Groove of the Day/Toni Braxton/”You’re Makin’ Me High”

While today is certainly the most fabulous day of Thursday (isn’t that right, weekend?), the day also takes on a very special meaning for all of us as it marks the annual Dining Out For Life event taking place all over this fabulous city where thirty-three percent of food sales from selected vendors for the entire day goes to support Action Wellness (formerly ActionAIDS) to benefit men, women and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. And of course, lots of love for this tremendous non-profit is always a fabulous idea so they and all of us can keep on the fight. Werk. 

Of course, the key word in focus with today’s annual love fest being “dining,” and you can bet your charitable coins that there’s a long list of Philly restaurants participating as they generously do every year, so check it out right here and prepare to feel the love and from all of those special menu items getting ready to rock your world all day today and well into the flawless Philly evening. 

And if you just can’t wait for all of that Philly classified deliciousness tonight, you can head over to 13th and Locust right now for the 5th annual Food Truck Pop Up event, which coincides with DOFL to bring you servings of love in tasty lunch sized portions which are just as equally fabulous. So, go…seriously because it’s all only there until 2. 

And the final reason why today is truly a most yaaaas Thursday on this bright sunny day in the city is because today’s date, 4/20, is the day (aka..err’day) when stoners and potheads from around the globe (and blast this classic Ms. Braxton groove, of course) come together to rejoice in the all natural light served out by the one, the only….Miss Mary Jane…bliss. 

So, as you can see, there are lots going on in Philly today, so do it all and just remember to do it all with love and of course, may you forever pass it to the left, to the left as if your name is Beyoncé. 

Now, get out there into Thursday and slay all day and night. It’s the only way. 

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