Philly Concert Tea:Youngr’s Vibes at Coda Last Night Made Us All Feel Younger

Out of the many, many wonderful things to take away from London based Youngr‘s highly explosive show at Coda last night, the one thing that truly stood out was that he really, really loves his fucking music and performing it just as fierce. 

Whether it was from his ignited opening beats that were perfectly mashed up with Stardust‘s classic club romp, “Music Sounds Better With You” to the left handers love felt on “Too Keen,” to his admiration for fellow London based beat bro, Craig David (by the way, Mr. Youngr, “Last Night” for life..I know you’ll get it), or to the way the crowd just felt his pulsating live take on his latest life banger, “Out of My System,” Youngr just simply served out all kinds of delicious music vibes last night.

And that wasn’t even including the performance of soon-to be-smash, “1993,” which took us back to a less in demand time when social media didn’t rule our worlds…pure fucking bliss

Oh, and his on-stage relationship with his heart/life pounding drummer as well as his brother who rocked it the fuck out on guitar? Priceless and certainly live music bro worthy.

But if there’s one thing we might have forgotten about while watching Youngr’s show last night is that how much he does up on that stage–vocals, keyboard, controls, drums, fucking cowbell–this dude does it all.

However, it’s certainly not a bad thing not to realize just how busy he truly is up there because we were all too busy getting lost in all of that live music heat that Youngr supplied us with…which is indeed his number one agenda. 

And that esteemed agenda was certainly accomplished at Coda last night. Groove the fuck on, Mr. Youngr. The world ain’t ready. Wait, yaaaas, we most certainly are. 

For much, much more about all things Youngr, sit down at the Philly Mixtape music tea table where the tremendously talented music artist served up a bloody good spill earlier this week. 


Music Tea w/Youngr

Whether he’s owning the crowd with his brilliant live music production prowess, pounding our hearts with any one of his trademark drum solos or just making us realize how much we need more cowbell in our fucking lives, London based multi-talented singer/songwriter Youngr certainly has those music vibes that we’ve only ever dreamed of achieving and maintaining. 

Lucky for us, he’ll be taking everything he has to offer for our tuned in worlds and putting it front and center at Coda this Saturday night for a show that’s guaranteed to be nothing short of werk all damn night long 

But before he owns our Philly live music lives this weekend (get those tickets, he stopped by Philly Mixtape for a spot of funkdafied and fresh music tea where he broke mugs about his breathtaking latest offering, “Out of My System,” his favorite records and what his main agenda is when he owns a piece of Coda this Saturday….to make us fucking live, of course. 

Get your spill on with Youngr below. 

First up, spill for everyone about how you got your start in music. I started when I  was 7 years old and my dad forced me to go to piano lessons… I used to cry before going in… And he’d always say “you’ll thank me when you’re older” (or Oldr) wayo! Then I got into the [Red Hot] Chilli Peppers and Incubus and got into drums and rocking out in bands when I was 14ish with my bro. Then I discovered Simply Red and got into chords and melody… Then I discovered the Beatles and got into songwriting. Then at college I got into Pharrell and Timbaland productions… And here I am now!!!

Let’s get into a little overseas music groove, namely the sometimes underrated stateside genre of house music. Are you a fan? If so, any favorite artists of the genre you think we should look out for stateside? I LOVE house music. Tasteful delicious shuffling house music. I actually love Chicago house too. There’s an amazing act called Son Of Kong doing some great shit in London. Check them out.

What was the inspiration behind your incredible single, “Out Of My System?”
My ex moved away and I decided to go a little crazy, take all the drugs, have all the sex, and have all the fun… Basically. Ha! 

Any big plans while you’re going to be touring Philly and the U.S.? My main goal is to discover where the Fresh Prince of Bel Air grew up. Ha! No,no real plans… Just to have loads of fun and make lots of Americans smile and dance!!!

Shout out for me a few albums that you can’t live without…Simply Red Stars.Simply Red Picture Book….Incubus If Not Now, When……Red Hot Chilli Peppers By the Way….Kid Creole and The Coconuts Off the Coast of Me.

What words of advice would you give to anybody who just started out in this crazy music business right this very second? Give up! Choose a different career quick! Before it’s too late! Ha. No… My main piece of advice is literally never give up. That’s it. If you love it… Keep doing it.

One last sip…what can your fans expect from your show at Coda this Saturday night? Dancing, smiling, naked bodies, sweaty bodies, feedback, cowbells, chords, bass, drums, melodies, feathers, flowery shirts, guitar solos and a fact of the day. 

For much, much more music life provided by Youngr, get down to his official SoundCloud page right here.