2018 Summer Music Tea

Dear Betty Who, Panic! At the Disco, Ariana Grande, Xtina(!!), Nicki Minaj, Drake, Florence + The Machine, Troye Sivan, Meghan Trainor, Years & Years, Bebe Rexha and The Carters…..thank for making all of our summer music dreams come true this year. 

Happy streaming! 

Betty Who/Betty (pt. 1)  What’s short, sweet and will hit you in the right music spots all over? That would be part one of sauce-y Australian songstress Betty Who‘s one named music adventure. Showcasing five tracks, with each one pairing up Ms. Betty’s trademark sass on top of some truly feisty ’80s inspire rhythms and beats (see…”Ignore Me,” “Just Thought You Should Know”), all of which are guaranteed to make your summer fling just a tad bit more special. Get lost in Betty below. 

Panic! At the Disco/Pray for the Wicked  After taking some time away from the band to own the role of entrepeneur Charlie King in Broadway’s Kinky Boots, lead Panic! member Brendon Urie has certainly incorporated his recent stage sass into the group’s sixth studio set. From the humbling “Look Ma, I Made it,” to the stumbling “One of the Drunks” to the charismatic, “Old Fashioned,” these fine tuned gentlemen have shown no signs of aging–or slowing down–over their now decade (!!) long career. Listen up. 

The Carters/Everything is Love Is everything love for Bey and Jay these days? It certainly sounds like it thanks to the dynamic pairing’s latest romp. The fiery set can not only be labeled as the album of the summer, but of the year, and it’s also the perfect companion to the duo’s On the Run 2  Tour, which is about to slay Lincoln Financial Field on July 30th. While tracks, “Apeshit,” “713” and “Friends” are perfect for cruisin’ with the windows down, it’s opener “Summer” that’ll make your neck bob without even tryin’…and that’s the best part of it all. 

Xtina/Liberation  Yes, the voice is back. Wait, wrong choice of words? However, will Mizz Aguilera’s sixth studio set propel her back to her superstar “Genie in a Bottle” days? Most likely not. But, it’s all worth a listen to here because the “Beautiful” diva still knows how to make an album that’ll demand your attention. Whether it’s the empowering (and a little bit ear drum shattering) “Sick of Sittin” or the Demi Lovato co-starring, “Fall In Line,” the slinky “Right Moves” and “Like I Do,” or the most confusing, “Pipe” and/or Accelerate,” it’s all part of the wild ride that’ll forever be named…Xtina. Welcome back, bitch…..and we can’t wait to see you on tour with this one.  

Bebe Rexha/Expectations If you think you’ve been hearing the name Bebe Rexha for quite some time now…you most certainly have. Besides earning her keep as a songwriter for the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez and many, many more, the eclectic young diva also co-starred with Florida Georgia Line on the Billboard number one single, “Meant to Be,” which is still owning the charts as we kick off summer. Now, Ms. Rexha is striking out on her own on her fiery debut set, which contains all of the music heat you could ever want in your headphones right now. A few ignited examples would be the revved up opener, “Ferrari,” the summer ready, “Lose Control,” and the Quevo co-starring “2 Souls on Fire,” which you must now play on blast from now until Labor Day starting right…now. Yeah, it’s all that good. Thank you, Ms. Rexha. 

Drake/Scorpion  He’s back. Who’s ready? Judging by the way “God’s Plan” and “Nice for What” have destroyed the Billboard charts…it’s safe to say….everyone. Let’s get ready to dance those Dreezy moves all summer long like everybody’s watching. June 29th 

Florence and the Machine/High as Hope It’s lovely to hear you and your band mates destroying our worlds again, Ms. Welch. Is there really anything else to say here? June 29th 

Years & Years/Palo Santo For their much-anticipated sophomore set, this British pop trio has wasted no time in giving us the goods thanks to the three singles released–“Sanctify,” “If You’re Over Me” and the title track-ahead of the album’s official release next month. But perhaps the main reason you might want to grab this album is because the English Breakfast tea sipping boys teamed up with legendary producer Greg Kurstin (Adele, Kelly Clarkson), so you know the Y&Y good times are guaranteed to just keep rolling all summer long until the band hits the road this fall. Get ready. July 6th 

Nicki Minaj/Queen With a buffet singles already under her tricycle–“Rich Sex,” “Chun-Li,” “Barbie Tingz” and the glorious, “Bed” (hey, Ari!)–, Ms. Minaj has already given us plenty to feast on from her much-anticipated fourth studio set. So, why the recent delay from June 15th to August 10th, gurl? While the world may never know, we’re just more than f@#king ready for the Young Money spitstress’ first set in four years. And remember, at the end of the day, there’s plenty of room for everyone in the spotlight and of course, plenty of room in the summer music headphones for Nicki’s–and everybody else’s–latest studio adventure…and that it will certainly be. Aug.10th 

Ariana Grande/Sweetener  From the life-changing “No Tears Left To Cry” to the Nicki co-starring “The Light is Coming” to the hot-to-headphones “Raindrops,:” and to the fact that she’s on everyone else’s tracks, too (see..Troye Sivan, Nicki..again), there’s no denying that our Ms. Grande will be the undisputed Kween of the Summer by the time her fourth studio set finally enters our ponytailed worlds in August. Throw in our little obsession with her and Pete Davidson and well, slay, Ari, slay.  Aug. 17th 

Troye Sivan/Bloom   If you don’t know the fabulous musical stylings of Mr. Sivan yet, you certainly will by the time summer is over. Already a young advocate for the LGBTQ community, the out-and-proud singer recently gave us life with the track and video for album single “My My My” (just ask Ellen), and recently he teamed up with the queen of the summer herself, Ms. Ariana Grande,” on “Dance To This,” which you must put on repeat right now. Then mark those calendars for the official release date of what’s sure to be one of the hottest albums of the summer…and of the year. Aug. 31st 

Meghan Trainor/Treat Myself  While we have no idea why Ms. Trainor is on Fox’s The Four (sigh…), what we do know is that we’ll forgive her if her upcoming third studio set hits the mark. And listening as to how her latest singles, “Let You Be Right” and “All the Ways” have a fresh, funky synth-ed up feel to them, it sounds like she could be all about that dance floor just in time for the end of summer, which of course is always the best place to be. Aug. 31st 



Also for your 2018 sun-kissed playlists…..

Leon Bridges/Good Thing(out now)………………..Charlie Puth/Voicenotes(out now)……..James Bay/Electric Light(out now)……..Dave Matthews Band/Come Tomorrow(out now)…………..Lily Allen/No Shame(out now)………Lykke Li/So Sad/So Sexy(out now)……..Marshmello/Joytime 11(out now)……………….Nine Inch Nails/Bad Witch(out now)…………….Dan + Shay/self-titled(out now)………….Gorillaz/The Now Now(June 29th)……..Rick Astley/Beautiful Life(July 20th)……….Jake Shears/self-titled(August 10th)…………happy streaming! 



2017 Summer Music Round Up

Whether you’re at the block party or the BBQ, on the floor or in the backyard, all up in a fierce workout or owning the bedroom, it is absolutely our right to stack up as much summer music as possible to keep it all (and those tan lines) in check all SPF season long. 

So, sit back, pour a glass of summer music iced tea and let the latest sets and sonnets from Jay Z, Calvin Harris, Tieks, Hed Kandi, Katy Perry, ZZ Ward, DJ Khaled, Phoenix, Faith Evans (with Biggie!) and extraordinary drag queen, Pissi Myles, make all of your sun-kissed groove dreams come..alive

Pissi Myles/”Babashook” In case you weren’t born this way yet, a few days ago NYC, err, East Coast owning drag diva, the truly one-of-a-kind, Ms. Pissi Myles (she’s most likely hiding in your closet as we speak) delivered the giggly and ghoulish clip for, “Babashook,” an ode (which Myles co-wrote with comedian Topher Cusumano) to The Babadook, the rainbow comunity’s latest and greatest Netflix Streaming Bish. (For much more Babadook tea, take a seat right here). 

In the colorful, yet oh, so fucking delightfully bat shit cray clip (which was directed by Joe la Scola with creative direction by Myles’ husband/extraordinary photographer, Mr. David Ayllon) Myles serves us face and teeth for daze complete with sexy back up dancers (hey, there Mr. Chris betta werk with those moves) who perfectly compliment the twisted rhymes that Ms. Myles has provided for us, in which all of this is guaranteed to bring The Babadook out in you all summer long. Now, watch…and then go to iTunes and add Ms. Pissi Myles “Babashook” to the top and bottom of your summer 2017 playlists…now. 

Katy Perry/Witness  Although the music shade has certainly been real from fans and critics alike when it comes to, well, anything having to do with Ms. Perry’s latest body of werk….it’s really not that bad…is it? Actually…no. Chances are, the world just wasn’t (it’s currently sliding waaay down the Billboard charts) ready for a beat heavy set from the former Teenage Dream queen. But standouts “Tsunami,” “Swish Swish,” “Deja Vu,” “Chained to the Rhythm,” “Bon Appetit” and the summer life owning title track may just have you diving a little deeper into Ms. Katy’s now much maligned fifth studio record. So, go ahead take a chance…your sun-kissed life may just thank you. 

Hed Kandi  Calling ALL dance music/vibe lovers….your summer/life just isn’t complete until you’ve bagged up everything that tremendous overseas dance music record label Hed Kandi has to offer, including their 2017 collection, the workout themed, Strong and Sexy compilation and the summer baby makin’ set, Back to Love. And once you’ve bagged them all up (and certainly then some..go here for it all), you’ll be exposed to such delicious delights like David Morales “Needin’ You,” Tieks’ “Sunshine,” Joe Stone’s “Man Enough,” and seriously thousands more. In other words, just fucking dance it out to anything Hed Kandi all god damn summer long..because we must. 

Calvin Harris/Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1  If you’re looking for a record full of explosive beats from the world’s highest paid DJ on his latest studio venture, you best look back to last year when his RiRi collaboration, “This Is What You Came For” was (and still most certainly fucking is) owning our summer lives. However, that should definitely not detour you from diving headphones first into Taylor Swift’s ex’s latest romp in which ten laid back grooves take you away like a warm summer music breeze. Standouts include the Nicki Minaj owned “Skrt on Me,” the Migos/Frank Ocean starring “Slide,” the thrupling of Pharrell/Katy/Big Sean on “Feels,” and well, pretty much every other track.’s that simple. Go. 

Phoenix/Ti Amo  Another one of those summer records where you just have to put those windows of life down and just…ride. Indie vibe kissed quartet Phoenix certainly brings lots of delicious vibes to the summer music table with their latest offering. Whether it’s the amped up, “Role Model,” the clap-happy “Lovelace,” or the groovy title track, this record certainly has a little something for everyone…which of course is the best part all. Listen up. 

Jay Z/4:44  Like you haven’t listened to it 765, 445 times already this summer. And hello, Mizz Becky, it’s nice to wonder who the fuck you are again. And of course, the Hov’s latest is only on Tidal, kids. So, go here now to Bey’s babies(!!) Daddy’s latest. 

Faith Evans/The Notorious B.I.G./The King and I:Legacy  No, you’re not hallucinating….the King & Queen of all things Rap, Hip Hop and R&B are back together once again delivering a tremendous twenty-five track set full of everything that will have you musically living like it’s 1994-1998 all over again. Like that delightful feeling ever god damn left..and certainly won’t with this record. Slay, Ms. Faith and Biggie, slay. 

Lorde/Melodrama  Taking a listen to the “Royals” diva sophomore outing, it’s certainly safe to say that our oh, so still young English Breakfast tea sipping songstress is, like, growing up you guys. An explosive record packed with deep beats (“The Louvre,” “Supercut,” “Sober”) and some deep shit (“Green Light,” “Writer in the Dark”), the “Tennis Court” owner delivers the perfect record for anyone who’s still trying to find their inner diva this summer…which is, like, all of us.

ZZ Ward/The Storm   In what will go down as one of the most authentic sets of the summer (no shade, Ms. Perry, no shade), Oregon based ZZ certainly brings it all when it comes to her shimmering sophomore set. Loaded with voice, gusto and doo-wop tinged rhythms, the red hot and rising chanteuse serves us summer life and then some with tracks, “Domino,” “Ghost,” “Let it Burn,” the uplifting title groove and well, that’s only the true beginning when it comes to everything this one-of-a-kind record has to offer. So, put those windows down and just drive right along with Ms. Ward’s stunning offering while ushering in a fresh voice that’s certainly been a long time coming. 

Baby Driver/Original Motion Picture Soundtrack As it turns out, one of the summer’s most buzzed about films (sorry, Transformers:The Last Knight) has one of the most buzzed about soundtracks as well. And with good measure, too, as such new and old classics like Bob and Earl’s “Harlem Shuffle,” Martha and the Vandelles’ “Nowhere to Run,” Beck’s “Debra,” and Blur’s “Intermission,” are among 30 (yes, 30) others fierce grooves which all make the Baby Driver soundtrack one hell of a, um, killer summer music ride.  

Lana Del Rey/Lust For Life/July 21st While pretty much every gay man in the whole entire universe patiently waits for all of that music pleasure and pain that’s most likely, err, guaranteed to be all over Mizz Lana’s much, much much anticipated new record, repeat dance offs to the Cedric Gervais owned “Summertime Sadness” retire are a must because he fucked up again and we lived to tell about it, gurl. Now dance it all out. 

Xtina/??  Insert every god damn laughing emoji here. But, hey, at least Ms. Xtina gave us one of the best fucking summer songs ever in “Genie in a Bottle,” and for that, our sun-kissed souls will be eternally grateful. 

And you might as well add these classic scorchers right in, too….

Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer” (Todd Terry Refire)   Yas, summer dancing kween, yaaaas. 

Tieks/”Sunshine” (Zac Samuel Refire) Because… 

Lil Flip/”Sunshine” May Mr. Flip’s oh, so short-lived music career rest in peace. But this fucking track, though…bliss. 

Bag Raiders/”Sunlight”   Because…more life. 

Apexape/Josh Barry/”Joy & Pain” Just turn it the fuck up. Sorry, there’s just no sugar coating it when it comes to dynamic summer grooves like this one. 

The INC/”Down 4 U”   Because Murder Inc for god damn life. Is there really anything else to say here? No. 

Jennifer Lopez/”If You Had My Love” (Metro Club Rewerk)  No words here, just lots and lots of dancing to one of the best remixes of your classically sun-kissed well being. Let’s go. 


Also aiming to put the Banana in your Boat on your sun kissed playlists this summer…….  TLC/Self-titled…..DJ Khaled/Grateful…..Blondie/Pollinator………. Kid Ink/7 Series.….. Harry Styles/Self-titled….. New Kids on the Block/Thankful….. …… R5/New Addictions…..  Linkin Park/One More Light….  Snoop Dogg/Neva Left….  Lady Antebellum/Heart Break….   London Grammar/The Truth is a Wonderful Thing……   2 Chainz/Pretty Girls Like Rap Music….   Imagine Dragons/Evolve…..  Sevyn Streeter/Girl Interrupted (7/7)….  Romeo Santos/Golden (7/21) …..  Arcade Fire/Everything Now (7/28)…..  Paula Cole/Ballads (8/11)….. Loretta Lynn/Wouldn’t It Be Great (8/18)

Happy summer music streaming!! 

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Music Tea w/Protoje

One part reggae revivalist, one part roots influenced and all parts mega, mega talented, Jamaican singer Protoje has certainly been going all the way up ever since he hit the scene in 2010.

First with his well received debut set, The Seven Year Itch, and then with a steady stream of singles and cuts including “Who Knows,” “Rasta Love” and “Kingston Be Wise,” all of which will most likely be featured when Protoje takes the stage spotlight over at Coda later tonight.

But before he owns our-first-night-of-summer live music lives (the timing couldn’t be more perfect), he was gracious enough to stop by Philly Mixtape for a little music tea, where he broke mugs about his humble beginnings, artistic influences and what it really takes to make it in this crazy music business. 

Check it out and then of course…dance. 

First up, how’s everything going these days? How’s the weather in Jamaica right now? Although I’m sure I just answered my own question…   I’m awesome. [It’s] better than where you are, probably!

How did you get your start in music? I started writing music [at an early age], came to Kingston and started on the sound systems and mics and just performed by way into the business through there.

Shout out some of your artistic influences…. Jay Z, Ini Kamoze, Damon Marley

Now, you just mentioned Jay. Any particular albums or tracks by the Hov that you absolutely live for? My favorite Jay album is The Blueprint and then Reasonable Doubt comes second. I love feeling it on Reasonable Doubt and….everything from BluePrint.

Have you been to Philly before? Get a chance to grab a cheesesteak? Yeah, I’ve been there when I was younger and I played there last year. I’m vegetarian, but I have had a Vegan Philly cheese steak before. Which I’m sure isn’t the same but that’s as close as I can get to it! 

Any words of advice for any aspiring performer out there? It’s very hard to make something of yourself and anything you do is going to be a challenge. You have to stay focused in it, even with the hardships.

For much more with Protoje, check this out.