Grammy Performance of the Day/Tina Turner/Beyoncé/”Proud Mary”

What’s to spill about Ms. Bey and Ms. Tina‘s leg shattering and most legendary serving of “Proud Mary” from the 2008 Grammy Awards besides ev….er…..y…..thing. 

But since it’s officially Grammys weekend (TGIF, indeed), it’s all about less talkin’ and more struttin’ to the stage to see if you still can replicate those diva rockin’ moves that these fierce, independent music women certainly dished out that night. 

Actually, wait, you don’t and you will hurt yourself, so leave it up to these two legends to help us reminisce on a truly incredible live music moment that still has most of us on the floor. 

So, just watch and enjoy, and again…don’t try it……Ms. Knowles and Ms. Turner certainly have this one covered like a pair of fancy panty hose on those legendary legs. 

Happy Friday! 

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