Groove of the Day/Bon Jovi/”Wanted Dead or Alive”

In just a few hours, legendary New Jersey raised Bon Jovi is all set to bring their long-lasting rock prowess front-and-center at the Wells Fargo Center for a stop on their This House Is Not for Sale Tour for a show that’s more than guaranteed to make all of our Aqua Net and ripped jeans fantasies come to life. 

While you’ve been waiting patiently since New Year’s for the moment when you can finally belt “Livin’ on a Prayer” at the top of your lungs besides the shower and/or your best friend’s wedding, we must give it up to the Slippery When Wet boys’ biggest anthem–the rocked out wonder ballad, “Wanted Dead or Alive.” 

As much as the chart topping single is a beacon for all things Bon Jovi, what it did for a little/big show called MTV Unplugged is truly unprecedented. After Mr. Jon Bon Jovi and then guitarist Richie Sambora (with whom they no longer spill tea can break mugs all about it in Philly Voice), took “Prayer” and “Wanted” to the 1989 Video Music Awards stage and gave it new life by taking the groupie punch out if it and taking both singles to greater, stripped down levels for a performance that’s still one for the live music record books. 

As any late ’80s/’90s kid knows, it was from that coveted moment we were blessed with a stunning array of MTV Unplugged artists performances including Mariah Carey, Nirvana, Eric Clapton (sigh), Bob Dylan, De La Soul, 10, 000 Maniacs, Hole, Kiss, and seriously many, many, many more. 

And to think, it all truly began right here. So, now that you’re even more hyped up for tonight’s show, calm down because you still have to get through work (and this rain!), so put that lighter or lighters all the way up and get lost in this riveting Bon Jovi performance one more time…as your co-workers will thank you for the song butchering break on “You Give Love a Bad Name.” 

To read more of Bon Jovi’s interview with Philly Voice’s Ed Condran, go here, and to get those tickets to tonight’s show at Wells Fargo Center, rip those jeans out right here. 


Groove of the Day/Rihanna/”Diamonds”

While we could easily sit, sip and spill music tea all day (or all year) about any one of Aussie pop mastermind’s Sia’s original werk or the 654, 342 tracks she’s written for other music artists, (she was also on Xtina’s 2010 record Bionic  when no one was looking) ahead of her show tonight at Wells Fargo Center alongside Miguel and AlunaGeorge for their Nostalgic for the Present Tour, there’s only one track that fits right into the undeniable Friday groove that we’re all in because of this weather….Ms. RiRi and her oh, so, shiny “Diamonds.” 

The monster Sia penned single not only served as the lead single from Rihanna’s 2012 Unapologetic set, but it further proved that Ms. Sia (although we rarely see her which could be interesting for tonight) can simply do no wrong. 

And “Diamonds” certainly justifies that and then some, you Sia queen who just can’t wait for…it all tonight at the Wells Fargo Center. 

This month’s grooves sound like….


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8 Ways to Get a Little More Extra for Tonight’s Bad Boy Family Reunion Takeover

Pour one out for Biggie, bust out those oh, so colorful Queen Bitch wigs, pass the Ciroc, slide on the Sean John, put a $ in your name and then collect all of the Harlem World All Stars(wherever they just might be), because in just a short while Diddy, Lil’ Kim, Carl Thomas, 112, Ma$e, Faith Evans, and of course, Total, will be descending upon the Wells Fargo Center to rightfully serve us with a stop on their Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. 

While those attending tonight’s festivities (and that they most certainly will be) have been living that extra life since they snatched their tickets up, but since Philly is about to get served with some of the greatest hip hop and R&B tracks that hit our ’90s headphones, we need to be more than woke for the Bad Boy flavor that”s about to take over our lives once again. 

So, here are a 8 ways that you (yes, you, Ms. Minaj), can get a little more extra for tonight’s Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.

As if that were fucking possible. 

1.Get a little “Juicy”… No explanation needed. 

2.Listen to “It’s All About the Benjamins” over and over again. First of all, this is something you should be doing on a regular basis anyway. Second of all…go. #whatthebloodclot 

3.Pay your music respects to the Queen Bitch…. Before Diddy and the gang announced their massive reunion tour earlier this year, he linked up with Los and Styles P on a gritty, grimy groove called “Auction,” which also co-starred the one and motehrfucking only, Ms. Lil’ Kim. Of course, just her presence alone gets us all in frenzy (anyone remember her entrance to the stage at last year’s BET Awards? Yes), which is why you should always bow down to the rap diva who gave us such treasures as “Crush On You,” “How Many Licks?”, “The Jump Off,” “Magic Stick” and “No Time.” So in case you wanted to know, you certainly will know once you read these 5 reasons as to why you should always musically respect Lil’ Kim, whether she’s on that “Auction” block or not. 

But first, here’s this track that we’ll never be able to forget anytime soon. 

4.Those grooves from 112, though…   Whether heating things up on the dance floor or in the bedroom to hits like “Peaches & Cream,” “Dance With You” and “Only You,” plain and simple, 112 was the fucking shit when it came to cooking up those essential baby makin’ bangers. However, when it comes to (sigh….) “Cupid,” pass the Bon Bons, please, because we fucking couldn’t then and we still fucking can’t now. Thanks, Slim. 

5.Be quickly reminded of what happens when the vocals of Ms. Evans and Mr. Thomas collide… It all comes down to a little, yet, oh, so big track called “Can’t Believe.” Just listen. 

6.Realize how much you need “What You Want” in your everyday lives…again. It’s Ma$e. It’s Total. It’s fucking everything and always will be. 

7.Get all sorts of down with this Total playlist. Because when it comes to Kima, Keisha and Pam (oh, shit, god dammit), it’s about a little thing called….respect. 

8.Just get ready to take that, take that, take that… Enough said. 

And then….of course. 

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