• Music Tea w/Chase Atlantic

    TweetWith their mix of deep and delicious tribal influenced beats, sexy, synth-laced rhythms and undeniable vocal prowess (see:their lavish new E.P. Part Three) Australian based trio Chase Atlantic is hitting everything and everyone in all of the right places with their distinct one-of-a-kind groovy as f@ck sound.  Consisting of brothers Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave and

  • Groove of the Day/Drake/Rihanna/”Too Good”

    Tweet Because life and because you know you absolutely cannot wait for So Far Gone:Dreezy Night at The Fillmore tonight.  So, let’s ride and enjoy this f#$king weather, shall we? Yes.  Go…..right here to iTunes or Spotify to listen…YouTube apparently took the day off today.  Are you an entertainer, promoter or event planner who’s lifting

  • Groove of the Evening/The B-52’s/”Deadbeat Club”

    TweetWhat can anyone really say about the legendary music catalog and one-of-a-kind sound of rock icons, The B-52‘s, besides….everything.  Getting their true start in 1978 after the group decided to pack up their homebase of Athens, Georgia, and put in some werk in at the recording studio to record their very first radio single, the iconic, “Rock

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