Groove of the Evening/U2/”With or Without You”

Pass the Botox and pour all of the Jameson right now because U2‘s 1987 debut album, The Joshua Tree, has just turned three decades old this month.

While it’s a must for any and every type of music fan to know why the freshman tunes provided by Mr. Bono, um, Mr. The Edge and the rest of this legendary rock crew are just so damn important in all of our lives in anything we do (they’re also taking this album on the road and will be in Philly in June), tomorrow Philly Mixtape will be exploring The Joshua Tree a bit further, including all of the hits (calm down oh ye who’s only Irish one day a year…we’ll get there) and music magic that will forever be served out in U2’s still swig worthy debut set. 

But for now, let’s put those lighters up in remembering one of the boys biggest Billboard hits, the melancholy and mysterious smash number one hit, “With Or Without You.” 


This year’s grooves sound like….



Groove of the Day/U2/”I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”

A band and a track that truly need no introduction as U2‘s “I Still Haven’t What I’m Looking For” is one that you, your mother, your brother and your drag mother scream at the top of their lungs every karaoke night, St. Patrick’s Day, or on like, Tuesdays. 

Right, Mr. Bono? 

Abso-god damn-lutely.

There’s a reason why Rolling Stone named it one of the greatest tracks ever recorded because besides the fact that those vocals and those crisp guitar riffs still give it to you every time (hey there, Mr. Edge), the tuned up tune still sounds as fresh as the day as it was served to all of us as a single from the band’s always life shattering The Joshua Tree set, which will be celebrating three decades (!!!!!) of owning our lives this year. 

In fact, to commemorate what’s going to be quite the booze filled and lighters up occasion (sigh….”With or Without You”), the Jameson swiggin’ legendary rockers are taking off on their accompanying The Joshua Tree tour, which will indeed give it to Philly this June 18th. 

Which is all the more reason to get lost in this groove and get all sorts of warmed up on this chilly Tuesday for Bono and the boys and their impending City of Brotherly Love takeover in 2017.

And besides, what it really comes down to is…has anybody really found what they’ve been looking for yet? Most likely not. But the search is only half the fun. 

Let’s rock. 




Kickstarter Jam of the Day/U2/”Beautiful Day”

First off, big shout out to contributing writer Andrew for holding down the music fort yesterday while Mixtape was resting up after a fabulous trip to NYC! Second….happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody! Yes, today is the day that will be  full of green beer, endless searches for a four leaf clover, and maybe one or two bad decisions. (Be safe, kids.) For today’s kickstarter, I can’t think of a better jam to blast than “Beautiful Day,” by everyone’s favorite Irish rockers, U2. Not only will their electrified track from 2000 get your pot ‘o gold moving on this beautiful morn’, but it will also remind you guys that lots of beautiful days are on the horizon being that spring is just a few days away! So, on that Jameson shot, get lost in today’s kickstarter and make YOUR day beautiful with some music.