2015 VMAs Report Card

The 2015 VMAs….

They came….we saw….they certainly didn’t conquer…

With the exception of a few performers (work, Ms. Kelly), the show felt wobbly at times, and even with a buffet of outfits and a brood of drag divas, host Miley Cyrus just didn’t bring it. You smoke pot, boo. We get it….

Also, please…have a row a seats, Mr. West….

So, just who made the grade this year? Read on for my personal takes from this year’s show….

Nick Jonas/”Levels”

The only thing that would’ve made this performance better was if they let him do it inside. Sounds like Mr. Jonas has another hit on his hands. A great way to kick off what would turn into a rather “eh” evening. Grade-B+

Check your music life for the performance and the “Levels” video right here.

Nicki Minaj/Taylor Swift/”The Night Is Still Young”/”Bad Blood” 

Did you not think that Taylor was going to show up? Grade-A-

Shake that booty right here for all the Nicki truth.

Macklemore/Ryan Lewis & Friends/”Downtown”

All of this. Literally. There was lots going on with this ’80s inspired performance that took to the L.A. streets. A little jumbled at times, but all in all, it’s nice to see Mr. Macklemore and Mr. Lewis doing their thing again. Grade

The Weekend/”Can’t Feel My Face” 

On the music fence with this one. Full of funked up fire? Yes. Plenty of Michael Jackson channeling? Yes. But those awkward camera angles dragged it down just a little bit. Grade-B-

Demi Lovato/”Cool For the Summer” 

Ms. Lovato’s performance was great…until Iggy Azalea showed up and tried to prove to us once again that she can “rap.” Guess what? She still can’t. Grade-C

Justin Bieber/”Where Are U Now”/”What Do You Mean” 

Why do you think Mr. Bieber broke down after his performance? Maybe that harness was just a little too tight? Or maybe he realized that no one would be talking about his big comeback being that the now infamous Nicki vs. Miley feud took place right before he hit the stage? Despite the dancers and special effects, it went down as the least entertaining music moment of the night. Grade-D

Pass the Biebs a Kleenex right here.

Tori Kelly/”Should’ve Been Us”

Best performance of the night. Now, that’s how you make everyone know your name the next day, Ms. Kelly. Grade-A+

You need to go right here right now. 

Pharrell Williams/”Freedom”

How can be a performance be so energetic, yet kind of snoozy at the same time? Hey, at least we didn’t get subjected to hearing “Happy” for the one-millionth fucking time. Grade-C

Twenty One Pilots/A$AP Rocky/”HeavyDirtySoul”/”Lawnboy” 

Another standout  performance that everyone will be talking about tomorrow. Although, what the f$%k were you saying, Mr. Rocky? Grade-A

Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus A+++++++++++++++++++

But as we all know….THIS was the moment that truly stole the show. How many times have you watched Nicki call out “that bitch” Miley? This music shade was absolutely real….







Mixtape Music News/VMA Video of the Year Edition


Silly, sassy and loaded with plenty of Beyonce’s music house of derriere, it’s one of her most simple clips, but in this case it’s an honor just be nominated. 

Ed Sheeran/”Thinking Out Loud” 

While Mr. Sheeran’s elegant clip is simply stunning, he’ll most likely snatch up moon men from all those other categories he’s nominated in this year. 

Kendrick Lamar/”Alright” 

This bold, black-and-white video plays out as an ambitious short film set to the pinnacle track from his album To Pimp a Butterfly….and it may be just take the crown….. 

Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars/”Uptown Funk” 

…but it’s also nominated in the same category as the video for the biggest song of the past decade. If this clip doesn’t take the prize, than the Video Music Awards are obviously fixed. 

Taylor Swift & Friends/”Bad Blood” 

Sorry, not this time, boo…





VMA Performance of the Day/Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke/”We Can’t Stop”/”Blurred Lines”

There’s truly only word to describe the riveting performance that Ms. Cyrus and Mr. Thicke delivered of their respective hits………………………….THIS.

Get to twerkin’ and be sure to check back on Philly Mixtape Monday morning  for your official 2015 VMA performance report card. Who do you think will make it to the head of the music class this Sunday night?