Table Talk w/Two Friends

With their mix of bright, shiny beats, bold guitar play and top-notch guest vocalists, Eli Sones’ and Matthew Helper–better known as red-hot pulsating pair, Two Friends–have had no problem garnering a steady following since they came together as an official music act over five years ago. 

And if you’re wondering if these fine tuned gentlemen are indeed, two friends…you are correct, and in fact, it’s that certain dynamic that makes it all, well, werk. Producing beats (and so much more) together at the end of high school, Halper brought his knowledge in guitar, choir, and music theory to the table, while Mr. Sones‘ served forth his expertise in hip-hop DJ’ing.

Their first official Two Friends labeled EP, You (Me), danced its way to us  in 2013, and from there, the guys have blessed dance floors across the globe with hits, “Pacific Coast Highway,” “Overdose,” “Just a Kid,” and the summer anthem you-need-to-hear right now, the umbrella-laced cocktail worthy, “Bandaid.”

Of course, with easy movin’ melodies such as these, you just have to take the show on the road, which is what Eli and Matt have done all summer long with stops in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Borgata’s Premier Night Club, where you might have caught them just last weekend. 

But good news for all of us, is that the guys are showing no signs of slowing down, and they will keep it all going through September with takeovers in Boston, Washington D.C. and Chicago’s North Coast Music Fest, which they will dominate next Friday just in time for Labor Day Weekend. 

Before they get down with all of that beat business, the boys stopped by the Philly Mixtape tea-table, where they broke mugs about their favorite records, life on the road, and Matt’s cooking skills?? Yes.

Read on and take a seat at the table with Two Friends

First up on the table, how’s the tour been treating you guys this summer? 
It’s been so insanely fun and unforgettable! Nothing better than going to new places or coming back to cities that have always shown us love, and getting to play the music that we’ve been working so hard on, and meeting everyone afterwards. We can’t wait for all these cities we’re coming to for the rest of summer and fall- so many fun surprises in store! 

Break a mug or two over the tale of how Two Friends came to be…
We’ve been best friends since 2005- we went to middle school and high school together in Los Angeles. It wasn’t until 2011 though, during our senior year of high school, when we had the idea that we should start making music together. We were kind of just looking for a fun activity that we could do together since we already had gotten accepted into our colleges and knew that we weren’t going to continue sports at the collegiate level- and since we both had somewhat of a background and a huge interest in music, it seemed like the obvious choice. We literally started Googling “how to produce music” and “what music production software should we buy” and Two Friends officially begun.

Your latest fire, “Bandaid,” is a true summer romp. Tell everyone a little bit about the recording process. I have a wild guess that it might have been a lot of fun…. When we sat down to write Bandaid with Shaylen (the singer), the idea kind of came for a song about when you get together with someone just so you can get over the last person you were with- and you know it’s not gonna last, it’s just sort of band-aid to help you heal. From there, it all came together pretty naturally. We wrote it and recorded with her that day, then got to work on the production, did some fun vocal chops for the drop which we actually posted a little tutorial about recently, got our dude JJ to record some trumpet for later in the song, and overall we’re super proud and happy to share Bandaid with everyone. So yes, you are 100% correct that it was a lot of fun! 

Both of you shout out a couple of albums you simply can’t live without…..
E:Take Off Your Pants And Jacket by Blink-182, and College Dropout by Kanye M:Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi, and Dizzy Up The Girl by Goo Goo Dolls.

You guys have been touring for quite some time now. So, what’s your favorite place you’ve ever been to and why? Which city maybe you surprised you the most? That is a tough one! As we mentioned, we grew up in LA–and we still live here now–so it’s always special doing a hometown show- nothing better than being able to have all our friends and family join us and get to see us do what we love. And the East Coast definitely always shows us major love too- we’ve had a blast every time we come to Philly, NYC and New Jersey. We try to never take for granted the fact that we get to visit so many awesome cities all over the country and the world, and do this as our “job.”

So, I hear Matt loves to dabble in the kitchen and even served up a segment called ‘Cooking with Matt.’ You must dish on what that was all about… Matt loves teaching people how to cook. Except a lot of times we’re at hotels and there’s nothing to cook, so you gotta teach the people something else…. So make sure to check out that video series if you need to learn how to take a nap, or how to brush your teeth, or how to take an Emergen-C vitamin. Go right here to watch

How about…..some words of wisdom you guys would give to anyone who decided right this very second to dive into this crazy music and entertainment business… 
Best advice is probably cliché, but we don’t care, it’s to make sure it’s fun. If music/producing/DJing/anything feels like a chore, it’s not a good sign, and there’s something that needs to be fixed if it’s gonna last. Have fun with it, and then put in the hours. And those come hand-in-hand because if you are having such a good time with it (and for us it helps that we also have our best friend to do it with), you’ll only be wishing there were MORE hours in the day you could devote to it.

One last spill……describe your impending takeover of the rest of the summer and the upcoming fall season…. Impending. 

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