Track-by-Track Truth/Hed Kandi 2016

Take a moment to imagine a world without UK dance record label, Hed Kandi. That pondering would be comparable to imagining deep house without depth, speakers with no bass, or life with no rhythm. It would also mean that all of those overseas dance music artists like Duke Dumont and Felix Jaehn who’ve found a home with the label wouldn’t be able to showcase all of their glimmering grooves for us to get lost in. Now, that’s a scary thought, especially since a majority of artists are on the label’s latest shimmering selection, which is simply titled, Hed Kandi 2016

For those out there who may not be too familiar with Hed Kandi, the label was founded in 1999 at Jazz fm Radio Stations’ Enterprise Division by DJ Mark Doyle. After gathering his glowing data on what were some of the biggest dance hits, Doyle whipped up the initial idea and created the name, along with the concept and tantalizing set listings. While Hed Kandi’s compilations shimmed their way all over radio, it was their live events that quickly gained popularity after the label began a residency in Ibiza. In fact, in 2002, Hed Kandi had gained enough momentum from its Ibiza nights to launch a regular residency at famed nightclub Pacha in London, which was soon followed by a big partnership with world-renowned English Breakfast music tea-sipping enterprise, Ministry of Sound. And, well, the rest is pure, delectable dance ditty history. 

Since their launch, Hed Kandi has hosted nearly 500 parties across the music globe, as well as rightfully serving us with nearly five dozen of their compilation records. While none are better than the next (because really, they’re all that good), some of their most fiery sets include their esteemed mixes of tropical house, deep house, disco and their annual The Mix , in which Hed Kandi 2016 has now taken over in its annual place. 

Released towards the end of last year (which means we’re already counting down to the ’17 mix), Hed Kandi’s latest set is a musically action packed dance ride, complete with a mixtape of genres and hooks that you won’t be able to get of your headphones. Among the music artists on this roster for this go around are Mr. Dumont, Gregory Porter, Fatboy Slim, Tough Love and many, many more who are ready to give you a taste of their dance Kandi. 

Since the weather outside is oh, so frightful, we’re going to hold off on doing track-by-track breakdown of these 24 (!) explosive records and instead let you get right down to disco business with the complete album which is locked and loaded below. Besides, if there’s any record label out there who can warm up the world with any one of their strobe-lit sets, it’s certainly Hed Kandi. 







Thursday Music Truth/UK Edition

1.Adele really wants to see Britney in Vegas….

Are Adele and Britney becoming hot new besties?

In a recent spill with i-D magazine, Ms. Adele, whose comeback single “Hello” is shattering Vevo viewing records and souls around the music globe, revealed that seeing that Britney Piece of Me residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas is high up her list of priorities as is touring and potentially having more children.

“I’d like to tour properly. I’d like to see Britney in Vegas. Dunno about more kids,” she oh, so simply spilled.

Britney herself was quick to pick up on Adele’s cherished comments, stopped whatever she was doing and sent the “Hello” diva much music love on Twitter by suggesting a ticket swap, naturally. 

While it would be absolutely lovely to see Adele screaming front row at a Britney show, we have a feeling that she may be too busy setting the music industry right (again) with her about-to-take-over-our-lives 25 set. Meanwhile, it’s been noted that 25 is a guarantee to sell a million copies in its first week, but Billboard has a theory that the sizzling anticipated record may sell….two million copies in its first outing. Get all the 25 stats right here

2.Get ready to sweat with Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears and Nile Rodgers in the video for NERVO’s “The Other Boys”…

We’re both a couple of nut cases and having a performer friend there’s an added understanding,” Kylie said of Jake Shears when Attitude spilled music tea with the legendary diva a few weeks ago on the set of the video for “The Other Boys,” a disco-licious number cooked up by NERVO and special guest, Nile Rodgers. 

The 47-year-old “Can’t Get Out Of My Head” songstress–who will be stuffing our Christmas stocking with her upcoming holiday set, also added: “Sometimes we don’t even need to talk about stuff, we just understand. Like he might say I haven’t been on stage for a while and I need to get back out there, and I’m like ‘I get ya, you need to go out and do it’. Or talking about the rigors of touring or trying to find that single.”

Watch the funkadfied fruits of the perky pair’s new video below. 

3.Start your New Year off right by seeing Jess Glynne at Union Transfer….

If there’s any month on the calendar that anyone dreads, it’s the cold, dark, post-holidaze month of January. But not to worry, because this January, overseas window shattering songstress Jess Glynne will be arriving in Philly for a set at Union Transfer that will turn your “ugh” winter frowns upside down. 

On Saturday, January 23rd, Ms. Glynne will be taking the stage for a show that will be featuring a buffet of the dreamy, angelic cuts from her debut, I Cry When I Laugh, as well as many of her collaborative works, including “My Love” with Route 94 and “Hold My Hand” with Clean Bandit. 

About ten years ago, Ms. Glynne was approached by producers for the UK’s X Factor, but she turned down their offers spilling that it just wasn’t for her. Instead, the red-hot diva opted to to spend her time enjoying the creative process of writing her album, which has received some ncredible reviews since its glorified release earlier this fall. 

Philly Mixtape has been a fan of the English Breakfast tea sipping songstress for quite some time now and recently honored her with a 5 reasons why spot that is guaranteed to have you soaring to the music heavens. Get to know Ms. Glynne right here and then get those tickets when they go on sale this Saturday

4.Sam Smith is officially going on hiatus and also wants to date more….

You might want to keep watching the video for Sam Smith’s Spectre tune, “Writing’s on the Wall” for as  long as you can. 

Spilling backstage with ET Online after his show at L.A/’s Hollywood Bowl this past weekend, the “Latch” singer broke music hearts across the globe when he announced that he’s going on hiatus. “I’ve been playing now for three years nonstop,” Smith told ET, “And it feels right for me to just go home and live my life — just be a 23-year-old.”

He then went on to spill, “I am sad, but I’m also — it feels right,” he said, also saying that he was glad his “last performance in America” was “in such a beautiful setting.”

So, just what will he be doing with his time out of the music spotlight? He wants to spend more time dating. “My love life, the downs and ups, it never stops, so I’m always inspired by stuff like that, but it’d be good to spend some time dating, Smith also told ET. 

I’m single, Mr. Sam. 

5.You’ll get to wake up with One Direction next month….

This announcement from Kermit the Frog about the quintet’s, err, quartet’s return to Good Morning America pretty much sums it ALL up. 





5 Reasons Why You Should Be Living That Frankmusik Life

A multi-faceted vocalist, keyboardist, and producer, UK born Vincent Frank–aka Frankmusik–takes his musical influences of Draft Punk, Pet Shop Boys and Electric Light Orchestra and turns them into a sound that’s sounds like no other dude who’s doing it out there right now. Currently, Frank has been hyping his fans up for the release of his upcoming record, With U (which you should get lost in some remixes right here.), by hitting the stages around NYC last week for a handful of shows that prove he deserves the attention from everybody‘s headphones…right now.

In fact, put them on and jump into a few more reasons why you should be living that Frankmusik life. Go. 

1.His catalog of synth-ful beats and rockin’ music vibes will set your headphones right….

Making music for over a decade, Mr. Frank has served up an array of albums armed with his killer on point productions with strong, sexy and masculine vocals. His debut EPs, ’07’s Frankisum and ’08’s Brushing Off only introduced him into the scene, but 2009’s Complete Me completely put him on the music map with tracks, “Better off as 2,” “Gotta Boyfriend” and “3 Little Words” becoming big hits overseas, which would only make his follow-up sets, Do It In the A.M and Between even more successful. 

He especially hit the mark with last year’s By Nicole, in which he also provided a riveting instrumental version that will completely sell you on just how talented Frankmusik truly is. 

2.He’s also got a bright collection of rewerks…..

Besides crafting up his own shimmering serenades, Frankmusik has also rewerked hits for quite a buffet of esteemed music artists including classic ’80s synth acts, Erasure and Pet Shop Boys, as well as Lady Gaga (her underrated, “Eh, Eh, “Nothing Else I Can Say”), Nelly Furtado, and the dearly departed Amy Winehouse, taking her trademark hit “Rehab” into a new music dimension. 

3.He recently just owned The Studio at Webster Hall…

Last week, Frankmusik hit New York City for a plugged in three night spectacle, two of which that took place at NYC’s famed The Studio at Webster Hall. Although he said the show got off to a “shakey start,” you could tell that the screams and cheers from the hungry crowd turned things around and he brought the Webster Hall house down for two nights straight. 


4.He’s musically tight with Rupaul…

In what is real music truth to have a six-foot-7 standing iconic drag queen in your corner, last year Frankmuzik linked up with the one-and-only Rupaul on a track called “Fly Tonight,” which coincided with the launch of season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as with the release of Ms. Ru’s sixth studio album, Born Naked, which served “Fly Tonight” on its sashay-ing playlist. 

But since music friendships with Rupaul seem to last a lifetime, the two joined funkdafied forces again when Frankmusik provided guest vocals on the song, “Die Tomorrow,” for Ru’s 2015 Realness set. If that wasn’t enough prismatic pulse for you, Mr. Frank also appeared naked in the British gay lifestyle magazine AXM in 2009. 

Meaning…he betta werk. 

5.Because you haven’t listened to these other dazzling Frankmusik collaborations enough….

Between basically just doing it all in the music business, besides Rupaul, Frankmusik has also worked with quite a fabulous roster of guest collaborators, including Natasha Bedingfield on the gorgeous, “Crash and Burn, ” Natalia Kills on the bubbly, “No Champagne,” and with the lovely Colette Carr on the mellow, “No I’D.”

But if Philly Mixtape had to pick one collaboration for you to absolutely to get lost in right this second, it would be on the synth-cussioned up track, “Fighting For Air,” his dreamy collaboration with “Like A G6” flyers, Far East Movement. One listen and you’ll be ready to get your TGIF life. 

Also because a little weekend music is always a good idea, especially when it’s provided by Frankmusik.