Summer Music 2015 Hits & Misses

Okay, now we can press play on Boyz 2 Men because we officially reached the end of the summer music 2015 road…

But not to worry, because one of my absolute favorite things to do as a music writer is to cook up a no holds barred round up all of the summer music happenings. Think about it-the blissful occasion only comes around once a year, so you get to have just oh, so much fun with it.

Take a bite of the summer music 2015 cherry below.

Hit/Kelly Clarkson & Taylor Swift on tour

If there were are any two pop starlets who simply owned it on stage this summer, it was Ms. Clarkson and Ms. Swift. Between Kelly’s endless catalog of live covers and Taylor’s A-list roster of endless special guests, there’s no denying that these two ladies certainly know how to work it like Missy on the road.

Miss/Iggy Azalea 

Boy, what a difference a year makes. Last summer, Iggy proved victorious with “Fancy,” but this year? Not so much. Besides not having a hit single on the summer airwaves, she also threw major shade towards Britney Spears after their collaboration, “Pretty Girls” only went on to moderate success. And if there’s one thing that everybody’s that you never throw shade at Godney. #BYE 

Hit/Tropical House Music 

If there’s was a musical genre that was all up in the sun-kissed music spotlight, it was the umbrella-laced flow of tropical house. Thanks to artists like OMI, Felix Jaehn and Kygo, as well as Bieber‘s island flavored offering, “What Do You Mean,” tropical house is certainly flourishing right now.

Let’s hope it’s a trend that we can only hope will continue to grow, especially in the upcoming months where we will be freezing our asses off. The genre simply warms you right up….and that’s the best part. 


Where’s that new album, boo? Enough said. 

Miss/Azealia Banks

Does this oh, so irrelevant bitch ever stop throwing music shade? Unfortunately for us, no. However, the one good thing that came out of Banks all summer was when legendary DJ Barry Harris took her single “Ice Queen” and turned into something we could actually tolerate listening to. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

Miss that should’ve been a hit/Ciara

Earlier this summer, Ciara delivered her sixth album, Jackie, a fun, funky set that was met with solid reviews. But did anyone notice? Sadly, no. Meaning that you probably didn’t notice that the “Krunk-&-B” princess delivered one of the sexiest videos of her career in single, “Dance Like We’re Making Love.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, put those shimmering red Ray Bans on and have a gander. Show the girl some love, will you? Her Jackie record certainly deserves a little summer music love. 

Hit/Major Lazer

They get the awards for best hottest song of the spring that became one of the hottest songs of the summer with their Mo assisted, soulful banger, “Lean On.” Headphones down. 

Hit/Demi Lovato 

Sexy, sassy and confident, Ms. Demi proved this summer that she’s got what it takes to be a reigning pop diva, as especially seen in the fur-and-bikini kissed clip for her warm weathered anthem, “Cool for the Summer.” Take a bit of Demi’s music cherry one more time before summer’s end. 

Miss/One Direction

Thank you for breaking our hearts this summer, you bastards. 

Hit & Miss/Justin Bieber 

While yes, the Biebs rode the charts this summer with his ferocious Skrillex and Diplo cooked up “Where Are Ü Now, “and his just released hit, “What Do You Mean.” But does anyone else still thinks he still sort of acts like an asshole? Only pumpkin spice time will tell when his comeback record drops in November. 


Not only did the “When Love Hurts” diva introduce the word “tringle” into our summer music lives, but she proved victorious after a long hoops holding battle with her record label, Blackground. While she and her bundle of tracks (which are quite good) were late in the summer music game, there’s still plenty of time left to see just how long JoJo will get us mingle to about her “tringle.” 

Miss/Carly Rae Jepsen

She tried really, really, really, really hard to escape the shadow of “Call Me Maybe” by finally releasing her much anticipated sophomore set, Emotion, which is actually not half bad. But is anyone really paying attention to it? See you in Forgot About Friday 2017 boo. 

Hit/Fetty Wap/Silento 

In the words of Emily from The Devil Wears Prada…this I can’t even talk about. But somehow it all just worked all summer long. Sigh…


These guys take the summer prize for the best song that you’re probably not getting lost in right now. One spin of their strobe fueled single, “Lights, ” and you’ll be hooked.

Hit & Miss/OMI

Now, will the tropical seized OMI’s “Cheerleader” go down as this summer’s #1 hit? Yas. Will you ever hear from him again? No. Music case in point, last years #1 summer single, “Rude,” by Magic! When’s the last time you heard from those guys? Music case dismissed.

The same gores to you, Rachael Platten and your “Fight Song.” 

BIG MISS/Miley/2015 VMAs

Ms. Pink was right…this year’s MTV Video Music Awards were a huge embarrassment to all those who remember when the VMAs used to be that awards show event. With the exception of Ms. Tori Kelly and The Weeknd, this year’s show was a complete and utter disaster, as proven in the ratings which became the lowest rated VMAs broadcast…ever. Not even those “look at me” outfits and that now infamous feud could save this one. And that album, Miley? No, girl. 

King of the Summer/The Weeknd 

The hot-on-the-rise crooner served us with not one, but two smashes:the funky, “Can’t Feel My Face,” and the makin’ babies ready, “The Hills,” off of his well received just released debut set, Beauty Behind The Madness. Throw in his recent fiery MJ representing VMAs performance, and this is one hot talent who’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The Grammys will soon be calling. 

Queen of Everything/Janet 

She’s back and the Unbreakable Ms. Jackson-if-you’re-nasty party is just getting started…and we can’t wait for the rest of it. That’s all. 



Summer Groove of the Day/Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”

Ms. Lovato’s “Summer” music cherry sure was tasty….

If there was a single released these past few months that absolutely pulverized my very sun-soaked existence, it was Ms. Demi’s oh, so tantalizing tune, “Cool for the Summer.” Besides being laced with that undeniable Max Martin production flavor, Ms. Lovato also came through exuding a new confidence on the blistery banger and it’s simply werked like a charm. While we know that this girl can sang, her voice is delightfully restrained throughout “Summer,” and is matched perfectly to the ’80s wrapped beat and groovy synths that Mr. Martin provided for her…and all of us. 

But the real mystery is…why didn’t “Cool” go higher on the summer music charts? Currently, Demi’s ditty is sitting at number sixteen on the Billboard Hot 100, and in my humble music bitch opinion, it should be at number one. (Sorry, “Cheerleader,” but enough is enough.) But not to worry because our girl is sitting pretty at the top of my personal summer grooves countdown and I have a feeling that it just might be for a lot of you kids out’s just that delicious. 







Summer Groove of the Day/Fifth Harmony/Kid Ink/”Worth It”


It’s time to face the music truth….summer is coming to an end.

But not to worry because as we know, the fall always has the potential to bring the music heat, especially since Ms. Adele and Ms. Janet are poised to make their grand return to diva form in the upcoming months. But before we jump into all that pumpkin spice, the time has come to dive headphones first into the summer 2015 music vault and sort through all of our favorite ditties…

All week long, I will personally be serving up my personal favorites for everyone, and let me tell you, putting this list together might’ve been one of the most difficult music tasks I’ve given myself all summer. But I did manage to narrow it down to 5 sun-kissed sonnets, and if you’ve been following Philly Mixtape these past few months, you should have no problem picking out which summer ’15 scorcher will be in my #1 spot..

Kicking off the list is the bouncy, bubbly “Worth It,” by Fifth Harmony and Kid Ink. With it’s grimy groove, seductive sax sample and funky fierceness provided by the gals of 5H, “Worth It” is not only one of the most tantalizing tunes of the summer, but indeed also the year.

And remember–always own your life like you’re worth it. Because, guess what? You are.