Giuliana Rancic Issues Apology for Zendaya Oscar Red Carpet Slam

By now, you guys all know the routine of the show ‘Fashion Police’ on the E! network. (If you don’t, Joan Rivers is talking shit about you in her grave.) On their Academy Awards fashion roundup on Monday night, co-host Giuliana Rancic got herself in a scolding cauldron of hot water by harshly commenting on Disney diva Zendaya’s red carpet look, which had Ms. Z in a flowing white gown topped with dreadlocks. On the show, Rancic remarked, “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil and weed. Probably weed.” Well, Zendaya was quick to take down the E! host’s snarky comments by posting that her remarks were “not only a large stereotype but outrageously offensive and disrespectful.” The singer then listed a list of many successful, respected African Americans who wear locks.

Giuliana did apologize on Twitter and also on last night’s E! News program stating, “I just want everyone to know, I didn’t intend to hurt anyone, but I’ve learned it is not my intent that matters, it’s the result. And the result is that people are offended, including Zendaya, and that is not OK.” However, it was Rancic’s ‘Fashion Police’ co-diva Kelly Osbourne (who’s close galpals with Zendaya) who was more pissed off than anybody about the incident, throwing loads of shade not only towards Rancic, but towards ‘Fashion Police,’ putting out an ultimatum saying that “everyone involved” had 24 hours to “make it right” or the world would hear what she really thought. It was also reported that Osbourne was also majorly questioning staying on the show. Ay dis mio! You can read more about Ms. Kelly right here and watch Giuliana’s apology below, as well as diving into the whirling Cahill remix of Zendaya’s hit, “Replay.”

Zendaya/”Replay” (Cahill remix)