Deep House Weekend Groove/Sandy B/’Make The World Go Round”/Deep Dish Rewerk

When it comes to the oh, so difficult task (it really is)of picking the perfect Philly Mixtape weekend groove, there are many ingredients that it must have. For one, it absolutely has to move you not just for the weekend, but for ALL of your music life. Two, the groove has to represent to the fullest the theme of the week’s preceding bangers. If there’s a track out there that is all wrapped up in this week’s deep house music lovin,’ it’s the blazing dance floor fire that is the Deep Dish remix of Sandy B’s classic track, ‘Make The World Go ‘Round.’ This scorching number is everything you could want in a deep house ditty-deep, deep synths, a glorious beat and window shattering vocals, which this time, are delivered to perfection by Ms. B. In fact, since this track has a groove that will just make you move, honey, it directs us into next week’s kick starters, which will give up to some good old fashioned workout jamz…Philly Mixtape style. And since it’s jamz with a “z,” you know we’re going to be breaking a sweat all…damn..week…long.

For now, Ms. Sandy’s ferocious flow is heated and ready to serve up for you guys. And now, we get our deep dance party…on. Have a great weekend, everyone!