore. 

Saturday Night Fever/1977  John Travolta.Bee Gees...”Stayin’ Alive” and everything else they jived up on this soundtrack…Yvette Ellman‘s “If I Can’t Have You…Wyclef Jean. Well, that pretty much sums up this ’70s movie going experience all sorts of up.

And what an experience it was and always will be thanks to its long-lasting strobe lit soundtrack containing all of those hits, honey. Admit it…you’re about to put the needle on the 8 track right 

Dirty Dancing/1987  Since you took those Dirty Dancing classes in the ’80s, Blanche, you know just how delightfully dirrrty any of the tracks on the almost three decade old soundtrack to the smash ’80s box office hit. 

To practicing that lift until we get it right to “I’ve Had the Time Of My Life” to Eric Carmen‘s feisty “Hungry Eyes” to classics “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes to “Love Is Strange” by Micky & Sylvia, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and the film itself are the pop culture gifts that keep on giving. 

And when it comes to the dearly departed Patrick Swayze‘s star contribution, “She’s Like the Wind,” grab a Kleenex because you’re going to need one right now.

Sister Act/1992  Since this movie and its heavenly accompanying soundtrack still make us clutch our Sister Mary Clarence pearls upon every whimsical listening and viewing party, there’s no reason to discuss how “Rescue Me,” “Gravy,” “My God,” “I Will Follow Him” and “Hail Holy Queen” have affected our Whoopi lives ever since they were put into one fabulous movie twenty-five years ago. 

But the real question here is…what the f#$k happened to the lovely ladies of Lady Soul who sang Sister‘s theme song, “If My Sister’s in Trouble?” We have a feeling they might be in trouble since they haven’t been seen or heard from since 1992. While that be a true mystery from above, here will have a beautiful soundtrack that even Ms. Maggie Smith, err, Mother Superior would still approve of. 

Oh, and may C+C Music Factory‘s “Just a Touch of Love (Everyday)” always take a piece of our movie montage hearts with it whenever this movie is on. Which is indeed like, everyday. You betta werk, Sister Mary Patrick

Mo’ Money/1992  From Ralph Tresvant‘s “Money Can’t Buy You Love” to Johnny Gill‘s “Let’s Just Run Away to MC Lyte‘s delicious “Ice Cream Dream” to Caron Wheeler‘s “I Adore You” to Big Daddy Kane‘s “A Job Ain’t Nothin But Work” to, well, you get the idea of the fine display of early ’90s hip hop and R&B truth that will forever be laced on the Mo’ Money soundtrack.

Although the Damon Wayons starring film itself is sort of forgettable (thank you, Ms. Dash), these tracks seemingly get better with age, especially when it comes to “Best Things in Life Are Free” by Ms. Janet and the dearly departed. Mr. Luther Vandross. Not only is the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced number the most underrated track in both artists’ music vault, it’s the reason we’ll always be saying “Oooh…Luther” for life.

Isn’t that right. Ms. J? Yas.

Titanic/1997 I mean….if you need any kind of explanation for this soundtrack and its movie that took over our ’97 and beyond lives….you have no idea who Celine Dion is and you let go of Jack way too soon. Plus, you never had him go down and get it for you in the end and realized that awwe… he shouldn’t have. Enough said. 

And, you know, that version of “My Heart Will Go On” with all of the Titanic dialogue you love still rips us apart every time.