Groove of the Weekend/Lady Gaga/”Bad Romance”

So, in case you haven’t heard (and if you haven’t, you’re, like, not born this way yet), there’s a big ol’ Lady Gaga concert set to take place tomorrow night. 

And right in the middle of a football game, none the less. 

Of course, this just isn’t any football game, it’s the football game-aka Super Bowl–in which two teams–New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons–will fight against all those commercials and Ms. Gaga’s shenanigans for a trip to Disney World and a chance to win our sports hearts forever. 

But truly at the end of the day and halftime, all eyes and paws will be on Ms. Lady, and while we truly have no idea just what she has in store for us (rumor has it she’s hatching, err, dropping out of the ceiling of the sports dome), what we can do is prepare ourselves to get even more woke for The Countess (for once, that role works creatively), which means you should absolutely check back into Philly Mixtape a touch later this weekend for a look at 5 ways on how we can achieve such a feat. 

Because from the looks of it, that’s simply like winning the big game itself as it seems we’re all more wide awake than Ms. Perry for whatever Gaga and this year’s Super Bowl spectacular have in store for us. 

And please, for the love of all things Gaga and the game, let’s keep it cute on those social media front lines this weekend as this is one festivity that will always belong to us and nobody’s Twitter rants/opinions. 

Ready, set, free bitch, baby. 


This year’s grooves sound like…




Weekend Music Video Real

Looking for something to do while you patiently wait for that team to take on that other team during Sunday’s night’s big sports game? Than why not jump eyeballs first into this week’s Weekend Music Video Real, which is locked and loaded with the latest visual offerings from Allen Stone, Timbaland, Leon Bridges, Shawn Mendes, Puff Daddy, and one Super Bowl halftime performance that no one’s ever forgotten or stopped taking about…ever. 

Allen Stone/”A Perfect World” Turn your winter frown upside down by diving right into this sunny video provided by the soulful Mr. Stone. 

Puff Daddy & The Family/”Blow a Check”/Bad Boy Remix No, it’s not 19997, Puff Daddy and his Family are back, only this time Zoey Dollaz and French Montana to help lend a hip hop hand. 

Shawn Mendes/”Stitches” Because what could be better than seeing your current favorite crooner sing his smash hit, “Stitches,” live? Absolutely nothing. 

Timbaland/Mila J/”Don’t Get No Betta” Go on with this hot new video, Mr. Timbo. 

Transviolet/”New Bohemia” Katy Perry is a big fan of this fun indie-pop group, and after one glance at their latest release you’ll know exactly why.  

Leon Bridges/”River” Just watch and let Mr. Bridges take you away with his soulful sounds once again. 

Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake/THAT Super Bowl performance from 2004 Really, how can we ever forget this ? Hey there, “Nipplegate.” 




Jock Jams Groove of the Day/2 Unlimited/”Get Ready for This”

Let’s get musically ready to rumble. 

In just six days, Beyoncé is set to do it all over again when she steals the spotlight, err, takes the stage with Coldplay (and possibly RiRi?)  for the 50th annual Super Bowl halftime performance extravaganza. Oh, yes, there will also be those commercials (maybe a trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot?) and a big sports game on, too! 

So, while we all wait patiently for Bey and Coldplay to own our halftime lives and perform their collaboration, “Hymn for the Weekend,” (it’s a given being that the video just dropped on Friday), we’re going to get the party started around here by hitting the gym floor and diving deep into a treasured ’90s compilation that you’re probably listening to right now called….Jock Jams.

Let us all count the times this treasured sports-meets-music collection took over our lives back-in-the-day–how about five since there was that many explosive volumes (six if you count “The Jock Jams Megamix” as one) in this his truly bombastic collection of sweaty grooves.

Served up by Tommy Boy Records (MTV Party to Go, anyone?), each set in this oh, so dazzling series featured a whole beat buffet of mid 90’s music artists–Amber! CeCe! Outhere Bros! Crush! K7!–whose blazing ThighMaster ready bangers were intertwined with a Gatorade dash of ’80s lovin’ and disco grooves, with both elements mixed perfectly with a pyramid of cheerleader sass and infamous “sports” catch phrases.

Overseas dance duo 2 Unlimited pretty much owe their career to Jock Jams with their hits “Twilight Zone,” “No Limit,” and today’s classic fire, “Get Ready for This,” becoming the most widely known singles from the collection. With each pulsating ’90s dance groove containing more synth power than the next, it’s quite tough to pick out a 2 Unlimited favorite. However, a beloved ’90s Kirsten Dunst owned  cheerleader movie called  Bring It On eventually jumped into our lives and altered our Jock Jams minds forever. 

There’s really nothing left to say except imagine a world without “spirit fingers” and 2 Unlimited….it just wouldn’t be the same.