15 Pop Culture Moments We Can’t F@cking Wait For in 2018

If there’s one thing that we couldn’t wait for in 2017….it’s for 2018 to finally get here. 

And now that’s it’s arrived, there’s certainly been no shortage of pop culture moments in the first week-and-a-half on a list which already includes Mariah’s hot tea, everyone diving into that now ridiculously infamous book and a Golden Globes ceremony this past Sunday that was nothing short of powerful and of course, filled with lots and lots of Oprah. 

So, although we’re barely into January, it’s safe to say that 2018 is already shaping up to be one incredible pop culture roller coaster ride that will no doubt continue over the next twelve months as American Crime Story, Justin Timberlake, Ocean’s 8, Jurassic World, Lady Gaga, American Idol, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and the 2018 Winter Olympics are all on the way to give us the thrill of a lifetime over the next twelve months. 

Buckle up, kids. 

American Crime Story:The Gianni Versace Murder   Just a couple of things to say here. One, give Darren Criss every award right now for his sure-to-be thrilling and compelling portrayal of Gianni Versace killer and serial murderer, Andrew Cunanan. Two, Penelope is Donatella. And third, January 17th can’t get here fast enough as we’ll have yet another reason to still to be obsessed with everything Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk serve out. Since, you know, AHS isn’t quite doing it anymore. No shade, just watch this American Crime Story Versace first look and you’ll know exactly why this will be a show that’ll surely get the pop culture job done this year. FX/January 17th 

Schitt’s Creek Look....If you’re not watching and falling in love with this show about the fallen-from-social-heights Rose family, you’re simply not living your life to the fullest. So here’s what you need to do. First, watch all three seasons on Netflix. Next, check your local listings for where and when you can watch the season four premiere on January 24th. Then finally, live your everyday life as if you were the great Catherine O’Hara’s Moira Roise as it’s the only way to be in 2018. Well, that and the rest of the cast including Eugene Levy, his son, Daniel, Annie Murphy and Chris Elliot truly make an incredible (and tad bit underrated) ensemble that’s worth every bit of your streaming time. Check your local listings/February 24th 

Justin Timberlake   Although he’s only given us his brand new (eh..) single “Filthy,” Justin Timberlake is already having quite a year. With a “personal” new album, Man of the Woods, on the way, an upcoming worldwide tour and oh, yeah his much, much anticipated halftime takeover at this year’s Super Bowl (and shout out Ms. P!nk for your upcoming National Anthem slay!), Mr. Timberlake will be certainly be bringing sexy and then some back into our pop cultured lives this year. So, with that being said, we may begin the rumors of an ‘N Sync reunion at the Super Bowl starting right….now. Because that would truly be the icing on the JT 2018 takeover cake.  Man of the Woods/February 2nd/Super Bowl Halftime Show/February 4th 

2018 Winter Olympics  Stunning athletes….gorgeous landscapes…lots and lots of well-deserving medals and of course, a welcome distraction from the rest of this crazy world. Yes, those are all of the elements that’ll make up the 2018 Winter Olympics from Pyeong Chang, South Korea, when they takeover our ski-sloped lives next month. But of course, the best part of it all is getting to know all of the incredible athletes that will be representing Team USA, and this year’s fine display of shimmering American athleticism is no exception as Ted Ligety(Alpine Skiing), Codie Bascue(Bobsled), Becca Hamilton (Curling), Adam Rippon(Figure Skating), Michael Glasder(Ski Jumping), Faye Gulini (Snowboarding) and many, many more (which you can get to know right here) will all be going for the gold–and our Olympic hearts–this year. Check your local listings/February 8th-25th 

90th Annual Academy Awards While the annual Oscars extravaganza is marked as the finale of the awards season, this year’s golden event is already sure to be something to remember as we’ll absolutely get to witness not just some true winners (I, Tonya and Lady Bird for everything), but also some truly powerful speeches along the way (thank you, Ms. Winfrey) due to Hollywood’s fallout from all of those sexual harassment allegations that have displaced and disgraced many in the industry…and of course, all of the political bull shit that we’re forced to wade into every day. And much like we fabulously saw at this year’s Golden Globes, expect the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements to continue their strength through awards season, especially at this year’s Academy Awards. Now, let’s brace ourselves for what’s sure to be a tremendous 2018 Awards season ride. And let’s open the right envelope this time, alright? March 4th/ABC 

American Idol   The time has come…to see if Katy Perry will be worth that not-so-elusive $20 million dollar paycheck when she takes a god damn seat alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan when AI gives us life provided by ABC this spring. And you can all relax..Ryan Seacrest will be back to moderate and promises that nothing has changed with the format of the original program. “It’s different obviously because of these personalities but the show, at its core , works,” Seacrest recently spilled with Variety, also adding, “You’ve got three different faces, you’ve got different contestants, but to change the show drastically in terms of format would be a big mistake.” And there you have it. Who’s ready for the next American Idol? Everyone. March 11th/ABC 

Roseanne   he’s baaaack and already causing quite a bit of controversy ahead of her eagerly anticipated reboot because well, you know. But whatever the political case may be, there’s no denying that we’ll all be watching to see what happens when the entire Connor family enters our 2018 lives. And yes, both Becky’s (and Dan!) will be there, too.  March 27th/ABC 

Avengers:Age of Ultron  What every Marvel Universe fan boy, bro, girl, gay, kid and kween has been waiting for their entire god damn lives. (May 3rd). 

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Now, this should be…something. Get those tickets…if you dare…and if you can.  May 8th-Nov 9th 

Ocean’s 8   First up, who cares if Sandra Bullock’s Debbie Ocean is wearing makeup the day she gets paroled from prison..she’s still Sandra fucking Bullock and we’re pretty sure she can do whatever the hell she wants. Second, the hate and the shade toward this all female reboot already..calm down, y’all! From the moment the first look 8 trailer was released at the end of last year, there was (for some unbeknownst reason) instant negative comparisons to 2016’s female led Ghostbusters, which wasn’t exactly a queen at the box office…or with fans. However, unlike that rewiring, this one actually looks like it might be well…good. Bottom line–our funny girls Kristen Wigg, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon we’re just stuck in a wobbly, flimsy film. With that being said, let’s end this discussion and get to more praisin’ of Bullock and her tremendous kick-butt Ocean’s 8 co-stars including Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kalig, Awkwafina and Helena Bonham Carter…because the most fabulous cast of 2018 is right here and respect and attention must be paid..right now. Knock it off. June 8th 

Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom More buff Chris Pratt plus more dinosaurs plus the fact that it looks as if Ms. Dallas Howard got her request granted for more sensible shoes for another dino romp equals one hell of a pop culture event of 2018 that the whole entire world has been anxiously waiting for. Oh, and did we mention that Jeff Goldblum is back as the legendary Dr. Ian Malcom? In the words of the fiercest velociraptor in all of the Kingdom…yaaaassssssss. June 22nd 

Mamma Mia!:Here We Go Again   “Cher as Grandma.” Or, in other words, the absolute gayest cinematic experience of 2018 is right here. July 20th 

Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas Residency   In what may be one of the smartest moves of her now decade-long career (take a seat, ArtPop), let’s face it…Lady Gaga was tailor-made for a residency on the strip. While there’s little tea to be spilled on the “Bad Romance” diva’s upcoming Vegas adventure, we do know that she’ll indeed be taking over the MGM Grand Arena later this year with a whopping 74 shows while earning just over $100 million for her shimmering time. But now begs the question…who’s next for a Vegas romp since we’ve already been blessed with stage spectacles fro MC, J.Lo, Ricky Martin and of course, Godney. Maybe Janet? Beyoncé? Justin? Only diva time will tell, but in the mean time, we simply can’t fucking wait for the Mother Monster ship to land on the strip this year. 

RiRi’s Next Record Get ready to see #R9 everywhere very, very soon because Rihanna’s ninth studio adventure is certainly one of the most anticipated albums of the year as it’s been reported by many outlets that our Barbadian queen is hard at work, work, work, work to an Anti follow-up. Hmmm…we’re guessing that’ll come out just in time for the release of Ocean’s 8? Either way, the whole entire world will certainly welcome the “Umbrella” diva back with open headphones because we’ve fallen in love with “Wild Thoughts” and “Lemon” and we want more of the same, please, like..right now, RiRi. 

“Baby One More Time” Turns 20  Squeeze into those Catholic school girl uniforms, tie in the pink hair pom-poms and pass all of the Botox like, now, because the legendary Ms. Britney Spears’ still stellar debut single will be celebrating twenty years of straight up owning our TRL-ed lives this year. Although this sure-to-be worldwide pop culture event won’t be taking over our calendars until the fall (Sept 30th, to be exact), ah…f@#k it, let’s start celebrating now because it’s been two decades of Godney, bitch! 




5 Ways Mariah Can Truly Get Back Into Our New Year’s Eve Graces

Oops, she’s about to do it……again. 

And no, we’re not spilling about Britney‘s soon-to-be legendary performance via Las Vegas for the (sigh..) final round of her Piece of Me residency at Planet Hollywood that’s also taking place during Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve tonight.

Of course, we’re talking about Mariah Carey’s takeover of the iconic New Year’s Eve stage once again, or “Take 2” as the diva called it on Twitter when this epic announcement was made a few weeks ago. Of course, this wasn’t just any ol’ announcement as it comes directly one year after MC’s, errr, performance (?) from last year didn’t go quite as exactly as planned.

But without adding salt to the 2016 wounds that just won’t heal no matter how much electroshock therapy we seek (with 2017 not being so great either, so thank you for that), let’s just say all kinds of fingers we’re being pointed and the world was left stunned about what they just saw happen on one of the biggest live television broadcasts in the world….one of the biggest live performance dumpster fire performances in pop culture history. 

So, with that being said, there’s really nothing we can do but press play on our #1’s collection and oh, so patiently wait to see how Mariah is about to get back into our New Year’s Eve graces once again. While there are many, many ways she can do it, here are five that are guaranteed to simply do it all and then some.

Also, may the hypothermia not be with you, Times Square-r’s because fucking brrrr and then some…Godspeed…and especially you, MC. 

1.Maybe make a little joke about…that?  We all know that Mariah has a wickedly weird sense of humor, but let’s face it, it’s more of in a bat shit crazy diva kind of way. (see…Mariah’s World). So, you know what would really be fucking downright hilarious and delightfully twisted? If MC came out and a began with a little botch with a quick “just kidding, bitch!” to follow complete with grand New Year’s Eve slay. Now, that would truly be legendary and would surely silence all of those pesky haters that never seem to go away no how hard she tries…and she really, really does, y’all. 


2.DO NOT do the same set as last year…..    While we’re pretty sure MC won’t serve us with the same set as last year (it was “Emotions,” well, sort of, and “We Belong Together” in case you were too busy pouring tea during that time to listen), this year’s performance is all about diva redemption, so there’s good a chance that just might happen. However, for the sake of burning our lips for the start of 2018, don’t do it..please. Because Lawd forbid if something should go awry, the window/soul shattering prowess of those hits will truly be lost forever. May we suggest “Touch My Body” to open and a dash of “Hero” to bring the house down? Or perhaps the ODB remix of “Fantasy” for the kids and a touch of “Vision of Love” for the kweens? Hell, we’d even take “All I Want For Christmas is You,” because why the fuck not?  You get the idea…anything but last year’s, um, performances. Let’s leave it all where it rightfully belongs…more buried than Downsizing at the box office.

3.Pours tea…..maybe adjust the tracks to fit your present vocal range….takes sip. Okay, sooooo…the problem isn’t that Mariah can’t sing….bish has got a massive collection of chart destroying hits with eighteen Billboard number one singles among them to prove it. Check that, nineteen now that “AIWFC” finally sleigh-ed its way to the top this year. (You betta werk for that 500k every December, boo!)

However, the problem is that Mariah can’t sing those mid-’90s high notes like she used to…it’s just that she doesn’t know that yet. Or maybe she does and is just to god damn humble to admit it. Whatever the music truth may be, if you’re going to serve us with a true live performance, adjust those vocals to fit your mid-’40s vocal range. It’s okay, gurl. Celine has been doing it for years (see…this) and Adele and Ariana will eventually be there someday as well because it’s a perfectly naturally occurrence when you’ve belting out those hits pretty much all of your damn life. So at the end of the day. Mizz Mariah, we’re not bothered by the fact you can’t hit those high notes anymore, so just give us what we came for tonight…you. 

4.If something….does go wrong…..please, please don’t act like a huge fucking diva.  Bottom line…no one, repeat…no one wants to hear how you “didn’t rehearse” or how you “need a vacation, too.” And we’re pretty sure your backup dancers don’t need you to tell them “just bring me down.” Yes, all of that indeed went down and then some during last year’s diva-stivities, and since we’re all big boys and girls now after surviving a year that’s been, well, a fucking year, here is all of it one more time like Britney in case a certain diva named Mariah needs a refresher course of what not to do if your performance flatlines in the front of the whole god damn world..again. Let us pray and clutch those pearls. 

5. Just get out there slay that shit, gurl…..   The whole entire world knows you can do it…you’re MC for fuck’s sake. Enough said. 

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to many, many diva-filled blessings in the next twelve months to come! 


Philly 2018 Winter Concert Guide

Happy Winter! 

Now, click on any of the links listed below and grab those tickets…but remember all dates and divas are subject to change. 

Now, let’s live music it up all brrrr season long, shall we? Yes. 






Monday/January 15th 

Fetty Wap/Nexx Thursday /TLA 

Neon Dreams/Bourbon & Branch 

The Big Lonesome/Kung Fu Necktie Upstairs 

Tuesday/January 16th 

The Happy Fits/William Street Common 

Dan Kassel/World Cafe Live 

Wednesday/January 17th 

Stick Figure/The Fillmore 

Oteil & Friends/TLA 

Cayetana/Boot & Saddle 

Karl Blau/World Cafe Live 

Anna Moore/The Trocadero 

Cologne Pa/Kung Fu Necktie 

Thursday/January 18th 

YACHT/Johnny Brenda’s 

Royal Thunder/Kung Fu Necktie 

Alex Bugnon/South 

T.I.P/The Barbary 

The Obsessives/Boot & Saddle 

Kayleigh Goldsworthy/Ortlieb’s 

Friday/January 19th 

Rufus Wainwright/Kimmel Center 

Majid Jordan/STWO/The Fillmore 

Say Anything/The Trocadero 

Alex Aiono/The Foundry 

Felix da Housecat/Coda 

Cosmic Gate/Rumor 

Curtis Cooper/Johnny Brenda’s 

Damn Right/Milkboy Philly 

The Last Revel/Bourbon & Branch 

722/Boot & Saddle 

Saturday/January 20th


Chase Rice/The Fillmore 

BoomBox/Union Transfer 

Cormega & Viking/Voltage Lounge 

Kung Fu/The Foundry 

Tessa Violet/Boot & Saddle 


Creem Circus/The Barbary 

OOLALA/Johnny Brenda’s 

Mach 22/Milkboy Philly 

Sunday/January 21st 

Lana Del Rey/Wells Fargo Center 

Walk the Moon/The Fillmore 

Becca Stevens/World Cafe Live 

Shelf Life/The Pharmacy

Jack Martini/Bourbon & Branch 

Luxedeluxe/Kung Fu Necktie Upstairs 

Monday/January 22nd 

Milky Chance/The Fillmore 

Sleeping With Sirens/The Foundry 

Tuesday/January 23rd 

Jacob Sartorius/The Fillmore 

Chris Stamey/World Cafe Live 

Wednesday/January 24th 

The Posies/Milkboy Philly 

Helado Negro/The Foundry 

SLØTFACE/Everybody Hits 

Palmas/Boot & Saddle 

Thursday/January 25th 

Above & Beyond/The Fillmore 

Tennis/Union Transfer 

Oliver Heldens/NOTO 

Manic Focus/TLA 

Toro Y Moi/Coda 

Slaughter Beach/Boot & Saddle 

Dinosaur Eyelids/Connie’s Ric Rac 

Kicking Sunrise/The Barbary 

Friday/January 26th 

Blue October/World Cafe Live 

Destroyer/Underground Arts 

Umphrey’s McGee/The Fillmore 

The Devil Makes Three/Electric Factory 

Typhoon/Union Transfer 

Big Head Todd & The Monsters/TLA 

Sunflower Beam/Everybody Hits 


YBN Nahmir/Coda 

Octave Cat/Johnny Brenda’s 

Saturday/January 27th 

Cashmere Cat/MØ/Darius/Electric Factory 


The O’Jays/Sugarhouse Casino 

Keys N Krates/District N9ne

J Roddy Walston/Xfinity Live! 

Granger Smith/The Trocadero 

The Infamous Stringdusters/Union Transfer 

DJ Rectangle/NOTO 

Naked Gun/Boot & Saddle 

Resilient/Kung Fu Necktie 

Dee-1/The Foundry 

Dirty Soap/Bourbon & Branch 

Sunday/January 28th 

Howie Day/World Cafe Live 

The Wood Brothers/Union Transfer 

The Pietasters/Kung Fu Necktie 

Monday/January 29th 

Benjamin Clemente/TLA 

Ego Frost/Voltage Lounge 

Tuesday/January 30th 

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/Union Transfer 

Yoke Lore/Johnny Brenda’s 

Wednesday/January 31st 

Kimbra/Union Transfer 

The Wonder Years/Boot & Saddle 

Princess Nokia/Coda 

Big Wreck/The Foundry 

Jen Cloher/Johnny Brenda’s 

Thursday/February 1st 

Neck Deep/CREEPER/Electric Factory 

Sam Lachow/The Barbary 

Billy Strings/The Fillmore 

Kodiak Park/Boot & Saddle 

Lola Pistola/Kung Fu Necktie 

Johnny Showcase/Franky Bradley’s 

Friday/February 2nd 


KAYZO/The Fillmore 

The Builders and The Butchers/Johnny Brenda’s 

Igorr/Voltage Lounge 

Anna Meredith/The Foundry 


The High Divers/Milkboy Philly 

Des Demonas/Kung Fu Necktie 

Night Windows/Boot & Saddle 

Saturday/February 3rd 

Corrosion of Conformity/Electric Factory 

Enter Shikari/Union Transfer 

G. Love & Special Sauce/The Fillmore 

Brett Young/TLA 

Flint Eastwood/CODA

Nude Party/Boot & Saddle 

Aurora Birch/Ortlieb’s 

Incognito Theory/The Trocadero 

Cosmo Baker/NOTO 

Sunday/February 4th 

The Radio Dept./Union Transfer 

Mod Sun/Voltage Lounge 

Death of Lovers/PhilaMOCA 

Monday/February 5th 

The Dangerous Summer/The Foundry 

Skull/Kung Fu Necktie 

John Ciotta/Resorts Atlantic City 

Tuesday/February 6th 

Jay Electronica/Union Transfer 

John Oates/World Cafe Live 

Diana Gordon/Balcony Bar @The Trocadero 

BL spitz/Kung Fu Necktie Upstairs 

Wednesday/February 7th

Aqueous and Papadosio/Union Transfer 

The Funk Hunters/World Cafe Live 


Joanna Teters/Johnny Brenda’s 

Thursday/February 8th 

Machine Head/TLA 

Why?/Union Transfer 

Yung Lean/The Foundry 

Dwight Yoakam/Parx Casino 

Radio Moscow/Kung Fu Necktie 

Devvon Terrell/Coda

Friday/February 9th 

112/Jon B/Harrah’s Atlantic City 

NF/The Fillmore 

Datsik/Electric Factory 

múm/Union Transfer 

Syleena Johnson/World Cafe Live 

Shredders/Underground Arts 

Busty And The Bass/The Foundry 

The Lil’ Smokies/Boot & Saddle 

Trash Boy/The Barbary 

Saturday/February 10th 

Mr. Popper’s Penguins/Merriam Theater 

First Aid Kit/Union Transfer 

Asking Alexandria/Electric Factory 

Lauv/The Foundry 

York Street Hustle/Boot & Saddle 

Matt Roach/World Cafe Live 

Sunday/February 11th 

Steve Aoki/Desiigner/The Fillmore 

MC Shaun/Marley Mal/Mc Lyte/Electric Factory 

Youngr/The Foundry 

Monday/February 12th 

Alex and The Kaleidoscope/Visitation BVM School 

Tuesday/February 13th 

Waitress/Forrest Theater 

Phillip Phillips/Union Transfer 

ZZ Ward/TLA 

Occvita/Boot & Saddle 

Wednesday/February 14th 

Two Feet/Coda 

Milo/Kung Fu Necktie 

The Academic/The Foundry 

Strange Machines/Milkboy Philly 

Thursday/February 15th 

X Ambassadors/The Fillmore 

Justin Nozuka/Underground Arts 

Porches/Union Transfer 

Ganja White Knight/Electric Factory 

Trash Boy/The Barbary 

Friday/February 16th 

Galactic/The Fillmore 

Stick To Your Guns/TLA 

American Nightmare/Union Transfer 

Bardo Pond/Johnny Brenda’s 

Crankdat/Premier Nightclub 

Saturday/February 17th 

BØRNS/Charlotte Cardin/Mikky Ekko/Electric Factory 

John Petrucci/Kimmel Center 

The Commodores/Parx Casino 

Creepoid/Union Transfer 

The Atlas Moth/Voltage Lounge 

Rockers Galore/Underground Arts 

Daniel Donato/Bourbon & Branch 

Sunday/February 18th 

Boyz 11 Men/Borgata Event Center 

Born of Osiris/Ocean Grove/TLA 

Picturesque/Union Transfer 

Los Amigos Invisibles/The Foundry 

Monday/February 19th 

Of Mice & Men/The Trocadero 

Intervals/The Foundry 

These Streets/Voltage Lounge 

Tuesday/February 20th 

Gin Blossoms/World Cafe Live 

K. Michelle/The Fillmore 

Molotov/The Trocadero 

Harriet Alargunsoro/Steve Miller/Wells Fargo Center 

Wednesday/February 21st 

STRFKR/Union Transfer 

Peter White/South 

Thursday/February 22nd 

Dimitri Vegas/NOTO 

Eli Young Band/TLA 

Soulection/Joe Kay/Coda 

Friday/February 23rd 

Luke Bryan/Boardwalk Hall 

AWOLNATION/The Fillmore 

Kid Rock/Wells Fargo Center 



Lane 8/Union Transfer 

Saturday/February 24th 

Quinn XC11/TLA 

The Oh Hellos/Union Transfer 

Boysetsfire/Underground Arts 

Yndi Halda/Kung Fu Necktie 

Siravo/The Barbary 

DJ Scene/NOTO 

Sunday/February 25th 

Jonathan Richman/Union Transfer 

Chase Atlantic/TLA 

Monday/February 26th 

Frightened Rabbit/Underground Arts 

Doyle/Voltage Lounge 

Tuesday/February 27th 

Rhye/Union Transfer 

Gabrielle Aplin/The Foundry 

Wednesday/February 28th 

i.d.k./Denzel Curry/The Fillmore 

The Mowgli’s/The Foundry 

Thursday/March 1st 

Mako/Underground Arts 


WOLF/Milkboy Philly 

Joe Kenney/Warmdaddy’s 

Friday/March 2nd 


Dermot Kennedy/Underground Arts 

Wallows/The Foundry 

Kolars and Escondido/Boot & Saddle 

Vista Kicks/Kung Fu Necktie 

Saturday/March 3rd 

Tee Grizzley/The Fillmore 


Bruno Major/Johnny Brenda’s 

Measha Brueggergosman/Kimmel Center 

Bazmati Vice/Bourbon & Branch 

Sunday/March 4th 

Through the Roots/TLA 

MISSIO/The Foundry 

Shopping/Johnny Brenda’s 

Voces8/World Cafe Live 

Monday/March 5th 

Arlie/Johnny Brenda’s 

The Philadelphia Moth Storyslam/World Cafe Live 

Tuesday/March 6th 


Sabaton and Kreator/The Fillmore 

Ella Vos/The Foundry 

Julian Lage/Johnny Brenda’s 

Wednesday/March 7th

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark/TLA 

Caye and Somo/The Foundry 

Adrianne Lenker/Johnny Brenda’s 

Milk & Bone/Kung Fu Necktie 

Parsonsfield/Boot & Saddle 

Thursday/March 8th 

Ezra Furman/Underground Arts 

Kool Keith/Kung Fu Necktie 

Galactic Empire/The Foundry 

The Low Anthem/Johnny Brenda’s 

Friday/March 9th 

Nada Surf/World Cafe Live 

Steve Winwood/Tower Theatre 

Jonathan Wilson/Boot & Saddle 

Crooked Colours/The Foundry 

Saturday/March 10th 

Excision/The Fillmore

MercyMe/Liacouras Center 

J Boog/The Foundry 

Crazy Town/Voltage Lounge 

Alive ’75/World Cafe Live 

Sunday/March 11th 

Beth Ditto/Union Transfer 

Amy Shark/The Foundry 

Michael Schenker/TLA 

Skinny Lister/Underground Arts 

Monday/March 12th 

Foreigner/Sands Bethlehem Entertainment Center 

Tuesday/March 13th 

Saint WKND/The Foundry 

Wednesday/March 14th 

Godspeed You!/Black Emperor/Union Transfer 

The Coasts/The Foundry 

Thursday/March 15th

Anaïs Mitchell/Boot & Saddle 

Jon Batiste/TLA 

Unit 3 Deep/South 

Generators/Kung Fu Necktie 

Friday/March 16th 

G-Eazy/Borgata Event Center 

Nightwish/Electric Factory 

Nightmares On Wax/Underground Arts 

Judah & The Lion/The Foundry 

Moose Blood/TLA 

Autograf/The Foundry 

Tall Heights/The Fillmore 

Lightninging & Jounce/Ortlieb’s 

Saturday/March 17th 

Blake Shelton/Trace Adkins/Wells Fargo Center 

Mat Kearney/The Fillmore 

Nils Frahm/Union Transfer 

Brasstracks/The Foundry 

Jamie McLean Band/World Cafe Live 

Sunday/March 18th 

K. Flay/Union Transfer 

Reggie & The Full Effect/Household/TLA 

Earthless/Underground Arts 

Jean-Yves Thibaudet/Philadelphia Orchestra/Yannick Nézet-Séguin/Kimmel Center 

The Elevaters/The Foundry 

Monday/March 19th 

BIG K.R.I.T./Union Transfer 

Cover photo courtesy of The Fillmore Philadelphia