Academy Awards Groove of the Day/Whitney Houston/”I Have Nothing”


That collective outcry of pearl clutching air can be construed in many different ways when it comes to our dearly departed Whitney Houston‘s behemoth David Foster & Linda Thompson penned ballad from The Bodyguard.

For one, it’s fucking “I Have Nothing” we’re talking about here, and please, stop trying to hit those high notes with the key change….it’s never going to happen. 

Two, it gets us more than woke to see Ms. Deborah Cox own the stage at The Academy of Music starting tonight through Sunday with her giving of life to Whitney’s role in the regional touring musical based off of the box office owning 1992 movie. 

Third, and get ready to clutch….the soul shattering serenade lost to “A Whole New World” for the Oscar for Best Original Song at the 1993 Academy Awards. Yes, it’s true and hard to believe being that “Nothing” still destroys our worlds with every earth crumbling note. 

Even more unbelievable is that Mizz Houston was nominated three times in total in the category as “Run to You” and “Queen of the Night” also got nods and sadly, lost.

Like, they couldn’t give our beloved Diva of It All one Oscar?? 

Sigh….if only “I Will Always Love You” was eligible for an Original Song nod (the legendary Ms. Dolly Parton wrote it for Whitney/us in 1974) would we all not want to throw major Twister shade at Jazmine and Aladdin right now. 

Because as you’ll hear once again (if you haven’t fifty times already today, in which most likely..yas), this track is life within Whitney life within more life within its god damn self. 

And again…please stop…you’re offending California as there’s truly only one diva that can serve up the “I Have Nothing” goods–our beloved Ms. Whitney Houston



This year’s grooves sound like….enjoy. 



Deep House Groove of the Day/HADE/”It’s Not Right”

Although German DJ and music producer HADE has experimented with a range of music genres including rock, hip hop and dubstep, it was his foray into the Whitney world that took him to the deepest levels of the music sea. Taking the vocals from her My Love Is Your Love hit, “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” the DJ cooked up a perfect deep house beat, complete with sultry synths, feisty hand claps and a pure sass that only our cherished Ms. Houston knew how to serve up. 

While today’s deep house groove is certainly a chilly one, the power of this late ’90s vocal firestorm will warm you right up as we all wait for whatever the f$%k is going down with the weather this weekend. 

Go on, Ms. Whitney. 





Holiday Groove of the Day/Whitney Houston/”Do You Hear What I Hear?”

While we could easily dive mistletoe first into the dearly departed Whitney Houston’s immaculate holiday album One Wish (or any offering from The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack) we would be here until New Year’s Eve picking out a favorite because every song is just so…damn…good. So, instead we’re going to press play and take a moment to remember Ms. Whitney belting out her soaring take on “Do You Hear What I Hear?,” which is always guaranteed to make the holiday season extra bright, especially when it comes to that key change in the middle breakdown. Sigh….

First making its appearance on the smash 1987 charity album, A Very Special Christmas, “Do You Hear What i Hear” gained more spark (as if that were possible) as one of the five breathless grooves on the maxi and ’12 inch single for Houston’s ’95 chart topper, “Exhale(Shoop Shoop.” (“Dancin’ on the Smooth Edge,” anyone? All day). 

From its twinkly opening to its powerful drums to our gone-too-soon diva just crushing every note she takes on, Mariah can take a nasty tumble down a snow-covered hill when it comes to “Do You Hear What I Hear?.” What it all comes down the music chimney to is, if you don’t get chills from hearing those first big, booming notes, then you truly are a Grinch, because “Do You Hear What I Hear” is holiday music life at its very, very best and will always remind us that there will ever only be one Ms. Whitney. 

May her and Bobbi Kristina rest in peace. This world isn’t the same without you both.