• Music Tea w/ the Gentlemen of The Eric Jaffe Show

    This Friday night, Tavern on Camac will be hosting an all male version of The Eric Jaffe Show, which is shaping to be a group of the most open and diverse male entertainers that this community has ever seen. Philly Mixtape sipped some piping hot music tea with Mr. Jaffe and his brood of boys-Joe D’Angio (aka Pissi Myles),

  • ‘Fisco Rispo Disco’ Music Tea w/ DJs Jimmy DePre & John Michael Di Spirito

    Picture it-it’s this Sunday. You head to your favorite Philly brunch spot for mimosas and prayers in curing the previous night’s nasty hangover. Then, all of the sudden, the hair-of-the-dog kicks in, and like Austin Powers, you’ve suddenly got your mojo back, baby. But wait, it’s 4:00…on a Sunday….you want to go and dance and

  • “Philly Mixtape Music Tea”w/ DJ Jimmy DePre

    If there is one person in Philly who I could spill music tea all day with, it would be resident Tavern on Camac DJ and music connoisseur, Jimmy DePre. I’m happy to say that since the launch of Philly Mixtape, Jimmy and I have become gabbin’ music galpals, so I couldn’t wait to dust off

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