• Music Tea w/Chase Atlantic

    TweetWith their mix of deep and delicious tribal influenced beats, sexy, synth-laced rhythms and undeniable vocal prowess (see:their lavish new E.P. Part Three) Australian based trio Chase Atlantic is hitting everything and everyone in all of the right places with their distinct one-of-a-kind groovy as f@ck sound.  Consisting of brothers Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave and

  • Music Tea w/The Knocks

    Tweet When it comes to the sounds, style, vibes and all around world of NYC’s Ben Ruttner and James Patterson aka groovy neo-disco duo, The Knocks, you just have to the beats pour out while you let that tea spill.  And that’s just what they did when they stopped by Philly Mixtape this past week

  • The 10:Why We Should All Be Gettin’ Down to The Knocks Right Now

    TweetWhen it comes to the subject of today’s weekend/life edition of The 10, it can be broken down in two ways….as there’s those grooves… And then there’s those grooves provided by The Knocks in which anyone that’s been a fan of the NYC based neo-disco duo ever since they stepped onto the scene just under five

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