Philly Event Spotlight:Code Red

What happens when you take forty ridiculously fucking fierce and sickening drag queens from Philly and the surrounding tri-state area and serve them ALL up on one Red-hot Philly stage for one hell of a grand cause?

You get the most anticipated and absolutely incredible gay entertainment event of the year, gurrrrl.

Tomorrow night, you MUST chantay, vogue, twerk, walk and death drop your way over to the TLA (7 pm, 334 South St.) where the always scrumptious Cherry Pop and the always dashing Brandon Robert will be serving up the fifth anniversary gala their shimmering annual affair, Code Red

Besides being a truly drag-licious evening that you definitely do want to miss (by the way…may you always support local drag…werk, ladies) this annual event is also in proud honor of World Aids Day(which was yesterday, December 1st, but it’s basically everyday), in which ALL proceeds from the event will be donated to Philly Aids Fund and Mazzoni Center, two outstanding Philly organizations who’re making incredible strides to support the research and dive into the truth of those pesky rumors that constantly surrounds AIDS and the HIV virus…and it’s all up to us to continue the fight and spread…that…knowledge, kween. 

Also along for this love-filled local entertainment ride will be RuPaul’s Drag Race scene stealing divas Mimi Imfurst and Ongina, local dance extraordinaires Gunnar Montana and Kelly Trevlyn, and the ever so fucking fierce Candi Stratton who’s about to bring it with her always yaaas Cher impersonation.

Your hostess for the evening, Ms. Cherry Pop, will also be slaying the TLA stage for a few numbers, but before she and Mr. Brandon guide Philadelphia into the Code Red night, Cherry stopped by Philly Mixtape for a touch of tea, spilling about what this event means not just for the community but for all of us, and also shares her wisdom for those who are just simply ready to get 2017 over with..which indeed is..everyone. 

For your tickets for Code Red, shimmy on over here right now and then werk your way to the TLA tomorrow night because this about-to-be spectacular event is what it’s all about, kids. 

Let’s spill. 

Kicking off our little spill, what does doing this event each year mean to you personally? I’m so excited that our event gets bigger each year. The community is really reacting to Code Red in a positive way. The attendance keeps rising and so does the money raised. We are seeing great impact on Breaking the Silence surrounding HiV and more people are getting tested and know their status.

Why is Code Red important for not just the gay community, but for god damn everybody in Philly and beyond? This event is not just for the LGBT, it’s for everyone, because HIV has no bias. It effects everyone. The show has a lot of information about hiv prevention and treatment options available in the community which everyone can use to better their sexual health. 

One last order of business…..20 fucking 17. What are some ways that you’ve personally made it through the fire these past twelve months? And what words of encouragement would you say for everyone to just keep pushing’ on as we close out this fucking year2017 May have been rough for a lot of people. A lot of drama in politics, the media, in our community… my advice to anyone who may feel down or stressed, come to Code Red and unwind and have fun. The event is full of laughter, and that’s what the doctor always orders! It’s the best medicine.


And for much, much more Code Red tea, sashay here right now...and then…go. 

*Cover photo courtesy of Mr. Mikel Pop*


Kiesza and Betty Who Owned the TLA Stage Last Night

Last night, Philly Mixtape had the absolute pleasure of seeing both Betty Who and Kiesza destroy the stage at the TLA. First up was saucy diva-from-down under, Ms. Betty, whose set was laced with a healthy serving of the music goodies from her amazing, ‘Take Me When You Go,’ record. Among the tracks she delightfully performed were “Runaways,” “Glory Days,’ and also “All Of You,” which she kicked off with as mid-tempo piano version, then eventually launching into its explosive pop rock form, which certainly put the crowd to work. However, the highlight of the Ms. Who portion of the evening was when she closed her dazzling set and rocked out with her LGBT anthem, “Somebody Loves You,” and we certainly loved Betty Who in all of her blonde-bob Aussie pop glory last night.



After a short break, it was time to have a dance party with deep house diva, Kiesza-and that’s just what we did for her entire set. Performing pretty much every track from her wonderfully brilliant (and vastly overlooked), ‘Sound of a Woman,’ record, Ms. Kiesza danced, bopped, grooved, and absolutely sung her little music heart out. Personal highlights include her sex-bedroom laced version of Hideaway’s ’93 hit, “What is Love,” and her live take on “So Deep” took us all to the deepest levels of the music sea. Another highlight, the high kicking, “No Enemiesz,” is a tantalizing treat to see live because that choreography is just on point, honey. Throw in a jacked up live version of her Jack Ü banger, “Take Ü There,” and Kiesza proved once again that she’s a force to be reckoned with on that coveted stage.


When it came to end the evening(sigh…), it was on a bit of a somber note as Kiesza announced that Philly would be the last stop for her and Ms. Who on their tour. You can tell that the flame-haired groove goddess was a bit emotional delivering the news, which really says that she–along with Betty–are really in it to continually bring us that music love–and that’s exactly what both bright-haired divas did at the TLA last night.





Philly Mixtape Was All about Meghan Trainor at the TLA Last Night

Last night, Philly Mixtape was able to catch the lovely and talented Meghan Trainor as she took the stage at the ‘TLA’ last night as part of her ‘That Bass Tour.’ Let me tell you guys, what…a…show. Kicking things off were opening act Shepperd, and while I admit, I wan’t too familiar with this energized indie rock group, I sure am now. They most definitely got the crowd amped for Ms. Trainor’s arrival, with their explosive grooves and rockin’ rhythms. If you guys haven’t heard their pounding hit, “Geronimo,” I’ve posted it right here. Trust me, it’s even better live…


Now that the stage was set for Ms. Trainor, it was time for her to own it….and that she most certainly did. From start to finish, she soared through hits off of her smash ‘Title’ album, with her trademark blonde locks flowing while looking ultra-glam in a sparkly top and mini skirt. There wasn’t a moment that she didn’t own the crowd (which was mostly teenage girls, by the way. )The one thing that I loved about Meghan was that despite all of her success, she seems like one of the most humble entertainers in the biz right now. After about three or four songs in, she took to the mic and thanked the crowd for their support, “I was just a songwriter with a dream,” she told the sold out venue,”You guys make it all possible.”



A couple highlights from the evening were of course when she closed the set with trademark hits, “Lips Are Movin'” and “All About That Bass,” but when her and her backup dancers took front and center for a rousing dance breakdown of “Uptown Funk,” it truly made for a simply magical evening. Hats off to you, Ms. Trainor, for a fantastic first headlining show. Oh, and the fact that she said ‘yas’ to the crowd quite a few times throughout the night made her show that much more special….