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1.Janet Jackson kicks off Unbreakable World Tour in Vancouver….

The Queen is back is back in concert diva form…

Last night, Ms. Janet kicked off her Unbreakable World Tour in Vancouver, serving it up to a near-capacity crowd at Rogers Arena. But…get ready….the diva opened with a new song featuring Missy Elliott, rumored to titled “Make It Work.” 

Before the living legend took the stage, Ms. Elliott tweeted, “Positive vibes to my sis @JanetJackson the opening of her tour 2night! U r UNBREAKABLE. Do ya thang.”

Later in the evening, the spitstress tweeted about their new tune writing, “can’t front that new @JanetJackson is a clubbangger @flytetymejam & terry merked dat beat.”

If that’s not enough Janet heat for you on this sticky afternoon, she performed a mix of old and new tracks during last night’s concert, including “Feedback,” “Miss You Much,” “You Want This,” “Pleasure Principle,” “Escapade,” “All Nite (Don’t Stop),” Love Will Never Do (Without You),” and one of her most underrated hits, her shining collaboration with the dearly departed Luther Vandross, “The Best Things in Life Are Free.” 

On another music note, Just how we will pass the time until Janet hits Philly in February? We simply won’t be able to. 

2.You can ALREADY buy Kanye For President merchandise….

Sigh…we sure don’t waste anytime, do we? 

Just hours after Kim Kardashian‘s baby daddy “announced” his intentions to run for president in 2020, merchandise with his face started appearing online….and it just keeps going. 

There really are no words for this, but if you’re looking for ‘Kanye in 2020’ sweaters, shirts and buttons, go right here. You won’t believe it. 

3.Margaret Cho threw major shade towards Giuliana Rancic real on last night’s VMAs Fashion Police

Remember earlier this year on the Oscars red carpet when Giuliana Rancic commented that Zendaya’s dreads probably “smelled like patchouli oil…or weed?” (Really, how can we forget?) The comment not only drew criticism from Zendaya herself, but in the wake of the controversy, both Kathy Griffin and longtime Fashion Police diva Kelly Osbourne left the program. 

Since that oh, so fateful moment, Rancic apologized for offending people and explained her side of the story. “In the editing process some of the gestures that I made, some of the things that I said were taken out for time. So I made peace signs, I said bohemian twice. Those were taken out for time and so when the joke aired some people were offended by it,” she said.

But one thing we know now is that the much-talked-about comment is not being let go on the revamped version of the show. When Melissa Rivers, Rancic and guest panelist Margaret Cho sat down to discuss VMAs fashion, Ms. Cho couldn’t resist getting in a dig at Miley Cyrus that was actually directed at co-host Rancic.

“I feel like that hair probably smells like pot and patchouli,” Cho deadpanned, while looking right at Rancic. 

In Miley’s VMAs fashion case, Cho was probably right. 

4.Simon Cowell says One Direction split was inevitable…

Perhaps one of the saddest music stories from this year came just a few weeks ago when UK boy band One Direction destroyed our lives by announcing that they were taking a break next year. 

Well now, Simon Cowell, (who pretty much owns them), has gone on record to say that he’s “sorry,” and that he tried really, really hard to make sure the world wasn’t caught off guard by the fateful announcement–in which we totally were.

Calling the news “the world’s worst-kept secret,” Cowell told UK‘s The Mirror, “I kind of hinted a few months ago they’d be having time off. We haven’t had a conversation where anyone has said it is the end, but the conversations have been ‘we’re exhausted, can we have time off?’

The X Factor judge also went on to tell the overseas mag, “You saw in the film we made that they went out to get shoes and within seconds they were mobbed. You can’t live your life like that forever.”

Either way, it still hurts. 

5.Jimmy Kimmel explains the Nicki/Miley beef….in emoji form…

As we all know by now, the real highlight at this past Sunday’s VMAs was when Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus on stage. (no need to rehash, we all know what’s good by now.) However, last night on his late night program, Mr. Jimmy Kimmel decided to bring some humor into the situation (as if it wasn’t hilarious enough already), by giving an exact play-by-play of the now infamous feud….in emoji form. 

Thanks to the buffet of characters available in the emoji world, there just happened to be one for each part of the hoops holding. Meaning…you just have to watch the clip below…right now. 





Mixtape Music News

1.Justin Bieber found time to dry his tears and release the video for “What Do You Mean”….

Justin Bieber cried after he performed at the VMAs last night. But that’s not to say that they could have been tears of excitement as he dropped the new music video to his tropical house-laced comeback single, “What Do You Mean,” after the big show.

After much teasing of the track’s official release with a star-studded social media campaign and countdown, Mr. Bieber dropped the song’s lyric video this past Friday and performed it for the first time live at last night’s “ugh” VMAs. Watch the full music video below and revel in all that new Bieber hair that is being served up for us. Love it or loathe it, his new coif is something that we may not be able to escape anytime soon.

2.Happy 45th birthday, Ms. Debbie Gibson! 

Born on Aug. 31, 1970, Ms. Debbie served up her first Billboard Hot 100 hit, “Only in My Dreams,” before turning 17 and has a tidy bundle of five Hot 100 top 10s, including the No. 1s “Foolish Beat” and “Lost in Your Eyes.” 

Following her biggest hits, Gibson has gone on to be a fierce Broadway diva, hit the road with fellow ’80s chart queen Tiffany and, most recently, she starred in the UP TV movie The Music in Me.

To celebrate such a historic pop occasion, there’s truly only one song we need to play today at full blast-“Electric Youth,” the energetic synth-ed up title track from Ms. Gibson’s second studio album of the same name. Because it’s just so electrifying, of course. 


3.Zac Efron should definitely not quit his day job and become a full-time DJ…

The movie box office doldrums of August saw box-office champ Straight Outta Compton remain No. 1 for the third straight weekend, while crushing heartthrob Zac Efron‘s electronic dance music drama, We Are Your Friends, along the way. The DJ flick debuted to a dismal $1.8 million from 2,333 locations, the worst opening of all time for a new major studio movie opening in 2,000 or more theaters, not accounting for inflation.

If there’s any silver lining here, it’s that that Warner Bros. paid a modest $2 million to distribute the film in North America, so it’s not a complete disaster for the studio. 

Hey, at least Mr. Efron has next year’s Neighbors 2 on the horizon…

4.Miley surprised fans-and her label-by dropping a new album at the end of last night’s VMAs….

If you happened to catch the end of last night’s VMAs, host Miley Cyrus caught everyone by surprise when she dropped a new, free album at the end of the broadcast. But as much as it was a surprise for her fans, her label, RCA Records, knew nothing about it. 

Cyrus used the social media platform of last night’s VMAs to announce Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz-a “homemade” side project that serves up a new creative energy and was crafted up without financial support from her label.

Spilling music tea with the New York Times a week prior to last night’s spectacle (of which it most certainly was), Ms. Miley said her new studio set cost about $50,000 to make, also confirming that RCA didn’t contribute to the budget for Dead Petz and it won’t count toward fulfilling her multi-album contract with the label. “They had never heard the record until it was done,” Cyrus spilled. 

The Times shared a statement from the label which reads, “Miley Cyrus continues to be a groundbreaking artist. She has a strong point of view regarding her art and expressed her desire to share this body of work with her fans directly. RCA Records is pleased to support Miley’s unique musical vision.”

Maybe her new set will wash away the memories of all those outfits she wore at last night’s annual MTV gala. Check it out right here

5.Jay Z just had a one day love affair with Instagram….

Surprise! You can now follow Jay Z on Instagram! Oh, wait, false alarm…

According to New York Daily News, Mr. Hova joined the social media trap, err, app, this weekend, posting a photo tribute to Michael Jackson, and then strangely deleted the app 14 hours later — after garnering 100,000 followers behind the lone Gram.

Jay’s account was never verified, but he did receive a shout out of music love from executive Michael Kyser, who posted a photo of Jay on his phone. Maybe Mr. Z is intimidated by his wife, Beyonce, who is the #2 most followed person on Instagram, following (literally) behind Kim Kardashian


10 VMA Hosts We’ll Never Forget

MTV might be in trouble this Sunday night…

Their annual awards show hasn’t had a host in two years and they brought in Miley Cyrus to take over? What the hell are they doing? Actually, MTV knows exactly what they’re doing…

Over the three decades of serving us with their  annual Video Music Awards gala, MTV has done their best to bring in hosts who they know will shake things up just a little bit. While they’ve brought in some treasures(“whoot, whoot,” Mr. Arsenio)the network has also had their fair share of VMA hosting bumps along the way. (No shade, Ms. Handler.)

Since we know Miley could give two fucks what anyone thinks, you’re almost that guaranteed that she will bring it to the VMA stage. Or will she? Only Sunday night will tell, but until then, let’s can go back in VMA time and take a look at those hosts who either brought the heat…or were upstaged by Madonna.

Which one of these former VMA hosts were your favorite?


Dan Aykroyd/Bette Midler/1984

The stage was set for the very first MTV Video Music Awards. Bette Midler and Dan Aykroyd were the hosts of the first ever show and were ready to strike comedy gold upon the eagerly awaiting crowd. Indeed, they did….until Ms. Madonna took to the stage with that “Like a Virgin” performance and the two were never heard from ever again that evening.

This would only foreshadow the fate in store for hosts that followed to come with it or be upstaged by the likes of Britney, Madonna or Beyonce.

Eddie Murphy/1985

Eddie Murphy was red-hot in ’85. Fresh from his groundbreaking SNL comedy and heading straight into Beverly Hills Cop box office wonderland, there was no one better to run the show. Murphy played his hosts duty to perfection and set the bar high for being a successful MTV VMA host. His roaring presentation set the show apart from all of the other “stuff” that people were watching on network television at the time(no shade, Mr. Belvedere.) …and MTV was serving it up on a big ol’ pop culture platter called the VMAs.

Arsenio Hall/1988-1991

When MTV was introduced to Arsenio Hall, America was already obsessed with the comedy genius and MTV soon jumped on board–they kept him for four consecutive years. There’s been no host who has come back as many times as Mr. Hall, and whether you bought his “schtick” back then or not, the fist pumping pioneer must have gotten something right.

Roseanne Barr/1994

For the ’94 show, MTV dared the unthinkable-they tossed the reins to a woman comedienne–and who better to take the music mic none other than Ms. Roseanne Barr, who was riding the Emmy high of her now defunct self-titled ABC sitcom. But did it work? Not really. Ms. Barr came out on stage looking and sounding shrilly;delivering flat routine that just have the brash, bold sentiments that we came to know and love from the bitch at the time.

Dennis Miller/1995-’96

Following the “Roseanne Flop,” MTV decided to go all smart and stuff and bring on comedy intellectual Dennis Miller. Mr. Miller brought bigger topics, a light political touch and lots and lots of big words. While the audience certainly bought what Dennis was selling, you have to wonder if they only paid attention to him because the “MTV generation” that was watching had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. Whatever the VMA case, it worked and the producers shouted encore and brought back Miller for another year.

Chris Rock/1999/2003

Finally in 1997, MTV got it right. Rising comedy star Chris Rock hosted the show and took care of the fucking business. Comedy pimp Rock went to become a huge hit at the VMAs, coming back to host again in ’03 (the same show as the Britney/Madonna lip-lock), and was later called onto host the 2005 Academy Awards. 

Jimmy Fallon/2002

Another comedy king, Jimmy Fallon, absolutely nailed it when he pretty much gave every previous host a run for their money with his imitations of ’02s biggest hits. A fast rising SNL star at the time, Fallon blew away any doubts MTV had in their minds with his high adrenaline pop rush and that hilarious eight minute medley that we will never forget. Oh, and his surprise jig with an unannounced James Brown? Priceless.

Russel Brand/2008-’09

There’s only one word to sum up Mr. Brand’s reign as VMA host-Britney. (do you really remember his ’09 venture?) In late-2008, all eyes were all Ms. Spears as she was in the midst of her comeback from crazy. And what better platform to announce her return to pop form other than her old stomping ground, the VMAs. How can we forget all those promos? Throw in the fact that she won three awards that night, (one for Video of the Year for “Piece of Me.” #lol)), it was clearly Britney’s night. Oh, wait, we’re talking about Russell Brand hosting, right? Think that pretty sums it up.

Chelsea Handler/2010

She came…she saw….she didn’t conquer. While she proved a better VMA host team player than Roseanne, Ms. Chelsea’s nerves seemed to get the best of her and her performance fell flat. The New York Times was extra harsh, stating, “She was among the worst in show’s history — purposefully out-of-touch, with brief, alarming flashes of off-color racial humor,” also going on to say that Handler “never looked comfortable, undone by nerves, brittle material and the wattage of those around her.”

Keep in mind, this was the same as year as Gaga’s infamous meat dress, so it wasn’t entirely Chelsea’s fault, right? Anyone? 

Miley Cyrus/2015

Because we all know she’s going to do something we’ll never forget….much like she did in tomorrow’s VMA performance of the day. Any guesses?