• Music Tea w/ Tara Hendricks

    TweetNow, that Philly Mixtape has officially got into the 2016 groove, there’s nothing left to do but to have a good old-fashioned music tea.  Armed with a shy, sweet demeanor and that voice, singer/songwriter Tara Hendricks has been an incredible vocal force to be reckoned with on the Philly music scene for quite some time now, most

  • Songbird Spillage/The Finale

    Tweet“Sing like you already won!”- wonderful words of wisdom from Season 2 winner and judge, Larisa Bunch, to last night’s finalists. Yes, my loves, Songbird has come to an end, and the finale was everything you would hope and more from such an all-star season. Dan Callahan, Lisa Parks, Brittany Marie, Jesse Braff, Katie Mae,

  • Songbird Spillage/Semi-Finals Week

    Tweet Did you miss the semi-finals of Songbird? Hang your head in shame! I am forgoing my usual spill to honor the tremendous work that the contestants have done this season. Each their own shining star, we are now left with the 6 best of the best: Fan Favorite vote winner- Lisa Parks Dan Callahan

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