Essential Grooves for Your Philly Livin’ & Lovin’ Soul

Oh, Philly, Philly. 

Just how many ways do we truly love this great, historic City of Brotherly & Sisterly Love

From the astounding sense of community all around (we sort of rock, you guys), to the endless supply of restaurants, craft cocktails and of course, tons of local beers for the bros..

…..from the colorful nightlife scene  (did anyone actually get into hot-spot Tradesman’s last weekend? That line, though.. ), to the wide array of local and legendary entertainment venues that delightfully house anyone and everyone from all walks of life, it’s all here in this beaming city. 

By the way, how frickin’ excited is everyone for Creed 2 in a few weeks and for The Met to open next month?? Yes. 

Oh, and we just can’t forget leave out…..Wawa and cheesesteaks and Tastykakes.…ohhhhhh…..yes.

And when it comes to this Philly’s sportsmanship mannerisms, well, you can debate all what you want about the Flyers’ new mascot, Gritty, but he ain’t going anywhere, folks.

To our beloved Philadelphia Eagles, oh, our dear, sweet Birds…what can we say? While this current season has been quite…interesting, it was just a short nine months ago that we were all on Broad Street celebrating the historic fact that we finally fucking got that championship title and bling. 

Sorry, there’s just no sugar coating it when it comes to dissecting everything that Philly has to offer.

Hell, we’ve even gotten used to the endless construction and mind numbing jackhammering that seems to pop up at 9 pm, Monday-Thursdays, that makes you just want to……

……..cherish another piece of the glorious place that 1.6 million people call…home. 

But alas, the glue that holds this all (it’s a lot, but we love it!) together are indeed the grooves provided by Philly’s chart-topping music stars. 

And with a list that includes legendary music catalogs from Boyz 11 Men, McFadden & Whitebread, Patti LaBelle, Phyllis Hyman (sigh…) Diplo, The Trammps, The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Hall & Oates(!!) and oh, yes, Mr. Will Smith, well, you’ll just want to dive in to truly pheel it all right this very second. 

Because you know what say…ain’t no party like a City of Brotherly Love par-tay, and when you’ve got these classic grooves to compliment our truly one-of-a-kind style, there truly is no stopping any of us now. 

So, here we go. 

Boyz 11 Men/”Motownphilly”  Because this hometown music gem truly needs no explanation…..and because you’ve also mastered the iconic Stephanie Tanner choreo from that oh, so special episode of Full House…you know. 

Bruce Springsteen/”Streets of Philadelphia” This may be hard to believe, but it’s been twenty-five (!!!!!) years since Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington gave us gold in the Oscar winning film, Philadelphia. The still excellent (and relevant) film inspired The Boss to write this most chilling and somber, in which no matter how hard you try….you’ll be reaching for that Kleenex upon every listen. 

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince/”Summertime”   Because it’s never, ever too early to be thinkin’ about that dear, sweet “summa, summa, summatime.” Ever. 

Hall & Oates/”Maneater”If we were to spill about the amount of love that Philly has for this insanely legendary music duo, we would be here all damn day. So, for now, we’ll just crank up this classic groove, along with everything else they’ve put out for the rest of our Wawa Shortie lovin’ lives. 

Jill Scott/”A Long Walk”   Whether with friends or by your damn self, there’s nothing like a lovely, Philly-owned stroll. And much Sisterly love to the wonderful Ms. Scott for giving us a beauty of a jam that clarifies that delightful phact. Now, walk and play also, “Golden.” 

Patti Labelle/”New Attitude”   Another Philly music legend that clearly needs no introduction as this unstoppable diva will be serving it all up long after we’re gone….and we’re not just talking about her famous sweet potato pies here. Go on, Ms. Patti, go on. 

Chubby Checker/”The Twist”  Let’s do it….you know you want to. 

Will Smith/”Gettin Jiggy Wit it.”   Because in this one-of-a-kind Philly music life…it’s essential to get jiggy as much as possible. Thank you, Mr.Smith. 

Pink/”Get the Party Started”  Although she may reign from Doylestown, there’s no denying that Ms. Alicia Moore–aka…the fabulous, Pink, has that Philly swagger down to a legendary slay. 

Phyllis Hyman/”Living All Alone” Dear, sweet Ms. Hyman…may you forever rest in peace and may you always destroy our existences with that voice….oh, that voice…listen. 

Teddy Pendergrass/”Love T.K.O.”   No talking here, just lots and lots of sweet love makin’ to this classic bedroom fire..and anything and everything Mr. Pendergrass served while he was here blessing us with his astounding local music presence. 

The Roots/Erykah Badu/”You Got Me”  This classic anthem from ’99, though….f@#king priceless. Sorry, there’s just no sugar coating it when it comes to some of these Philly grooves…this is indeed one of them. 

Marian Hill/”Got it”  See, there’s this thing about this sax-y local music duo…as they conceived got a standout sound that’s truly in a Philly music class of its very own…listen up and get down. 

 The Trammps/”Disco Inferno”  “Burn, baby, burn.” No further statements…because we’re ALL on the floor when it comes to turning up this local disco fire. 

Eve/Alicia Keys/”Gangsta Lovin” Go on, Ms. E-V-E. And thank you for bringing A. Keys with you on this head bobbin’ Philly flavored banger to rock us one more time upon every Irv Gotti produced bounce. 

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince/”Parents Just Don’t Understand”   They really don’t, brah. 

McFadden & Whitehead/’Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now”  What does Philly and the groove of this rhythm have in common? They’re both certainly unstoppable. Let’s dance. 

For much, much more with these artists and a buffet of other certified Philly music royalty including G. Love & Special Sauce, Diplo, Meek Mill, The Stylistics, Melody Gardot, Cassidy, Delfonics, Jim Croce, Charlie Biddle, Music Soulchild, The Dead Milkmen, and many, many more,  dive into this Philly, Philly certified playlist below…..

…..and may you forever get lost in all and every walk of local and legendary music life. 

Here’s a few more….

Diplo/Dua Lipa/Silk City/”Electricity” 

Boyz 11 Men/”On Bended Knee”

Jim Croce/”Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” 

Patti LaBelle/”If You Asked Me To” 

Cover photo courtesy of Visit Philly.

…..and for much more of this Philly entertainment stuff, stay tuned to Philly Mixtape and be sure to check out Uwishuknu and Songkick




A New Journey…

So, where do I truly begin? 

First up….hey, everybody! 

Allow myself to, um, introduce myself… name is Patrick DeMarco, creative director of this here Philly Mixtape business. Or as I like to say…I’m an an out-and-proud 10 year Philly transplant from good ol’ Bucks County (hi, Mom!) who just really, really, really likes to dish about music and entertainment happenings and shenanigans. 

And at this very moment in dear, sweet precious time…….I want to thank you, for giving me time to breathe, like a rock, you’ve waited so patiently..oh, wait, hold up, let me pause Ms, Aguilera.

Okay, there we go….

…so, thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Whether you’ve followed Philly Mixtape since that very first Instagram post when it was just an airborne thought with a picture of the glorious Philly skyline attached, or you’ve jumped on board this crazy ass ride as the blog has been (somehow!) moving along these past few years….you better press play on some Toni Braxton because it all truly means the world to me. 

And of course…whether you’ve truly gone out of your distance (don’t y’all have jobs?) to block Philly Mixtape from your existence, or you’ve wanted to give someone a Regina George inspired punch-in-the-face because there goes…yet…another….article….I know, right? 

Thank you.

As long I’m evoking some kind of emotion from this here pile of stuff, then it feels like I’m doing my job….and I can’t wait to keep the volume going up…

…..earplugs, perhaps? 

However, there’s a very, very special place in my Mariah lovin’ heart for those of you out there who may know me from my Philadelphia Magazine days where I began my journey five years ago as a former DJ-turned-writer at its sister publications, G Philly and Ticket.

Just to clutch my career pearls for a moment…Mr. Middleton…thank for you not only being so patient with me as you truly taught me right, but also how to write, and for understanding my crazy brain when it was time (and wildly relevant) to hand out the 2013 Miley Cyrus inspired Twerk Awards…one of our proudest collaborations. 

In fact, it was from those little, whacky ideas that a year in at Philly Mag I got this weird and (hopefully) wonderful idea (channeling Barbara Walters)….why not start up a blog that not only features local and legendary entertainment, but a touch of mainstream music love as well!

While Ms. Fergie Ferg was right in saying that this industry can be ice cold and ridiculously shade-y (to my fellow creative underdogs…they’re comin..but don’t you ever, ever give up…ever), but this ride that nothing could have prepared my existence for has been nothing but spectacular and at every corner insanely surreal. 

But now it’s time to unveil some crazy plans that I truly hope will turn my creative baby (they grow up so fast!) into a top-notch, five-day-a-week online entertainment publication over this next wave of crazy thoughts….eek! 

However, as long as returning favorites like 5 Reasons Why–make that–6 Reasons Why, Rewerk Wednesday (shout out to ALL of my fellow DJs) and last, but never, ever least…Forgot About Friday (oh, how my creative loins have missed you so) will be working it out for all of us, then I’d say we’re off to a rockin’ start….

….and when it comes to your weekly local and legendary entertainment groove, I’m happy to say that it will now be served up seven days a week with not one, but two slaying editions…so slide those events on over, kids!  

We also have to show some love to the new guy on the weekly block…..#TBT….and let’s just say I’ll be on the prowl for some kick-ass guest writers to help throw it back for all of us very soon….

… all of the fabulous Philly entertainment venues out there…..that monthly venue spotlight is about to shine brighter than Ms. RiRi’s diamonds and I look forward to calling on each and every one as this new journey steps along, so we can ALL truly showcase the different local entertainment havens that this great city has to offer for everyone from all walks all of life… 

…..and because you take pride in thinking that you might have been the one responsible for starting the Kimmel Center website crash when tickets for Hamilton went on sale, you can always expect a monthly dose of that #PhillyLovesBroadway love right here on Philly Mixtape. 

But perhaps the part I’m most personally excited about is the greater purpose that all of the mumbo jumbo you’ve just read comes with….

………so if you don’t mind, I would just like to break some shit down Ariana-style for a quick moment..

……..because for me, a beaming light has (finally!) arrived with this new journey and indeed…it’s beginning to give back everything that the darkness stole….one glorious day-at-a-time. 

As someone who just recently began a new walk of life after years of darkness plagued my core to the point where the disconnect from the world became excruciatingly unbearable, the recent day that I made the connection to begin a journey of reinvented mental health…was the day I got my life back. 

Or, should I say, it was the day that I felt like I truly just got home. 

While this new strut has certainly not been easy, with the process of recovery being even harder, I look forward to using my platform to spill about it all, because recovering from anything and starting anew is never, ever easy for anyone….no matter who you are.

But when we’re all in it fighting and pushing through this thing that you call life together, it makes it all that much easier. 

And I oh, so strongly encourage anyone who may be fighting this fight (you’re also never alone) that there are a lot of options out there for you to check out…and it may be the greatest thing you’ve ever done for your general state of well-being. 

I’m also happy to say that this new journey has inspired a new staple column that’s certainly been infused by the legendary Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Because whether you’re walking the dog/cat, shopping at the Ack-a-me, just kickin’ it at the crib, or just having one of those days (calling…Jagged Little Pill), there’s a song for….all of it

Because at the end of day, a big ol’ slice of life along with a feast of music and a tea about entertainment is best enjoyed and served among great friends….and that’s just what we’re going to do. 

Just one last sip….to all of the incredible actors, actresses, drag queens, drag kings, divas, DJs, performance artists, songwriters, musicians, singers, chanteuses, dancers, instrumentalists and of course, DJ Jazzy Jeff, thank you for not only making spilling tea a true art form in the Philly Mixtape world, but for continuing to be an inspiration to everyone. Come back and break mugs anytime! 

Okay….so, here we go now…let’s all get busy and holy shit…do I have a lot of work to do…and I truly can’t wait. 

Thank you again to you all and please, please continue to be simply the best in your path as if your name is Ms. Tina Turner….because, why wouldn’t you? 

No further statements…for now. 











Another 15 Must Have Grooves for Your Summer 2018 Playlists

To all of those out there who’re already throwing in their beach towels when it comes to summer……..

…..knock it off because the latest and greatest late-summer grooves from Ariana Grande, Janet, Lil’ Kim, Calvin Harris, Black Coffee, Gorgon City, Brooke Evers, Nick Jonas, Alex Aiono and the one, the only….Cher (“SOS,” anybody?) are all right here to persuade you otherwise. 

Let’s boogie like a board. 

Gorgon City/Raphaella/”Kingdom”  In case you’re desperately searching for the proper album to bump to completion from now until Labor Day/the rest of your music lovin’ life, UK beat maestros Gorgon City have got you covered like Banana Boat. Their glorious new album, Escape, is loaded with scrumptious bangers like the one below, which is all of the more reason to dive in now. Oh, and you might want to grab those tickets to witness them take over The Fillmore this fall…because that is what Gorgon City certainly will do. 

Gorgon City/Duke Dumont/Naations/”Real Life”    …..and another one…..

Bishop Briggs/”The Way I Do”(Brooke Evers Remix)    Whole Ms. Briggs’ original fire will continue to own our souls, Ms. Evers just takes that beat and slays with it…listen up. 

Ariana Grande/”Breathin'”    That bounce, tho…and of course the empowering message that we just have to keep f@#king breathin no matter what. Thank you for this one, Mizz Ari. 

Janet/”Made for Now”   Because when Miss Janet tells you to dance….you do exactly that. 

Cher/”SOS”    Have you? Because you ch-ould.

Calvin Harris/Sam Smith/”Promises”    While there’s still many things in life to figure out, what we do know is that we want Mr. Harris’ next full-length record, like, right now…maybe tonight? 

Black Coffee/David Guetta/Delilah Montagu/”Drive”  Every…single…part…of…this. Turn it up. 

Philip George/Dragonette/”Feel This Way”  Okay, so this delicous-ness might have come out all the way back in 2016, but once you experience what it does to you…yes. 

Lil’ Kim/”Nasty One”   Once you have a romp (literally) with the video, you’ll soon realize that the legendary Mizz Queen Bee is indeed..back. 

Weiss/”Feel My Needs” (Purple Disco Machine Remix)   You better press out those bell-bottoms because we’re going straight to the late summer disco with this one, kids. 

Nick Jonas/Robin Schulz/”Right Now”    Just when you thought you were safe, Mr. Jonas done destroys our souls one more time…sigh…

Gorgon City/Kelly Kiara/”Night Drive” What the end of summer sounds and feels like. Now, roll down the windows and just….cruise…..

Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj/”the light is coming”     It sure is. Happy late summer groovin’!