Music Tea w/Chase Atlantic

With their mix of deep and delicious tribal influenced beats, sexy, synth-laced rhythms and undeniable vocal prowess (see:their lavish new E.P. Part Three) Australian based trio Chase Atlantic is hitting everything and everyone in all of the right places with their distinct one-of-a-kind groovy as f@ck sound. 

Consisting of brothers Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave and music bestie Christian Anthony, the boys from down under aren’t just wowing their overseas critics and fans, but gaining a quick stateside following as well, much in part as being locked and loaded as the opening spot on rock/punk band Sleeping with Sirens current U.S. tour, which is about to bulldoze its way to The Foundry at The Fillmore Philly later tonight. (get those tickets here). 

But before Chase Atlantic wows all of Philly–and that they will do–they stopped by Philly Mixtape for a spot of fresh brewed music tea, where they broke mugs about life on the road, how they would personally describe their unique sound and what words of wisdom they would give to any aspiring performer who decided right this second to enter this bat shit crazy business. 

Take a seat and take a tasty sip with Chase Atlantic below…you’ll certainly be glad you did. 

Okay, first up…how are you guys feeling leading up to the big show tonight? We’re super excited! We’re only half way through the tour and we feel like we’ve never been more in-sync as a band. It’s gonna be wild!

Is this your first time in Philly? If so, are you going to be able to hang out a bit and check out the city?  This will be our first time in Philly, just like most places we’ve performed on this tour. We’ll definitely try our best to do a little exploring and get up to no good!

Let’s spill about your unique sound. I personally would describe it as pure baby makin’ goodness. Now, how would you guys personally describe it?  Haha! Surprisingly enough that’s actually what quite a few people say to us when we meet them. We struggle to describe it ourselves sometimes, but I like to look at as an interesting fuse of genres that just emits waves of energy.

Shout out some of all of your musical influences…. Shout outs……. The Weeknd…..Tame Impala…….Travis Scott……Lil’ Uzi Vert….Sticky Fingers…..all y’all!!! 

What’s been maybe the hardest part of your journey so far? What’s been the biggest highlight?  The hardest part is definitely having to deal with sickness on the road. Because we’re in close quarters; if one gets sick we all get sick.  But there have been far too many highlights, so they definitely outweigh the cons.

So, what’s next after the tour? We’re jumping straight back into the studio and doing what we do best, produce music that the world wants to hear….in the humblest of ways! 

One last sip, what would you guys personally say to an aspiring musician who just stepped foot in the industry right this very second?  Nothing comes easily. It may seem that way sometimes, but it’s absolutely crucial to put in hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication. You have to hone your craft and dedicate your life to this shit. Give it your all or go home, simple.

For much, much more with Chase Atlantic head to their official website right here. 

Cover photo courtesy of Warner Brothers Records 


Music Tea w/The Knocks

When it comes to the sounds, style, vibes and all around world of NYC’s Ben Ruttner and James Patterson aka groovy neo-disco duo, The Knocks, you just have to the beats pour out while you let that tea spill. 

And that’s just what they did when they stopped by Philly Mixtape this past week ahead of their show at The Foundry tonight (you need to go) where they broke mugs about future projects, their admiration for their collaborators, which of course includes Ms. Carly Slay Jepsen, in which the boys have a whole lot of love for the “Call Me Maybe” diva. 

Take a seat, take a sip and then get your spill on with The Knocks

Hey, gentlemen! Thank you so much for chatting it up me. I know there were some scheduling conflicts over studio time, so I truly appreciate it. How was the session? B-It was good. We were just finishing up a new project and remix while working on some other stuff. 

Okay, first order business….Ms. Carly Slay Jepsen. You guys are two-for-two on blazing tracks with her. So, I just have to know, what’s she like to work with? Any future projects you can spill about? BWe were definitely fans of hers before collaborators and the way that whole thing happened with her is actually a really funny story. We had done the Bootleg Remix and then we noticed she posted it on Twitter. A bit later on down the road we made the “Love Me Like That” record which was written by Martina from Dragonette. We had done the whole song and were like, ”This sounds like it could be a Carly Rae Jepsen song..this is so perfect for her to be on it.”  It was a long shot because we didn’t have any connection to her at the time, but we had just gotten hit up about the bootleg by her label about making the remix official and her manager contacted us to get the parts. When we met up, we were like, “hey, we’ve got this song that we’d love to feature Carly on, we think it’s perfect for her and right up her alley.” We didn’t think it was going to happen but we got an email back two hours later and she loved it. Jay wasn’t able to make it out, but I flew to L.A and did the session with her and it was fucking awesome. It was a dream, but just the way how it was an idea in our head and it worked out so well. And we’ve stayed close, I went to a writing camp with her in Nicaragua and worked on her song that’s going to be in her new record. She’s like our homie now, she came out and played with us at Governor’s Ball. Carly is rad.

Also, when you talk to her next, tell her the whole entire gay community of Philly says ‘hey, gurl.” She definitely walks on water around here. BYou know, it’s funny because I did a session with Justin Tranter who wrote “Call Me Maybe” and has worked with a ton of big name artists and he’s says he’s never bugged more by his fellow gay friends whenever he’s in the studio with Carly Slay. She’s really got it, man.

One of my personal favorite tracks of yours is “Dancing With Myself.” It’s simply fucking awesome. What were the vibes like with the creative process? Because it really is an amazing track. J-There weren’t any words yet, it was just like this melody and we decided that I would sing it, and went to the studio and we wrote it and sang it the same day. B-I was in the middle of dealing with a breakup at the time so it was actually easy to write those words.

Plus, that video, though. Okay, let’s spill about your new E.P. ‘Testify,’ namely “Worship,” with MNEK. What we was he like to work with? I can imagine how incredible he must have been. B-He’s a guy that I’ve been a huge fan of and his voice is so incredible and he’s such a great artist. We found out about him through Duke Dumont‘s
“Need U” because he wrote that as well as a lot of other big house stuff. We laid out the chorus and the beat and he’s the first person that came to mind because it’s such a hard song to sing..the range is crazy! You really need an incredible male voice to pull it off. It was just another one of these things where he was down, he cut it, sent it to us and again it was perfect.

You mentioned Duke Dumont. Any future projects with him in the works? We were actually going back and forth about doing a collab at one point, but all of us are so busy. Hopefully down the road we’ll get something together..I think it would be a good match.

Next week I have a column coming out called ‘That One Album, Though,’ where I asked a handful of Philly entertainers to spill about that one album that makes them..them. Just to put you guys on the spot, what’s that one album for each of you? J-Damn, that’s a hard one because there’s definitely more than one…but Jadakiss Kiss Tha Game Goodbye and Biggie Ready to Die. Yeah, that is hard but I gotta pick Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A…all day.

Lastly, you know it’s a tough world out there, but what would you guys say to any young dude or diva in the game to just keep it all going? Put in the hours. I think a lot of people come up and think it’s going to happen over night and think they’re the shit. It doesn’t happen that way…ever. J-You get nothing without struggle and hard work.

And there you have it all. For much more on The Knocks, peep this, and for tickets to tonight’s show, go here now…you’ll be glad you did. 


The 10:Why We Should All Be Gettin’ Down to The Knocks Right Now

When it comes to the subject of today’s weekend/life edition of The 10, it can be broken down in two ways….as there’s those grooves

And then there’s those grooves provided by The Knocks in which anyone that’s been a fan of the NYC based neo-disco duo ever since they stepped onto the scene just under five years ago knows that they hold a groovy candle to it all and then some. 

For the days that shine, for the days that make you go “ugh” and for the days when you want to live that laid back chiefin‘ kind of life…as you’re about to find out…The Knocks have got you, boo. 

C’mon let’s go and live. 

1. Their latest E.P. ‘Testify’ will get you preachin’  Whether it’s the icy flow of the Delacey co-starring “Feel Love,” the airy disco zone of “Trouble” featuring Absofacto or the blistering bounce of “Worship” with the oh, so underrated and incredible MNEK, The Knocks latest studio offering will take you straight to their music alter. And you gonna be preachin’ for your life. Just listen..and breathe. 

2. That feeling, though.. For every day that’s not roses dipped in sunshine, there’s those days that shine brighter than Ms. RiRi‘s damn “Diamonds.” Which of course are the most blingin’ ones. The fine tuned NYC based gentlemen cooked up the perfect ditty for when you’re feelin so good and everything’s going your way in the synthed up, discoed out, guitar driven, “The Feeling,” which will always give you that special tingle inside to make your day even more shimmering. Press 

3.They most likely do some kick ass choreography to “Call Me Maybe”  Since we all know that the light, breezy flow of anything that Ms. Carly Rae Jepsen puts out takes to a much happier place, imagine that pop froth mixed up on a Knocks certified bootleg remix? Well, guess don’t have to because it’s right here and it’s indeed “All That” and a bag of werk. Plus, they’re all studio besties so you know that they’re must be some killer chore parties to “Call Me” during breaks in recording time. 

4.Dreaming of more synths, please No words, just more listening of the most synth-fully delicious track your headphones have ever fallen in love with. Sigh…

5.That NYC kissed sound, though…  While Philly tries (and we’re getting there!), there’s no denying the life, sounds, style and bounce of the beats that bop out of the Big Apple. Now that this list of knocked up facts is halfway through, you probably need no further truth that their sounds are truly the epitimy of the flow from the concrete jungle where dreams are made of…good ol’ New York City. Nothin’ better..especially when Mr. Cam’ron stops by for a verse. 

6.They’re truly just two down-to-earth music dudes.. Before the guys take the Philly stage at The Foundry later this evening, they’ll be stopping by Philly Mixtape to spill some piping hot music tea, where underneath the shine and shimmer of all that they have to offer, they’re just a great pair of fucking dudes who truly understand this music stuff and all of the blazin’ highs and the “ugh” lows of it all. You’ll have to stay tuned over the next lil’ bit for all of The Knocks truth, but in the meantime just keep on getting comfortable and play this. 

7.Getting back to MNEK… You might as well just play all of these, too. That way you’ll be fixing your life and be the playlist envy of all of your music friends. 

8.Was it mentioned that they’re studio besties with Carly Slay Jepsen?  If not, here’s another delightful reminder. Bliss. 

9.Because sometimes you just have to dance by ya damn self  Hey, we’ve been there and some of us may be there right now. But this clap-tastic stand out groove that the boys have provided for us will get you out of there and then some. 

10. Do you really need any more funkdafied facts?  If so, play this. If not, play this. As a matter of fact, just play all of those grooves that The Knocks have served out and they’ll see you on the dance floor of life and at The Foundry tonight.