Album Review/Mark Ronson/’Uptown Special’

Jazz, funky, heavy, fresh. These are the sounds of Mark Ronson’s  ‘Uptown Special’-and also a sign of a great record.

Starting off with jazz, ‘Uptown’ brings upon the late summer rain, takes you to the club, the rock show, then eventually the comedown. It’s in Mark Ronson’s production and his cast of guest star MCs that help ‘Uptown’ jump out of its skin.

Mystikal’s voice sonically punches you in the face on ‘Feel Right’. Bruno Mars and Keyone Starr keep that energy going right through. Kevin Parker and Andrew Wyatt bring about the calmer moments on the record.

From the dark moody synths, the percussion washed in reverb, to the fuzzed out guitars and dark lyrical themes, this is where ‘Uptown’ shines. Influences from Stevie Wonder(who tears it up on two tracks) to Michael Jackson to The Beatles, there’s a lot to go on. Each song is a different adventure through the streets.

Ronson also pulls out classic sounds that haven’t been used in some time: sax, horns, FM synths, Motown guitar, cheeky background vocals, mesmerizing harmonies, and spontaneous breakdowns.

Let ‘Uptown Special’ take you on a different darker journey through town. Dive in.

“Uptown Funk”(ft. Bruno Mars)

“Feel Right”(ft. Mystikal)

“Daffodils” (ft. Kevin Parker)

“Heavy and Rolling”(ft. Andrew Wyatt)

“Crack In The Pearl, Part 2″(ft. Stevie Wonder & Jeff Bhasker)