• 10 Classic Ace of Base Singles

    TweetAce of Base. There’s so many things that come to mind when we hear those three coveted words. For one, it remind us of that great pop culture moment in time on Full House when Stephanie Tanner performed with her group, Girl Talk, taking on Ace of Base‘s signature sonnet, “The Sign,” to quite comedic results. (Oh, Gia.)

  • Summer Groove of the Day/Cyndi Lauper/”Into the Nightlife”

    TweetBesides Ms. Janet, there’s another diva who’s having quite a fabulous week–Ms. Cyndi Lauper. On top of celebrating her 62nd (!)birthday yesterday, earlier this morning it was announced that the quirky chanteuse will receive a shining star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year! While this feat should’ve been solidified years ago, it’s still

  • 6 Madonna Albums You Should Listen to If You’re Not Into ‘Rebel Heart’

    TweetOkay, so…..the dearly departed Aaliyah once sang to me, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” So, last night, I decided to apply those coveted lyrics while taking another chance on Madonna’s latest opus, ‘Rebel Heart.” At this time, I’m sorry to say, I have no more dust to shake

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