• Weekend Entertainment Mixtape

    Happy first weekend of spring, kids! Since we’re hitting that special time of year where it’s a must to own every tank top H&M has to offer as we all forge ahead into checking our outdoor lives while going into full on closet cleaning (please..don’t go back in..and if you’re in..come out, springtime queen) mode

  • Groove of the Weekend/M People/”Moving on Up”

    Although Philly Mixtape hasn’t or will not ever comply to any writing regulations or articulate rules (see massive Britney archive and/or over usage of “slay,” “werk” and “yas, queen”), there’s great pride taken in making sure the same groove of the day/weekend never pops up twice. Mainly because there’s just so much music to choose

  • Rewerk Wednesday/Hook N Sling

    Hailing from the great land down under, Australian born life/house DJ Hook N Sling (real name-Anthony Maniscalco) kicked off his now thriving career with a residency at a friend’s bar in Sydney before crafting and perfecting a trademark big-room sound that would launch him to DJ heights on both his homeland and stateside dance floors. 

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