Table Talk w/Rachel Kline of Philadelphia Funk Authority

Ladies and gentlemen…

…………’s time to prepare to get all sorts of funked up for the start of your final weekend of February.

Tomorrow night, the much celebrated local music group Philadelphia Funk Authority will be taking over the stage at World Cafe Live, and it’s a soon-to-be stellar evening of entertainment that we must ALL show our love and support to for a beautiful musical buffet of incredible reasons.

First, gettin’ down to the vibes that will be indefinitely served up by PFA is always a grand idea for our local entertainment lovin’ lives. Second, you’ll be magnificently introduced to their incredible new lead singer, Ms. Rachel Kline. Not only does this red-hot and rising local vocal superstar contain the beauty of Ariana-meets-Camila(like, so not kidding), but she’s got a voice that is that voice….and it’s guaranteed to take over your entire existence. 

But luckily for all of Philly and beyond, everyone can get to know her magnificent voice and her soaring creative spirit right this very second  (and get those tickets for tomorrow night right here….right this very second), as Rachel took some time away from shattering everyone’s souls with her magnificent pipes to spill some tea with Philly Mixtape, where she spilled about her endeavors with PFA, all-time favorite soul divas, and…just why the hell it took so long for her to begin owning our local entertainment worlds. 

Oh, and if you want to get down to some of Mizz Kline‘s current greatness while you take a seat to her many talents, check her official Instagram page out…and if you have a string of pearls handy…put them on because they will be clutched, honey. Yeah, it’s like that.

Now, let’s take a sip because the fabulous Rachel Kline of Philadelphia Funk Authority is certainly speaking and singing…and Philly and the entire tri-state area need to be paying attention…now. 

Okay, we might as well start shattering those fancy Lennox mugs right away. I’ve personally known you for quite some time now, and if it wasn’t for me coming across your soul shattering cover of Ms. A Keys “If I Ain’t Got You,” I never would have known how truly incredible you are!! So, sipping some tea…why the big secret all of these years?  I think I have this underlying problem where I feel like if I show the world something that I’m good at, everybody’s just going to be like, “Oh, there she goes again..there’s something else that she’s good at!” I didn’t want to be that person, but after I graduated college I was stuck trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to do with my everyday life! [But] I sing everyday…alone. Not even my boyfriend knew I could sing! Then I just posted an Instagram video and let me see what people think…and they kind of went nuts! I started posting more and then I auditioned for this band, Philadelphia Funk Authority. [As it turned out], the lead singer had to leave the band due to some [health reasons], so I auditioned against eight other people and they picked me and I was like…okay, here we go! It’s a very new journey, but I love it so far! 

But you have to admit, once that first Instagram post was served….it had to have felt mighty freeing. I didn’t look at my phone for two hours! I didn’t want to know what else people were saying, I didn’t want to know who watched it, liked it..anything! Finally, I opened my phone and it was just all positive feedback. Most people were shocked and, like..what the hell? Where did this come from? I mean, I expected that, but [all of it] really helped me solidify this decision to go down this new path. It feels good, it feels really good! 

Any more slaying covers or shimmering new songs on the way? I’ve done a few covers, but I’ve actually been putting up a lot more original songs because I’ve really been trying to force myself to be in this creative space in my own mind and write music. I actually just go to YouTube and find random beats that suit my voice well and I just sort of let the creativity roll in my own my mind. And then I find a word that could fit here, rhyme there, and then the words turn into phrases..and before I know it I have a mini song! 

Okay, how about your personal music divas that you simply can’t live without? Definitely love my soul performers..Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, and Ms. Alicia Keys is a big one. I love to just embody her music. Ariana Grande is also another big one. She’s kind of bridging this gap between all genres. She could come out with a country song and make it sound cool! “thank u, next” is still giving me life! 

And how are you feeling these days about our girl Cardi B? Obsessed. I’m just so proud of her. I like that she embodies herself and is like….who cares that I used to strip for money? I’m gonna put that in every single song so you all know where I started from and now I’m at the top! I appreciate that mentality.

What about your future with Philadelphia Funk Authority? Where are you crazy music kids headed this year, besides, like, everywhere? So far we’re just in Philly. We do a lot of weddings and wedding season is coming up soon! We might have some bigger gigs along the way, so we’ll see!

One last mug shatter, what are some of your personal creative goals both on and off the mic this year? I want to really just want to continue to figure out who I am. In the past I kind of felt lost. There was so many different directions I could have gone. Still now so many directions I could go. But I really want to hone in on just what my loves are in life and what my interests are. Keeping the people who really ground me surrounding me. Just keep bettering my life and believing in myself! 

And there you have it, kids. For more with the incredible Rachel Kline, get lost in the heavenly sounds she serves up on her Instagram page and then you MUST go see her own the World Cafe Live stage alongside Philadelphia Funk Authority tomorrow night…you certainly won’t be disappointed. 

Are you a local entertainer who’s slaying it in every which direction? Well then, feel free to take a seat at the Philly Mixtape tea table right here and here and let’s get to spillin’ and sippin’! 

Cover photo courtesy of Mizz Rachel Kline 




Music Tea:Jeff Campbell Is Ready to Spend Thanksgiving Eve With His Philly Fans

A Philadelphia native with a thirst for music life, singer/songwriter and all around good guy, Jeff Campbell moved to San Francisco in 2005 specifically for the newer rock scene he had heard was developing in full force. After struggling for a few years trying to mix learning the West Coast music scene with a nine-to-five office day job, Campbell decided to trade in working for the man and become a full-time musician. 

After a few years trying to find his way musically, Campbell was launched into the National spotlight in 2013 when he was picked out of 13,000 entrants as the winner of Guitar Center’s songwriting competition. Along with heavy promotion provided by Guitar Center, Jeff got the esteemed chance to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live and got the opportunity to work with Grammy-winning producer John Shanks, in which the two soon recorded the critically acclaimed E.P., In Spite of Eveything.

While he admits that despite his Kimmel fame, the struggle is still a little real, Campbell’s still pursuing his dreams. In fact, to document his “struggles,”he recently cooked up a cleverly titled set called The Kitchen Sink that features a bold collection of songs that are laced with Campbell’s emotional diversity and a widely dynamic mixture of genres that truly showcase his exceptional talents. 

Tomorrow night, the Philly native is all set to get back to his roots for a special Thanksgiving Eve show at World Cafe Live, but before he gets set to own the local stage once again, he took time to sip some music tea with Philly Mixtape, spilling about his love for Philly and what it was like to work with the legendary John Shanks. 

Show your local music love to Mr. Campbell below. 

Hey, Jeff! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, it’s very much appreciated. So, are you ready for tomorrow night? Absolutely! I always love coming home. Philly’s my favorite place to play because it has a great live music market, but mostly because it’s my hometown! I get to see a bunch of my friends, family and people I grew up with. It’s always great. I’ll be able to get a nice solid injection of Philly while I’m home. 

Will you be staying here for Thanksgiving as well? Oh, yeah. My parents live in Delaware County, right in Ridley township. 

Spill for everyone about your Jimmy Kimmel experience and what it was like playing with the legendary John Shanks..It was amazing! John’s worked with Melissa Etheridge, Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi, just to name a few. He brought out that more straight froward side to me. I think a lot of artists have a tendency to sort of ignore that side of themselves. They think it’s not cool to just be direct. John likes to be artistic and he told me, ‘Anything you have to say, man, just say it.’ He thinks about production, understands what people like, all the way to what the human mind wants to hear musically. Working with him was a great window of opportunity for me. I mean, he’s got fifteen number one singles and a handful of Grammys, so he really knows his stuff! 

Any words of wisdom he passed on to you? He would tell me, ‘Time is too precious. Just play what you’re going to say.’ 

Now, let’s talk about the recording process for your album, The Kitchen Sink. What was that experience like for you? We did it earlier in the year and it was just me and the three guys that have been my band over the last couple years, they’re also my best friends. We started collaborating and arranging some ideas together and I think it just got to a point where we just said, ‘let’s record this stuff because we’re in the moment now so let’s get it laid down.’ Then the idea came up to do a crowd funding project and to see what would happen. And before we knew it, we had enough for a full record and gave ourselves a time limit of two months and just got it done. It was quick, but records can drag out. Sometimes it can take so long because it’s hard to get people motivated, so we produced it ourselves and just decided to do it. We were very well supported by the community, and we also set up some behind these scenes video of the whole experience. It was really a blast. 

Any new music rockin’ your world right now? I actually don’t listen to much new music, sadly. But if I had to pick, I really dig Alabama Shakes, anything along those lines, that real root-sy stuff. But, I actually really love East Coast hip hop. Nothin’ better. I also really like the Seattle sound and a handful of indie rock bands. 

What would you to say to someone who was just starting out in this crazy music business? If you want to be a person who’s doing this for a living, you really have to be committed to it. You have to be willing to take chances and to also be broke. Accept the little milestones along the way and be sure to meet the right people who can help you. You really have to work and hustle your butt off, make the right connections, there’s no formula for it, so just put in those 10, 000 hours! 

Why should everyone come to your show tomorrow night at Word Cafe Live? Basically, I’m just a local hometown guy and I’m coming home to spend the holiday with my family and I would love to spend Thanksgiving Eve with all my homies and homettes! It’s just going to be me and a guitar for most of it. I’m going to walk out there, do my thing and look forward to a great night of music! 

For tickets to tomorrow night’s World Cafe Live show, check your local music life right here.

For more on Mr. Jeff Campbell, get down with his official website right here


Music Tea w/ Christina Holmes

These music days, New Jersey native songstress Christina Holmes is one lucky diva. Not only has the fast-rising songstress been living that music life on the road for the better part of the year in support of her dazzling, acoustic driven EP, Take A Chance, but she also gets to share the coveted stage with some extraordinary music gentlemen including Blake Lewis, Elliott Yamin and Trevor Hall, in which she’ll take over the World Cafe Live! stage with the brilliant Mr. Hall tonight right here in Philly. 

But before she captivates her adoring (and growing) fans, Ms. Holmes was oh, so, sweet enough in taking time out of her crazy touring schedule to break some good ol’ fashioned music tea mugs with Philly Mixtape, spilling all on her humble beginnings, how she masters the acoustic guitar so beautifully, and the most important question of all–whether or not she will dressing up for Halloween this year. 

Show some local music love to the lovely Ms. Christina Holmes below. 

PM-Hey, Christina! Thank you so much for taking time out of your crazy touring schedule to sit at the music tea table with Philly Mixtape! First up, spill for everyone about your local music background…

CH-My musical self started in my bedroom in Jersey. Growing up as a kid, I always dreamt of being a singer but never had the confidence, so I would hide in my bedroom and sing to myself! I would write songs and sing everyday since I was 8 and never shared it with anyone. I did that for about 10 years of my life until I went to college in Rhode Island where my friends pushed me to perform in front of others!

PM-Was that the inspiration behind your cheery single, “Give A Little Bit More?”

CH-‘Give A Little Bit More’ was inspired by a few different people on my life. I learned from certain situations that some people chose to live a life that’s just about themselves and sometimes only do things for you if they are getting something in return. Hence “give a little bit more, take a little bit less”. This song helped me deal with some upsetting situations that still hang with me, but now it helps shed a little light on those times.

PM-Now, your music is fabulously acoustic driven. We all know that playing acoustic guitar is quite an art and you do it very well! Tell everyone what is most rewarding about it, and perhaps the most difficult part is in playing acoustic guitar. 

CH-The most rewarding thing to me, I think, is the fact that I can always get better. I’m always up for a challenge and I love to grow and learn. I feel like the possibilities are endless with guitar, anything musically really. 

PM-So, I’m just going to say that I’m a bit jealous of you right now because you’ve gotten the chance to tour with quite a roster of fine music gentlemen these past few months–Howie Day, Elliott Yamin, Blake Lewis, and most recently, Trevor Hall. Can you spill one thing about each music man that makes them so unique?

CH-Howie is just amazing. He is a true artist and can kill any performance with his voice and loop pedal! Elliot literally has a voice like an angel and he such a sweetheart. Such a genuine guy! Blake is a human beat box. It’s amazing the sounds that come out of him and its super fun to watch him perform. While touring with Blake and Elliot it was so cool to see such good friend welcome me into their circle without even skippin’ a beat. And lastly, Trevor Hall is just an amazing human. I’ve always looked up to him and the fact that I’m even touring with him is a dream come true. Being able to watch him live every night, hang with him, and listen to his stories is truly something I will hold on to forever!

PM-You’re also hitting the stage with the lovely Anna Nalick on Halloween at Tin Angel. Are you groovy gals going to be dressing up? 

CH-Funny you ask that, I was just thinking about what I am going to dress up as. Anna most definitely will be in the dopest costume ever so I gotta go big or go home! 

PM-What’s next on the horizon for you after your tour wraps up in a few weeks?

CH-I hope to continue touring! I’m looking into hopefully making my first appearance at SXSW this year as well as hitting up some festivals. I also plan to release my sophomore album in March!

PM-One last sip, what words of inspiration would you give to someone who is just starting out in this crazy music business?

CH-As corny as it is, believe in yourself. It’s amazing what you can do what you believe you can achieve it. Work hard, love yourself, love every moment, and just believe.

For more on the lovely Ms. Holmes, check your local music life right here.