Philly Event Spotlight/’Sleigh’ at Valanni

Press out your fiercest winter attire and get ready to Sleigh because Valanni’s annual Toys for Tots event (8 pm, 1229 Spruce St.) is taking over Philadelphia tomorrow night!

And since you’ve been such good kids and kweens all year-long, tomorrow’s extravaganza is certainly shaping up to be on everyone’s nice list. 

Kicking off your evening, you’ll be greeted at the door by the ever so Fox-y queen herself, Ms. Iris Spectre, while Lady Geisha and Aloe Vera will be cocktail’ and twirlin’ around all night for you….and for their lip synched lives.

Your official Emcee for the night will be Philly Drag Mafia legend and Santa Claus’ mistress, Ms Brittany Lynn, who’s getting ready to trim her vaginally challenged tree and tuck those halls….so, you betta buckle up, Rudolph. 

Also along for the Sleigh-ing ride will be performances by Philly Burlesque king and queen, HoneyTree Evil Eye and Flrt Vonnegut, and you’ll also see plenty of your faves from the Gayborhood and beyond hosting your holiday lives all night long including Tommee Boom, Anthony Retro, Stephen Antonio, Jodie Eichel and Philly’s one-and-only lady in heels, Ms. Ty. 

Of course, no holiday gathering is complete without the proper DJ, but not to worry because Mr. Carl Michaels will have you covered with those grooves tomorrow night like garland on a Christmas tree. 

But wait, are we forgetting a few items on this already delicious list? Yaaas.

Besides Philadelphia Style providing a sleek, stylish ambiance and atmosphere complete with heat lamps and a tent where you’ll be able to jingle and mingle right out on Spruce St, your cocktail-ed up sponsors for the evening will be Jameson, Bluecoat, Smirnoff, Hennessey and many more, all of whom are guaranteed to bring you a gleefully tipsy night you’ll never forget. 

However….there’s just a bit more tea to spill…….your extra very special guest for the evening will be Real Housewives of New Jersey goddess, Ms. Teresa Giudice

Yes, that’s right, the Bravo TV icon will be taking over Valanni tomorrow night and is ready to relax and kick up her designer heels for the holidays with the City of Brotherly Love…and you can still get your chance to say hi!

For two hours, Ms. Giudice will be hosting a special meet-and-greet at Sleigh, but if you want to get up close and personal with the reality starlet (and also get details on special bottle service packages), you betta act fast because word is that there’s that there’s only a few tickets left, because you know, it’s Teresa Giudice we’re talking about here! So grab 

And of course, a fond shout out to Valanni’s Michael Duffy and Billy Cavallo for putting together this sure-to-be shimmering Philly holiday event, and there’s no denying that these fine gentlemen are ready to Sleigh and most of all…see you tomorrow night! 

So, holiday glam it up, bring that unwrapped toy for the kids and…everyone will see you there! 

Cover photo courtesy of Michael Duffy






5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your ‘Freeze’ On At Valanni Tonight

Well, here we are…smack right in the middle of the most wonderful time of the year.

But a difficult decision for some around this time is not only figuring out what to get for that one person on your list who hates everything (we all have one) or figuring out just when the Macy’s Christmas light show is (it’s every two hours starting at 10 am until New Year’s Eve, kids), but it’s deciding just what fabulous event to attend since there seems to be at least five every night of every day of the god damn week from now until the time Santa slides down the chimney.

However…you should absolutely put that fear on ice when it comes to Valanni’s (1229 Spruce Street) annual winter spectacle, Freeze, which is taking over your sleigh tonight starting at 9pm. 

Why? Let these 5 reasons persuade you to go…because you must, you fabulous ice kween.

1.It’s all for Toys for Tots…. If you’ll remember from last year’s chilled out shindig, before you stepped a fancy heeled foot inside Valanni, you were greeted at the door by a delectable handful of oh, so handsome marines. While we wish they were there for us, they were wonderfully donating their time for Toys for Tots, and guess what? They’ll be back this year.

Founded by Major Bill Hendricks in 1947, TFT was inspired by his wife Diane after she tried to donate a homemade Raggedy Ann doll to a needy child but couldn’t find any organization to go through.

After telling her husband, Hendricks gathered a group of local Marine reservists who coordinated and collected some 5,000 toys for local children that year from collection bins placed outside of Warner Bros. movie theaters, and Toys for Tots was born. In fact, the following year it was launched as a national campaign.

So, if you’re coming tonight, be sure to bring an unwrapped gift for the kids and let’s keep those wonderful Toys for Tots vibes going strong, not just for tonight, but for the remainder of the holiday season and beyond.

2.It’s being hosted by some of your favorite Gayborhood besties…. If there’s one thing that these not-so-elusive Valanni parties (hey there, this past March’s Emerald City) are quickly becoming known for (besides being ultra chic and fabulous), it’s that they’re hosted by a bright buffet of some of your favorite Gayborhood besties.

This year is no exception as Cyoni Darling, Michael Duffy, Billy Cavallo, Brooklyn Ford, Joey Arzillo, Maria Top Catt, Dantasia, Tommee Boom, Aeryanah Von Moi (she’s not listed but I’m sure she has something to do with it) and Anthony Retro are all coming together to make you feel like you’re more fucking frozen than Madonna in the desert with all those Rottweilers. 

Throw in guest bartenders Tre Rios and John Hersker along with special sponsors Stoli, Bluecoat, Ms. Ford’s’Showgirls (get your ass to the next show) and Nutz & Boltz Men’s Fashion (hey, Mr. Noce), and this is going to be one hell of an iced out public affair, kids. 

3.NYC’s Maddelynn Hatter is about to have you checking your purse for your entertainment life… As if the spirit of giving, great vibes and phat beats aren’t enough to have you feeling all sorts of Mary and bright as you step it on over to Valanni tonight (check your small heart if they’re not), NYC drag doll Maddelynn Hatter (seriously…she betta werk with all those looks) will be stopping by to own your entertainment life with her one-of-a-kind stage presence.

And if there’s anyone out there who’s aware (which is like, the entire East Coast) of what Ms. Hatter can bring to the table, you know that she’s going to make you werk for that Christmas goose. 

Enough said. 

4.DJ Carl Michaels will be spinnin’ them cuts like nobody’s business….. A DJ who clearly needs no introduction as everyone and their drag mother (literally) has fallen under the strobe lit mercy of the grooves provided by the Gayborhood’s reigning beat maestro, Mr. Carl Michaels. 

And he’s back at Freeze tonight to cook up those deep chills just for you all over again. Ready? 

5.Do you really need another fucking reason? If so, you clearly are a Scrooge. Ready, set, Mariah and see you tonight!