Mixtape Music News/Festival Edition

Lots of festivals happening this June, some that have already happened. In this edition we cover the news of some of that ish…I’ll be quick because you’ve got some festivals to go to.

1. Jon Hamm Gives Up His Bonnaroo Artist Pass

MANCHESTER, TN - JUNE 13:  Comedian Zach Galifianakis and actor Jon Hamm seen on the "Other" stage during the 2015 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 13, 2015 in Manchester, Tennessee.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

MANCHESTER, TN – JUNE 13: Comedian Zach Galifianakis and actor Jon Hamm seen on the “Other” stage during the 2015 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 13, 2015 in Manchester, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

In-between throwing candy at Belle and Sebastian and hanging with Zach Galifianakis, Hamm had some time to hit up a local diner in Chattanooga. While there he became a good samaritan and handed off his pass to waitress Abby Swartz. The all artist pass not only got her into the festival to see acts like Billy Joel and Brandi Carlile, but also got her into the artists backstage tent. Abby told press, she’s not that outgoing, but that night…she got it all. A true festival experience.

2. Lady Gaga Plays ‘Imagine’ Again…This Time Redeems Herself

Back in ’09 during Gaga primetime she debuted a re-imagined edition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” which was atrocious (and can be found here).
This time, during the European Games Open Ceremony, she did the Lennon ballad justice, not changing the words. While albeit theatrical, this is the Gaga we always knew she had in her. It’s the Gaga that finally seems to be coming to the forefront. Listen below:

3. Deadmau5 Wants His Canadian Parody Of A Musical Stopped !

Deadmau5 and lawyers released a cease and desist letter to stop a musical satire on the artist and EDM culture. The concept: “think Ratatouille meets Book of Mormom”.

Deadmau5’s statement: “I appreciate their intent but they REALLY went about this the wrong way.” More than anything, it appears they have infringed on copyright, which is why Deadmau5 is so upset. He’s been posting remarks, as the mouse does, via Twitter. We’d still really like to see this musical.


4. Ting Tings Cancel U.S. Tour

The one and only Kate White has ruptured her tendon on her hand causing the duo to call it quits on the rest of the tour. This sucks to say the least as the act rarely tours the U.S.
Catch them if you can next time around, but for now, rock out to their latest album ‘Supercritical’:

5. Firefly Festival CONFLICTS !!

So many acts. So little time. Billboard summarizes the biggest scheduling conflicts while at the festival in Dover DE this weekend. Among them:

The Kooks vs. Tycho
Big Data vs. Odesza
Modest Mouse or Kygo
Matt and Kim or Cruisr
Foster The People or Betty Who
Hozier or RJD2
Bastille or Citizen Cope
Snoop Dogg or Empire Of The Sun or Tove Lo or The Killers

You decide…I gotta head over to the festival now !!

Stay hydrated festival peeps.




Philly Mixtape was Living The Ting Tings Life at Union Transfer on Friday Night

This past Friday night, Philly Mixtape had the privilege of seeing The Ting Tings take their ‘Super Critical’ tour front and center and Union Transfer, and there are truly not enough words in the music world to describe just how explosive and musically mind blowing the show was. Amping up the evening were electronic-soul duo, Kaneholler, who brought the funkdafied fire performing dynamic tracks from their respective E.P.’s. While I didn’t know too much about them heading into the show, once they kicked up tracks, “Evermore,” “Chicago,”and the dubstep-meets-disco, “Paper Games,” I wanted more. It should also be noted that group member Jon Foster is quite a piece of delicious music dish…If you guys want to check out a video of their performance, check this out. 


After a short break, The Ting Tings hit the coveted stage and once they did, it was on and  pulsating, as the UK duo brought heart pounding music moments that gave the crowd life. Drummer and vocalist Jules De Martino simply delivered it, (also delightfully dropping a few f-bombs along the way), while lead diva, Ms. Katie White, was magical, with her bopping stage presence, those bouncing blonde curls…and lots of cowbell! (I mean, you can never go wrong with a little cowbell..)Also, a big shout out to Ms. White for handling those guitar changes like a boss. You better werk, boo! 


Opening with the disco kissed, “Do it Again,” they cruised along, performing ‘Super Critical’ tracks, “Wrong Club,” “Daughters,” and the albums title cut. Also laced in their electrified set were classic singles, “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” “Great D.J.” and an incredible extended remix of “Clap Your Hands,” that contained one of the most explosive instrumental intros that I’ve ever heard…in my life. It was certainly a highlight of the evening, and you can bet that Philly Mixtape will be searching high and low for THAT remix, because it was absolutely brilliant…as are The Ting Tings who showed just how brilliant they were Friday night at Union Transfer.