Summer Groove of the Evening/Sonny Fodera/Yasmeen/”Caught Up”

This past Friday night, those Philly Mixtape vibes were front-and-center for an always deep and delicious set provided by by deep house guru, DJ Sonny Fodera

And while it’s easy to spill iced summer music tea by the pool about how Mr. Fodera just keeps serving us with the deep heat–meaning and everything off of his latest red-hot offering, Frequently Flying, sometimes we just have to let the fucking music play. 

So, while you add every gummy groove from Mr. Fodera’s latest into your bikini-and-stilettos inspired playlists (go here), you must lose yourself in “Caught Up,” a divinely deep standout featuring sexy, stellar vocals from Mizz Yasmeen. In headphones fact, this track is so fucking hot, that the world renowned DJ opened his set with it this past weekend. 

All meaning…go. 

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Rewerk Wednesday/Sonny Fodera

Having bulldozed through the ranks of overseas house music thanks in part to his immersion into the world of dance music production at an early age, Australian DJ Sonny Fodera has rightfully earned his place on strobe lit floors across the globe. With a deep influence of the dark and twisted tribal beats crafted up by legendary deep music Dj Derick Carter, Mr. Fodera has worked hard (just ask anyone whose been lucky enough to hear him destroying Ibiza) to achieve a first class knack for supplying the world with a coifed collection of deep, groove driven bangers that are laced with all the rabid music emotions of an after hours soiree. 

While the DJ was becoming a global go-to remixer, he put his name further on the map by whipping up a buffet of shimmering sets for esteemed overseas dance music labels Deep Down and Defected, which include now legendary sets, Got You On My  Mind and After Parties & Aeroplanes. With each pulsating compilation more explosive than the next, it’s certainly tough to keep up with all of Mr. Fodera’s sharp-edged grooves (“Roll With Me, anyone? Yes) that are keenly custom-made for maximum dance floor impact. 

This year has also been a standout year for Fodera, as he recently took his music game to the next level (as if that were possible), this time by making his bold, bright entry into the timeless Defected In the House series. His latest lavish contribution is a whirling three disc dance music love affair that is locked and loaded with his own originals and remixes, as well as some brand new and exclusive tracks, which are blessed with a roster of guest dance divas adding their vocal sass, including Alex Mills on “Always Gonna Be,” Shannon Sanders on “Over This,” and the deeply synth-ed up, “Feelin U,” which co-stars U.K. dance music goddess, Yasmin.

Simply delicious. 

A personal favorite Fodera collaboration happens anytime when he links up with sultry house DJ Colette, especially in rewerks of her strobe lit sonnets, “How High,” “Crush,” and the classic remix of her dance hit, “Hotwire,” which he transformed into a beautiful retelling complete with a blustery late night feel, punchy synths and a background piano that is guaranteed to hit that music “G” spot every single time, just like everything else Sonny Fodera musically touches. 

To grab your tickets to see Mr. Fodera at Coda Philly this Friday night, go right here. 


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