Groove of the Evening/Ciara/Missy/”1,2 Step”

Oh, the days when Ms. Ciara and her music Goodies ruled our worlds….wasn’t life just so much more krunkalicious back then? 

As matter of fact, Krunk-n’-B Queen, it most certainly was as even thirteen years after CiCi and Missy shook our Jello shakin worlds with Goodies sophomore single, “1,2 Step,” it still sounds fresh to death and makes us to wake the party up while we simply get it on like nobody’s business. 

And of course, we’ll be steppin’ all night long while eating our filet mignon ’cause we fancy like that. Right, Miss Demeanor? 

But the true reason CiCi is being served up for your Tuesday night pleasure (and because we really do miss those days) is the fact that we’re now officially saying goodbye to February which means it’s time for all of us to get lined up in an even grander #thinkspring formation (who’s ready for ninety degrees temps next week?) because March has arrived and she’s a diva this year, gurl. 

If there’s one thing we can all agree right now, it’s that there were some things and thangs that occurred during the months of January and February that took all us by storm and combined they were, well, 2016 and worse in cray nut shell.

But one element that helped us out in our multiple weeks of need were those dear, sweet moments in music and pop culture (thank you, Gaga, Katy, Beyoncé, Adele and, like, every song that’s come out so far), and now that those daisy dukes and tank tops owning days are within our headphones reach now more than ever, let’s just all turn up the fucking music and dance. 

Plus, who doesn’t want to get down to the phrase A Jazze Phae Production like it’s 2004 all over again? 

Ready, set…step. 







Music Memory Monday/Groove Theory

One of my personal favorite baby makin’ tracks from the ’90s–if not all time–is “Tell Me,” a sexy, seductive flow by now defunct ’90s R&B duo, Groove Theory. That beat! Those vocals! That touch of a sleigh bells! For an in-the-closet music queen like myself (I was in slayth grade at the time), it was an absolute match made in music bedroom heaven–and still most certainly is today. 

After meeting through a mutual friend in 1991, NYC’s Groove Theory–lead diva Amel Larrieux & lead crooner Bryce Wilson–took a fond liking to each other while spilling tea about how their solo careers at the time seemed to be going nowhere fast. Within a music moment, the duo linked up and began working together in the studio to officially form Groove Theory in 1993.

With Wilson’s Brian McKnight vibes and Larrieux’s smooth, sensual “Not Mariah” vocal tones (and the fact that was R&B was all over mainstream radio at the time), the music chemistry between the two was fresh from the start, which is all kinds of clear in their oh, so delightful debut single, “Tell Me.” The dreamy banger took over the top five of both the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B music chart within a month of its release, as well as instantly becoming a piece of our Sony Walkman hearts forever. Who out there had the Cassingle? Everyone.

While Groove Theory released a handful of follow-up singles from their funky fresh self-titled debut set, none slayed the charts quite like “Tell Me” did, and they would soon fall into that dreaded ’90s one-hit wonder category. It didn’t make music matters any better when Larrieux left the group in 1999 to pursue a solo diva career, and while replacement diva Makeda Davis rightfully stepped in, they would only go on to record one album, The Answer, before officially disbanding in 2001. However, the two did go on in their own way, with Larrieux eventually kicking off her solo career on her own independent record label, Blisslife, and Wilson took on small roles in the films Beauty Shop, Trois and Hair Show, while also keeping busy producing diva grooves for Amerie, Mary J. Blige and… Beyonce. 

You know that there’s no denying that it was an absolutely flawless day in Philly weather wise, and I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that bright, booming sunshine certainly makes life a little bit easier to glide through, and it certainly makes the music sound a little bit sweeter. So while you’re out there gettin’ yours, take a little time to turn up your music life volume to tracks  like “Tell Me,” that in my headphones ridden mind, have created music memories that will always take us there…and that’s the best part of it all