Forgot About Friday/98°

We all know how it went back in the day…Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync.98°.

Sexy, sweet urban soul quartet 98° formed in Los Angeles by four Ohio-based gentlemen: brothers Nick and Drew Lachey, as well as Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre. Mr. Timmons was trying to make it in the music world, , so he called Jeffre and Nick Lachey — both former classmates at the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Artists –– and formed 98°, with Drew Lachey moving to the West Coast soon after.

During their strive to maybe, hopefully making it one day on TRL, The stud-ly quartet worked a variety of odd jobs to finance their talent show appearances. But after attracting attention by trying to crash backstage at a Boyz II Men concert, the group was offered a chance to sing on a local radio station, which in turn led to them meeting Paris d’Jon, the co-manager of Montell Jordan. Paris arranged demos for them and helped the group sign to Motown, putting out their debut single, “Invisible Man.” The sultry track became an instant hit, going on to touch the number 12 on the singles charts in ’97, leading up to the release of their self-titled debut album later that year. 

Their second album, 98° and Rising soon followed and contained the hits “The Hardest Thing, “Because of You,” and “I Do(Cherish You)” (remember that Making the Video with Screech??), and a year later, they hit holiday gold with their seasonal set, This Christmas. (“This Gift,” anyone?) When the groovy group released their third full-length, Revelation, they had us all swooning over steamy single,  “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche),” which became the boy-band’s biggest hit, landing at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

But, as we all know, while things with the group cooled down when they announced a hiatus in February 2002, Mr. Nick Lachey achieved great success as Jessica Simpson’s future ex husband on the reality smash, Newlyweds;Nick & Jessica, and Drew Lachey went on to win season 2 of Dancing with the Stars. Timmons eventually wound up on an MTV reality show called Mission Man Band in 2007, as well as a brief run as a Chippendales producer/singer. Only Jeffre didn’t show up on TV after he (unsuccessfully) ran for mayor of Cincinnati in 2005. Eventually, the group drifted back together, getting their biceps back into the music world for a reunion in 2012, then pursuing a reunion full-time in 2013, launching a tour with NKOTB and Boyz II Men for the aptly titled, The Package Tour



5 Reasons Why You Should’ve Never Left JoJo

JoJo is back…

Oh, how we’ve waited so long to say those words. Ever since the vase shattering songstress burst onto the music scene over a decade ago with her debut ditty, “Leave(Get Out),” JoJo captured music hearts across TRL land. But due to major record label drama over the past years, our girl wasn’t able to maintain the mainstream status that she achieved early on in her career, and there might have been some of you out there who might’ve given up on the young diva-in-training. 

But lucky for you guys, Philly Mixtape certainly didn’t give up that JoJo music life and has these 5 reasons why you should’ve never left her music side.  



1.Her tringle will give you that special music tingle…

So, what’s the deal with all of JoJo’s well-known tringle business, anyway? More importantly…are her new buffet of tracks worth your music while? The answer is…yes.

The soaring, piano driven “Save My Soul” will have you checking your purse for your JoJo music life, and there’s also the delightful mid-tempo romp, “Say Love.” but it’s the disco-kissed, “When Love Hurts,” a shimmering strobe-lit number that puts JoJo in the dance music realm for the very first time and it’s also this track that really makes her tringle worth it like Fifth Harmony

Put those headphones on and have a listen to JoJo’s tringle below…you won’t be disappointed.

2.She can sang…..

If you’ve ever gotten lost in her vastly overlooked R&B wrapped single, “Andre,” you would know there’s no need to argue this point. If you haven’t heard it, dive in below and brace yourself for those for those classic JoJo pipes…

3.She’s a music industry fighter…

Perhaps the main reason that you should’ve never left JoJo’s is that she’s proven herself to be a music industry fighter. While it may have seemed that she easily ruled the charts in the mid-’00s, that certainly wasn’t the case as there was quite a bit of record label drama that kept her from releasing any new music..until now.

Last year, the young diva filed a lawsuit against Blackground and imprint Da Family Records claiming that she was no longer their artist. She served up the suit based on the fact that New York State law prohibited minors from signing contracts that last longer than seven years. JoJo claimed that her parents signed a contract with the label in 2004, so, by law, her deal should have been expired two years before she filed the lawsuit…but Blackground wasn’t having it, of course. 

“I don’t have a relationship with them,” JoJo told Billboard about Blackground Records early last year. “I would just prefer to have a platform to release my music and support. I desire to have a relationship with a label, I desire to work hard and I desire to be a part of a team and be a team player. I desire support, that’s all.”

But being the fighting songstress that she is, JoJo put her hoops in the ring and continued to crusade against the label (as well as her fans who came up with #FreeJoJo), finally becoming free from Blackground early last year. In an Instagram photo captioned “#FREEDJOJO,” a reference to the “#FreeJoJo” movement,  she celebrated the news by showing music love to her legal team on Instagram: “Superb lawyering @DJD & litigation team #letsWORK #teamjojo #yourethefuckingbest”

You better work, JoJo. These days, she most certainly is. 

4.Because you still watch RV and Aquamarine.

While she was becoming a dominating force in pop music, Ms. JoJo also found the time to go out and make a few movies along the way under her real name, Ms. Joanna Levesque. First up, she linked up with the dearly departed Robin Williams for RV, a disastrous family road trip comedy that proved to be a healthy box office success that continued to grow a fan base even after its release on home video. 

There’s also the delightful Aquamarine, a story about two girls who find a mermaid. That pretty much sums it all up.

Admit it, you still watch both of those delightful family comedies. Really, what could be better on a rainy Saturday afternoon than watching not one, but two delightful films starring Ms. Levesque? Absolutely nothing.

5.Because those acoustic guitar chords from “Leave(Get Out)” still get you every time….

Of course, whenever we think of Ms. JoJo, we instantly go back to her heart wrenching debut single, “Leave(Get Out),” a strummy, pop acoustic number that had all of us singing the praises of our girl. Throw in an accompanying video that’s just packed with high school drama, teenage heartbreak, and one shoulder bump dance move that you and your JoJo crew are still trying to get right. You know you are…

Maybe you would’ve gotten it right if you would’ve never left JoJo all those years ago..

Welcome back, boo.