Madonna Summer Groove of the Day/”Human Nature”

Whenever we musically throw it back to the summer of  ’95, there’s pretty much only one video that comes to mind-the S&M-baked visual for “Human Nature,” the fourth single released from Madonna’s dreamy sixth album, Bedtime Stories.

Recorded as a big ol’ “fuck you” to critics after they had written the Material Girl off due to the insane backlash stemming from her Erotica set and Sex book, Madge’s R&B-laced number gained loads of steam, mostly for its accompanying simple-yet-effective Jean-Baptiste Mondino directed video, which features Madonna and her dancers all wrapped up in tight choreography and lots of latex and leather.

Unlike her previous sexed up clips for “Justify My Love” and “Erotica,” the “Human Nature” clip was meant to be more humorous than sexy-and it worked like a charm. Laced with a satirical depiction of sex, and the taboos that several societies place on the subject, it’s no wonder that Madonna has performed “Human Nature” on several of her concert tours. While the boudoir ready beat stalled at number 46 on the Billboard Hot 100, it certainly made its, um, mark on not just Madonna fans, but those pesky haters who deemed that the Queen of Pop reign was over. 

But if there’s one thing from Madonna’s gritty groove that we will take with us for all of music eternity, it’s the line in the track when when she states, “express yourself, don’t repress yourself.” Those five little words are not only magically strewn throughout the romping Bedtime number, but they will always hold true in life itself. 

And always remember….just like Madonna taught us…….absolutely no regrets

It’s Philly Mixtape music nature….