Top 10 Philly Mixtape Stories of February

Before we dive into the top 10 stories of February, I would just like to thank each and every one of you kids for a fantastic first month. Whether you have been with Mixtape since its early days on Facebook or have just pressed play on the official site, this wouldn’t even be possible without you guys tuning in everyday. Nothing but music love to you all!

Okay, so the best part about writing stories is that you truly never know which ones will get the most hits, and this top ten is quite…a…list. I’m happy to say that Missy Elliot has landed on the list twice (welcome back, boo), as well as the unforgettable musical performances for both the Super Bowl and Oscars. Your top story of last month (one that we’re not surprised about) was written by Philly Mixtape’s good friend and colleague, DJ John Michael Di Spirito. His ‘5 Reasons Why the Beyonce vs. Everyone Argument is Tired’ soared straight to the top, proving that Beyonce is bigger than the Super Bowl and the Oscars put together….

However….the one article on the list that surprised me the most was this past week’s piece on Rita Ora titled ‘5 Reasons Why the Rita Ora American Music Struggle Will Always Be Real.’ I guess congratulations are in order for the diva as she’s landed her first big hit! Maybe the struggle isn’t so real after all? Who are we kidding, of course it is. You can read all of the delicious pieces below and stay tuned for so much more to come not only in March, but continuing on (especially this upcoming week…yas) until the music stops. Luckily for all of us, it most certainly never will. Click on the stories below and dive into your top 10 of February. Enjoy!

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