Weekend Entertainment Groove

Just when you were about to cancel summer out……

……there’s al of this to do this weekend. 

Let’s do it. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke  What better way to turn those end-of-summer frowns upside down other than to go out and sang your little heart out courtesy of the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr and her always yas-worthy Sing Your Life Karaoke collection, which is serving Philly for the rest of the summer(and every season!) at all of these fabulous locations listed below. Fri/9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St.Sat/9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap,1301 E Susquehanna Ave Sun/9-2 Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues/9-2 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs/9-2 Milkboy South Street/401 South St.

2 Live Crew/Coolio/Biz Markie/Salt-N-Pepa  No explanation needed. Get those tickets because it’s certainly going to be a live one across the river tonight.  BB & T Pavilion/730 pm 

Electric Light Orchestra Tell you once more to get out the door and get those tickets while rockin’ the f@ck out to “Don’t Bring Me Down” all weekend long.  Tonight/Wells Fargo Center/730 pm 

Philly’s Foxes Fourth Friday  So, who’s looking to get a lil’ Fox-ed up this weekend? Since that would be everyone, you should have no problem sashaying over to Franky Bradley’s tonight to see what Maria TopCatt, Sapphira Cristal, Zsa Zsa St. James and Iris Spectre–more fabulously known as Philly’s Foxes–have cookin’ down in their foxholes just for you. And as always, the thunderous DJ Chris Urban will be serving up those foxy grooves all night long, as well as at L’Etage (10 pm) tomorrow night and Positano Coast on Sunday (12 pm-4 pm) for your hangover pleasure. Let’s slay. Tonight/Franky Bradley’s/830 pm 

The 2018 Miss Boxed Wine Pageant  It’s baaaack……and your host Bev is more wasted than ever! Yes, that’s right, kids and kweens, everyone’s favorite Franzia-worthy contest is sloshing back once again, so werk it on over to Tabu this very evening see which local queen (Miss Troy? Eric Jaffe? Kitty Skittlepump?) has what it takes to be Bev’s bish and earn her rightful spot in the next Bitchfest! And of course, your love and respect as well. Don’t miss it!  Tabu/9 pm 

Keely Siblia/Rover Rover/Impuritan   If you’re looking to check out an explosive array of local talent to kickstart your last full weekend of August, look no further than struttin’ on over to The Barbary tonight. And oh, yeah…may you always support your fabulous local music artists. 730 pm 

Stevie Wonder  What happens when you have not one, but two nights of all of those hits taking over the Jersey Shore this weekend? The best ending to summer you ever thought possible. Get those tickets…if you still can. Saturday & Sunday/Event Center @ Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa 

Smokey Robinson  And another one….got tickets?  Saturday/8 pm/Mann Center

Jason Aldean/Lauren Alaina  If you haven’t sailed on over to the BB & T Pavilion yet this summer, there’s still quite a bit of fun going on across the river, like this dynamic pairing right here who will show you just that tomorrow night. Giddy up for those tickets. (730 pm) 

Pride Night in Manayunk  If you haven’t gotten a chance to spend a lovely evening in Manayunk yet this summer, this weekend is certainly the one to do it…and you might want to throw some glitter while you’re at it! This Sunday, strut it on over to La Roca in the ‘Yunk, where they’ll be throwing a Pride bash packed with fabulous cocktails, beats, treats and of course, lots and lots of love! Check it on up right here for tickets and then get ready to be free as f@#k…we’ve earned it. 11 pm  

Also on the local and legendary entertainment decks for your…….


Lots of fabulous dancing @Woody’s & @Tavern on Camac all weekend long………Donovan Frankenreiter@TLA(8 pm)…………..Espers@Union Transfer(830 pm)…………CID@NOTO(10 pm)………….American Wrestlers@Kung Fu Necktie(730 pm)….lots of incredible local entertainment @Time Philadelphia all week&weekend long………Betamaxx @District N9ne(9 pm)…….Shane Henderson/June Divided @Boot & Saddle(730 pm)………….Noel Scales@Underground Arts (9 pm)………..Dave P @The Dolphin Tavern(10 pm) 


Breathe Carolina @ Bungalow Beach(1 pm)…………..Adventure Club @ Ocean Resort Casino(12 pm)………..American Trappist@Boot & Saddle(8 pm)……….Sebastian Olzanski@Voltage Lounge(230 pm)…………..Here Lies Man@Kung Fu Necktie(7 pm)……..Station/Resillient@Dockside Bar@Dave & Buster’s(3 pm)……….Max Weinberg@World Cafe Live (8 pm)……….Joanna Pascale @South Jazz Club(9 pm)………DJ Scene@NOTO(10 pm)………..Lester@Underground Arts(9 pm)……….Holy Trinity @The Dolphin Tavern(9 pm)


Shinedown/Godsmack @ BB & T Pavilion(7 pm)……..Toby Keith/Trace Adkins @Hard Rock Hotel Casino & Spa Atlantic City(8 pm)…….Megan Davies @The Foundry(8 pm)……Showtunes Sundays@Tavern on Camac (9 pm)………Chill Moody @Silk City Diner(8 pm)…….Incite/Aethere@Kung Fu Necktie(8 pm)……….Full Bush @Bourbon & Branch(8 pm)…….Sinful Sundays w/The Godess Isis @ Tabu(10 pm)………..Deep Creep @Johnny Brenda’s Downstairs (8 pm)

Since we’re all in this music and entertainment life together, be sure to also check out Uwishunu and Visit Philly to see what other kind of shenanigans you can get into before we say “bye” to summer. 





Table Talk w/Lizzie Weber

What happens when you take an oh, so magnetic stage presence, undeniable piano and guitar skills and lay it all underneath a voice that you could get lost in for days? 

You get everything (plus, like, so much more) that the Seattle area’s Lizzie Weber has to offer in all that she dazzles with. Compared to the talented likes of Joan Osbourne and Norah Jones (plus one other bold comparison..keep reading!), Ms. Weber has already taken the West Coast by storm thanks to her debut 2015 freshman E.P., which won everybody over thanks to dreamy ditties like “Falling Like Fools” and her arousing cover of Nirvana’s ’90s rock anthem, “Heart Shaped Box.” 

It also doesn’t hurt that along her path to success, Lizzie has collaborated with Academy Award-winner Marketa Irglova (The Swell Season/Once) and American Idol‘s Crystal Bowersox, which should all make for an interesting journey when Ms. Weber blesses the world with her long-awaited follow-up record later this fall. 

While there’s still much to be spilled about the much-anticipated set, what we do know is that Lizzie was groovy and gracious enough to take over by the Philly Mixtape tea table, where she tipped mugs about, well, it all and then some. 

It’s time to take a seat at the table once again, kids….and when it comes to the fabulous Lizzie Weber, you’ll certainly be glad you did.

First up on the table……spill for everyone a little bit about your background…. I was born and raised in St. Louis, but am now a Pacific Northwesterner and moved out this way in 2016. I sort of float the Puget Sound between Anacortes and Seattle. Anacortes is a small, beautiful seaside town about an hour north of Seattle–it’s also where I recorded my new EP! I’ve been writing and recording music for about seven years now. Excited to be releasing new music for the first time since my move out here!

Moving on to the music, break some fine Lennox mugs about the inspiration behind your dreamy acoustic track, “You.” I wrote the song in response to a painful break-up. For the most part, writing it served as a reminder to myself that I knew it was doomed from the beginning. I wanted to bring out a sort of ‘spaghetti western’ dynamic when recording, hence the sweeping lap steel layers and plucked baritone/telecaster that moves throughout the piece.

Okay….out of all of the influences I hear in your undeniable vocal play, Jewel is the first name that comes to mind. Would you say that’s a fair comparison or am I totally off track here?! I take that as a huge compliment! Growing up, Jewel’s debut was one of my first records. I can remember singing “Foolish Games” at the top of my lungs in my room and being totally enamored with her sound. A friend of mine has gone as far to call me “Jewel Jr..” so all in all I think it’s fair!  

Shout out….your go-to album for anything life throws at you….
That’s so tough! If I had to choose one, it would probably Joni Mitchell’s “Court and Spark.”

Anything you can spill about your future endeavors? Any touring in the near future?
Definitely planning to do some touring! I’m currently preparing my second full-length album and am very excited to share that I’ll be releasing a double-single collaboration with one of my favorite artists this fall. 

One last spill….what words of wisdom would you give to anyone trying to make it in this crazy music and entertainment business? Be kind to one another. Pay it forward, and never succeed at the expense of another person. 
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Table Talk w/Two Friends

With their mix of bright, shiny beats, bold guitar play and top-notch guest vocalists, Eli Sones’ and Matthew Helper–better known as red-hot pulsating pair, Two Friends–have had no problem garnering a steady following since they came together as an official music act over five years ago. 

And if you’re wondering if these fine tuned gentlemen are indeed, two friends…you are correct, and in fact, it’s that certain dynamic that makes it all, well, werk. Producing beats (and so much more) together at the end of high school, Halper brought his knowledge in guitar, choir, and music theory to the table, while Mr. Sones‘ served forth his expertise in hip-hop DJ’ing.

Their first official Two Friends labeled EP, You (Me), danced its way to us  in 2013, and from there, the guys have blessed dance floors across the globe with hits, “Pacific Coast Highway,” “Overdose,” “Just a Kid,” and the summer anthem you-need-to-hear right now, the umbrella-laced cocktail worthy, “Bandaid.”

Of course, with easy movin’ melodies such as these, you just have to take the show on the road, which is what Eli and Matt have done all summer long with stops in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Borgata’s Premier Night Club, where you might have caught them just last weekend. 

But good news for all of us, is that the guys are showing no signs of slowing down, and they will keep it all going through September with takeovers in Boston, Washington D.C. and Chicago’s North Coast Music Fest, which they will dominate next Friday just in time for Labor Day Weekend. 

Before they get down with all of that beat business, the boys stopped by the Philly Mixtape tea-table, where they broke mugs about their favorite records, life on the road, and Matt’s cooking skills?? Yes.

Read on and take a seat at the table with Two Friends

First up on the table, how’s the tour been treating you guys this summer? 
It’s been so insanely fun and unforgettable! Nothing better than going to new places or coming back to cities that have always shown us love, and getting to play the music that we’ve been working so hard on, and meeting everyone afterwards. We can’t wait for all these cities we’re coming to for the rest of summer and fall- so many fun surprises in store! 

Break a mug or two over the tale of how Two Friends came to be…
We’ve been best friends since 2005- we went to middle school and high school together in Los Angeles. It wasn’t until 2011 though, during our senior year of high school, when we had the idea that we should start making music together. We were kind of just looking for a fun activity that we could do together since we already had gotten accepted into our colleges and knew that we weren’t going to continue sports at the collegiate level- and since we both had somewhat of a background and a huge interest in music, it seemed like the obvious choice. We literally started Googling “how to produce music” and “what music production software should we buy” and Two Friends officially begun.

Your latest fire, “Bandaid,” is a true summer romp. Tell everyone a little bit about the recording process. I have a wild guess that it might have been a lot of fun…. When we sat down to write Bandaid with Shaylen (the singer), the idea kind of came for a song about when you get together with someone just so you can get over the last person you were with- and you know it’s not gonna last, it’s just sort of band-aid to help you heal. From there, it all came together pretty naturally. We wrote it and recorded with her that day, then got to work on the production, did some fun vocal chops for the drop which we actually posted a little tutorial about recently, got our dude JJ to record some trumpet for later in the song, and overall we’re super proud and happy to share Bandaid with everyone. So yes, you are 100% correct that it was a lot of fun! 

Both of you shout out a couple of albums you simply can’t live without…..
E:Take Off Your Pants And Jacket by Blink-182, and College Dropout by Kanye M:Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi, and Dizzy Up The Girl by Goo Goo Dolls.

You guys have been touring for quite some time now. So, what’s your favorite place you’ve ever been to and why? Which city maybe you surprised you the most? That is a tough one! As we mentioned, we grew up in LA–and we still live here now–so it’s always special doing a hometown show- nothing better than being able to have all our friends and family join us and get to see us do what we love. And the East Coast definitely always shows us major love too- we’ve had a blast every time we come to Philly, NYC and New Jersey. We try to never take for granted the fact that we get to visit so many awesome cities all over the country and the world, and do this as our “job.”

So, I hear Matt loves to dabble in the kitchen and even served up a segment called ‘Cooking with Matt.’ You must dish on what that was all about… Matt loves teaching people how to cook. Except a lot of times we’re at hotels and there’s nothing to cook, so you gotta teach the people something else…. So make sure to check out that video series if you need to learn how to take a nap, or how to brush your teeth, or how to take an Emergen-C vitamin. Go right here to watch

How about…..some words of wisdom you guys would give to anyone who decided right this very second to dive into this crazy music and entertainment business… 
Best advice is probably cliché, but we don’t care, it’s to make sure it’s fun. If music/producing/DJing/anything feels like a chore, it’s not a good sign, and there’s something that needs to be fixed if it’s gonna last. Have fun with it, and then put in the hours. And those come hand-in-hand because if you are having such a good time with it (and for us it helps that we also have our best friend to do it with), you’ll only be wishing there were MORE hours in the day you could devote to it.

One last spill……describe your impending takeover of the rest of the summer and the upcoming fall season…. Impending. 

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