Jam of the Day/Skizzy Mars/JoJo/”Recognize”

Oh, Ms. JoJo….

Those are certainly three words that we’ve preached ever since the pint-sized starlet strutted onto the music scene in 2004 with her collection of heart wrenching hits like “Leave(Get Out)”,’ “Too Little, Too Late,” “Let It Rain” and “Africa,” err, “Everything.” However, those are also the words we continued to live by in the late ’00s/early 2010’s when our one-time TRL owning gal pal had to endure all that well publicized drama with her record label. It unfortunately transpired into a time when JoJo’s mainstream radio presence seemed to fade away a bit, but her fan base, well that only seemed to grow during the label storm. Indeed it was because of her fans (myself oh, so included) that there’s really no need to argue that Ms. JoJo fought back and has certainly returned to the scene to own our music lives once again. 

Starting her comeback early last year with the announcement of new music, it became a promise she kept when she served us with her life ready E.P., 111. (“When Love Hurts”….sigh). If that wasn’t enough to get our JoJo mojo going, she took off on a successful worldwide club tour at the end of 2015, which as you guessed it, completely sold the f#$k out within minutes. In fact, I was one of the lucky ones who got the chance to attend her shimmering show at Coda at last year, which was preceded by a music tea where I got the chance to ask her about it all….jump right into it right here.

Although we’re still patiently waiting for her next full-length studio set (any day now!), the diva has been keeping plenty busy these days, most recently linking up with Harlem based rapper Skizzy Mars on “Recognize,” a gritty mid-tempo groove that plays out as the perfect ode for keeping that Mary J. Blige style real love in check. And when that music truth js delivered by the likes of our girl JoJo, it makes for an even that much better jam of the day…and then some. Go. 

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