• 10 Out & Proud Entertainers You Should Show Your Philly Pride Love To

    Not only were each of the ten extraordinary Philly entertainers on this truly glowing list born this way, but they were born to entertain you…yas, you.  So, if you see any one of them out tonight or at the Pride festivities tomorrow, show them a lil’ rainbow love…because that’s what it’s all about here.  And of course, unicorns, glitter

  • Pride Groove of the Weekend/Route 94/Jess Glynne/”My Love”

    Just look up to the rainbow…it’s that simple. Happy Pride Weekend, kids….keep it classy, real and get over your fucking shit as this weekend’s glitterfest isn’t just a Gayborhood event, but one throughout the entire City of Brotherly Love.  Represent, bish, represent. Now, dance…and love. 

  • Philly Event Spotlight:Pride Weekend 2017

    Remember……. It’s not about ending friendships over colors on a flag…….it’s not about competing with your clique to be the biggest drunk mess and/or whore this weekend (and get the f#$k off those apps, guys..you can do it)……it’s not about plotting out which queen to throw shade at and it’s sure as fuck not about

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