Jam of the Day/Janet Jackson/”Rock with U”

Out of all of Ms. Janet Jackson‘s deliciously underrated grooves (“Got Til it’s Gone,” “Son of a Gun,” anything post-Nipplegate), perhaps none are as silky smooth as “Rock with U,” the second single served up off her ’08 Discipline record.

Cooked up by Ne-Yo, Jermaine Dupri and Eric Stamile, Ms. J’s strobe-lit sonnet was only received as a “bubbling under” chart success, but was welcomed with open headphones due to its oh, so sexy video. Directed by Saam Farahmand and provided with extraordinary choreography by Gil Duldulao, the bright, bold video features dazzling futuristic costumes and a buffet of on point dance moves that we’re still trying to copy. But what makes this video extra special is that it was shot in just one long take. which easily puts in the ranks of being one of Janet’s most creatively satisfying and dance-worthy clips right alongside “If,” “Miss You Much,” “Rhythm Nation” and “All For You.” 

Those out there who’ve reveled in every step of the video for “Rock with U,” know exactly what we’re talking about here, and for those of you who haven’t, well, you’re certainly in for a real treat as we begin to set sail into 4th of July weekend. 

Ready, set, rock. 

Be sure to rock it out with Philly Mixtape on…….

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Weekend Music Video Real

While you’re impatiently waiting for the TGIF clock to strike 5, why not pass the time by jumping straight into the latest visual treats from Britta Phillips, DJ Barry Harris, Dej Loaf, Mali Music, Chairlift, Sunflower Beam, and one very, very special flashback video that will have you living that Ms. Aaliyah music life once again. 

Happy weekend! 

Britta Phillips/”Drive” If you’re down with The Cars 1984 original, then you’ll fall right in love with Ms. Phillips’ wistful take. Just watch. 

Dej Loaf/”Desire” If you weren’t paying music attention to the red-hot spit fire of Ms. Dej Loaf before, you certainly will be after reveling in her latest visual offering. 

Mali Music/Jhené Aiko/”Contradiction” Looking for the perfect groove to cruise around to in this #thinkspring weather? It’s right here. Roll ’em up. 

Chairlift/”Crying in Public” Because you must have the light music of Chairlift in your music library…you must. 

Sunflower Beam/”Easier Said” If you’re not able to make it to the SXSW festival this year, some of the shining stars of the annual music extravaganza are right here for your visual pleasure. 

Beyonce/Formation”/Barry Harris Rewerk Your weekend cannot get started until you’ve lived for legendary DJ Barry Harris’ take on Bey’s latest music life stealing single, “Formation.” Go. 

Aaliyah/”One in a Million” Go on, baby girl. 


Weekend Music Video Real

While the latest visual offerings from Gwen Stefani, FKA Twigs, OK Go (seriously, how do they do it?), Weezer and Beaty Heart will give you what you need on this fine Friday, you haven’t truly lived until you’ve seen J.Lo twerk for her life to Rihanna’s “Work” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


Gwen Stefani/”Make Me Like You” Shot completely live on national television during this past Monday’s Grammy spectacle, Ms. Stefani made quite the splash during the show without actually even being there.

FKA Twigs/”Good to Love” To get the full experience of Ms. Twigs’ black-and-white laced visual offering, crawl under the covers and just…let it all go. 

Weezer/”L.A. Girlz” You’ll only be thinking of two words after you dive into Weezer’s sun-kissed latest–#thinkspring. 

Cold Collective/The Rooks/”Gin and Juice” The best cover of Snoop Dogg’s classic party starting jam that you will ever hear in your entire music life. Blunts down. 

Beaty Heart/”Flora” Live it up little and dive into this insanely stylish video from this delightfully daring UK pop trio. 

OK Go/”Upside Down & Inside Out” After watching yet another visual stunner from OK Go, there’s always that one question that arises–how the f$%k do they do it? 

Jennifer Lopez/Jimmy Fallon/”EEEEEWWW” You haven’t checked your TGIF life until you’ve seen Jennifer Lopez get it done to RiRi’s “Work.” Enough said.